Sunday, August 9, 2015

‘Just a ride’ On the Bad Adventure On to Wyoming.

We left Rapid City and headed South. Another beautiful day to travel. Motorcycle traffic was heavy of course as Sturgis Bike Week was closing down. As we drove out I realized a lot of Black cattle live in the Black Hills!

100_3003 - Copy100_3009 - Copy100_3010 - Copy

One of our last views of the black hills below as we headed South (then west) toward Wyoming.

100_3012 - Copy

The country side turns a little browner and trees are more scarce. At this point when you see trees it is like most of the west, they are near a stream or pond.

100_3015 - Copy

I took about a hundred pictures and I think these described the land scape best. Below is a shot of a rock wall, we still are in South Dakota driving across the last of the state South of the Black Hill's.

100_3018 - Copy

Then more greenery again and hills.

100_3019 - Copy100_3022 - Copy

These pictures do not do justice, this was another of the many beautiful scenes. This was coming down the mt. after Hot Springs. Gorgeous!

100_3024 - Copy

Before we left this morning Mark called my attention to a slack tire. We have a Compressor aboard so we inflated it to 95psi. So it was time to check it to see how it was doing. I know it must be repaired, and that I cannot do. But if it is a slow leak (which it is) I will wait to a convenient time to do it. But we were stopped beside this green pasture with some beautiful horses.

100_3026 - Copy100_3029 - Copy100_3032

Back on the road (Notice all the traffic (not) that is one reason why I love it out there!!


Wyoming and a little less green, but still gorgeous country.


Then you see something we southeasterners don’t recognize and must be told, That is Snow fencing to keep as much of the wind blown snow off the roads as possible.


And of course the landmarks of the west, Outcroppings, beautiful in the landscape. We were passed by many Bikes going home from Sturgis.


Another staple seen in the prairie areas are the windmills pumping water to stock tanks.


We saw a sign that read ‘Caution’ no services next 74 miles.


So with Jack Jr at the wheel and Mark ridign shotgun we settled in for the beautiful ride and scenery.


Both windows gave views of Plateau walls. Next stop, Cheyenne, Wyoming. WE are stopping early today. The boys have already took the car and are exploring Cheyenne.  Hopefully the  Bad Boys won’t destroy it.

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Nite Shipslog



Mark spotted this TR6 he once had a red one.


I spotted the two 60’s Chevies but the drivers were in  a hurry.


Mevely317 said...

FOr a minute there, I had to close my eyes and do a quick remedial on US geography ... LOL.

Blame it on my listening to old Seekers' albums on my iPod, but looking at these pictures their song, "This Land is My Land (this land is your land)" started playing in my head.
What a great road trip!

Paula said...

I would be a worry wart with a slow leak in the tire and no service for 74 miles. I've never heard of a snow fence. Thank you for another nice day.

betty said...

Thanks for the memories about snow fences :) It is such pretty country that you all are driving through and getting to enjoy :)


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I do know about snow fencing. It is done here in Ohio too. Wind blowing across the roads does make for some big drifts of snow. I really hate to think about winter time though. It was great to see all the pictures and to visit along with you places I've never seen. Beautiful country for sure ! I would like being on roads with less traffic too, but take care with that tire. Glad you have a compressor on hand to keep it right till you can get it fixed or buy a new one.

Glenda said...

Looks like you're having a wonderful time, beautiful scenery, family together, life is good!!!