Thursday, August 6, 2015

The adventure with the Bad boys (1400 miles)

Yesterday after Moberly we traveled on up to Kirksville. Since we first lived in Kirksville, the home of Osteopathy, I have loved the rolling hills of the country there.


Above we leave the rustic camp ground for our tour of Kirksville.

100_2682 (2)

We wanted to see how much was left of my USAF duty station. The 790th Radar Squadron. The trip of the few miles is like the rest, just beautiful Pastoral country.


100_2690100_2651 (2)

Jack Jr. was driving and found a road around back of the old station. all left is the White Bubble that houses an air control radar now.


The road Jack had chosen dead ended at a nice farm house. 


The landscape was nice even a stock pond.


Grimm-Smith Hospital no longer exists as a hospital. But Mark wanted his kids to know, in his mind,this is his birthplace. The barn, actually is just a few hundred feet from where he was born.


Above is the remodeled Hospital, now a government building surrounded by Truman University.


The Birth-boy and his proud parents. Below is Sherry’s mama with Jack Jr. Holding his little brother Mark in our trailer in Kirksville.


Kirksville is now really a college town. With the Original Osteopath college and Hospital still there, now joined by Truman U.

100_2675100_2676 (2)

Mark was glad to see his ‘birthplace’ emblazoned on the mural above.


I had the greatest surprise for the boys, that fizzled. There was an old WESTERN town called Novinger. It still had wooden sidewalks and a few bars, but alas most of the buildings were torn town.


WE drove around down town, Kirksville, then headed back to the motor home, the Black cloud was headed in.


WE left Kirksville this morning, we parked at a Walmart, kicked the tow car loose and let the boys run into St. Joseph to see the house where Jesse James was killed, and catch the Hq of the Pony Express.

100_2701 (2)

Mark pointed out this Aircraft, it was a Chillicothe. On the way to St. Joe.

Then on up the road the road thru more beautiful farm country. Into Iowa’':

100_2691 (2)100_2706

100_2700100_2707 (2)

Mark was restless and wanted to get up front to talk about how much farm land we were seeing. Jack in the lounge chair with a map.




We switched drivers the Boys took over thru Iowa and Nebraska into South DAkota.


My time to relax with my sweetheart and enjoy the taxi ride and scenery.


100_2730 (2)100_2730100_2731100_2732100_2734

When you see hundreds of acres of corn you seldom think of the work involved unless you are a farmer, or someone you know well was/is. Can you imagine with the best tractor how long it takes to plow and prepare a hundred acres? Then Plant, care fore and harvest?  Our farmers are to be commended for feeding the USA and much of the world.


Here we are at our home for the night. Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

Nite Shipslog


I did see this car today

100_2703 (2)

a ‘48 Desoto just awaiting a buyer


Paula said...

Liked seeing all that farm land. Are you a back seat driver Jack?

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

it's amazing how things changed with time there. Still it's wonderful that you got to see it. Nice too you have help with the driving all those miles. How great to sit back and enjoy the scenery. I always try to remember to be thankful for our farmers. Much of Ohio has those fields of corn too. I appreciate you sharing the trip.

Elizabeth said...

What a wonderful trip !

betty said...

You guys are making good time plus still being able to sight see! How neat for your son to see where he was born! A walk down memory lane for sure!


Glenda said...

Wowsers, y'all are putting some miles behind ya, was real happy to see the "Professional Driver ~ Mark" at the wheel :) Looks like you're having a great time and seeing some beautiful country, hope Sherry is seeing it all with perfect vision, hugs from Chobee.

Mevely317 said...

I don't know what's my favorite -- JJ holding baby Mark, or you about to give Sherry a foot massage!
Love the motto on the city sign. I suppose when all's said and done, every ONE does make a difference.

PS - How do you keep the RV looking so spanking clean inside? Wow!

shirl72 said...

Ok time to get back home. Worked at my job at SOCKS today. You will
not believe the candy I brought home. I gave it to next door they
were going to look over the college that Brook will be attending.
It is in the Mountains maybe Boone. It was NC STATE but they said
they could not afford to send her there. Jim and Jerry were NCSTATE
Graduates. I'm sure they didn't say Appalachian or I would have caught that oh I will hear...When are you coming home.

Unknown said...

Lots of miles. So does Mark tend to leave doors open (what with being born in a barn and all)? ;-)
I liked the mural on the wall. Lots of nice pics.

Rick Watson said...

I'm envious Jack. That looks like an awesome journey. We've only been out that way a few times. The last was a few years ago when we went to Javkson Hole, Wy. It was indeed beautiful country.