Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Garden of the Gods, The Bad Adventure

This is posted in Dodge City while the boys are at the Long Branch with Miss Kitty.

I must say, the trip to Pike’s Peak brought back memories of when my buddy Sonny and I took the Cog train to the top.

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Now to the Sandstone formations in the Garden of the Gods.


There is an interesting section of natural formations in Colorado Springs called the Garden of the Gods. WE visited it a few years ago and the weather was great. This year all we could do was drive around. We still did see the Balancing Rock and many others from the car.




I pulled some pictures from our trip in 2010. These sandstone formations are amazing to me. I am drawn to Rock formations.



Above is the ‘Siamese TWins’ from the net. I missed this one.





The Balanced Rock is the entrance attention getter.


This is The extent of our western adventure, the remainder will be headed back East.  WE don’t plan to duplicate  too much until we get back to Nashville.

Thanks for hanging with us as we kept the family up to date of our travels.

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Continuing with the year models we are up to  the 1949’s:



Paula said...

Enjoyed the pictures very much and you explaining everything.

Rick Watson said...

I was in Colorado Springs several years ago and was struck by the beauty of the area. I'm lovin' the pictures of your adventure.

Mevely317 said...

I never tire of your photos, Jack.
Dang, I was hoping you might detour southwest, jus' a 'tidge.' Happy trails!

betty said...

That place (Garden of the Gods) is just such an amazing place to see. I never get tired of looking at pictures of it or it in person. You guys certainly have had a great time with your travels!


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Too bad your sight seeing had to be done from the car. Hope you have safe travels on the return route and continue on with the pictures. I'm sure there will be lots to see.

Cindi said...

My brother likes to climb At GoG. On the way to Balancing rock, one of the rocks has a profile image of an Indian chief. When they had the wild fire couple yrs ago, everyone was pretty nervous about GoG and the damage that was heading in it's direction. Fortunately it was spared. Beautiful spot I call home.