Friday, August 21, 2015

Good News….

We went to Durham last night and were in the VA hospital first think this morning.  The Evaluation was positive for both ears,  Then we had to talk to the surgeon and get vitals READ, and his personal short physical.  That went well, the only problem we ran into was: he said WE needed to schedule an MRI and a C-Scan.  (And we didn’t know DOODLE about those, where or how.)

We were sent a long way to Radiology. At Radiology a crotchety old man 150 yrs  old Winking smile told Sherry, basically toughstuff. You need to call xxxx and xyyxx numbers and talk to someone.


Back down to the first place and the guy called one number and gave Sherry the phone. They were booked but ‘my girl’ asked please and he gave her a schedule forafter working hours,  5:30 PM.  No luck at the C-Scan #.

SO Back to the Crotchety old man. He was gone and a young girl tried and said the supervisor would be out to talk to us. NADA after a couple hours.  Crotchety old man comes back from break and Sherry asked him to call the super and ask.  WE waited.  Then MY GIRL asked again. Crotchety old man dials  and leaves a message Sherry can hear.  WE set down and wait.


In the mean time we decided  if they did the C-Scans on Saturday, we would get a motel. Sherry sceduled That,  it was now 3:00 PM and 5:30 was fast approaching. 3:30 Crotchety old man  says Super  will try to work me in.

At about 4:20 I was called, and got the Cat Scan.


Then down to find MRI, the hospital is closing down and the halls are empty. Finally a lady was spotted and MY GIRL chased her down and asked.  We found MRI.

Never having a CAT or MRI, I had no idea how long they took. Mr. MRI got me ready, set the IV and said do you need to use the bathroom?  How long does this take?animal-kingdom-cat_scan-cat_owner-cat_lover-aninmal_cruelty-cat-66330723_low

30 minutes! YEP I better. Then in the tube. I went to sleep. YOU ain’t supposed to move!

I woke up and wondered DID WE GET A MOTEL (I thought). I am undressed and laying down. Then I realized if was MRI’ing.  MR. MRI said I did not move so all went well. It was all done in one day, because MY GIRL persevered.(saving us 6hrs drive or a day and the cost of a motel) I LOVE THIS GIRL.

September 9th, is the implant. Then four weeks to heal before Doctor Jennifer turns it on.

WE be tired, but happy.

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betty said...

I think it sounds like wonderful news Jack and glad you got all the testing needed done on the same day, though it was an ordeal!! Looking forward to the rest of this adventure as you report it!


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I know you must really be a happy camper, knowing you'll get the implants. That is wonderful news! So glad your Sherry persevered! Having her by your side, you can't go wrong !

shirl72 said...

Thank goodness Sherry persevered that is what you have to do in today's
world. They want even look at their book and just give you a date unless you keep talking to them. We are living with a different generation. So glad you got things done and don't have to go back
until the operation.

Mevely317 said...

Wonderful news!!!
I've a hunch lots had to do with the WAY in which Sherry asked (nicely), instead of getting all huffy and pushy the way some people think that's the way to get things done.

Glenda said...

That is great news that you're a candidate for the surgery!!! Agree with Mevely that it was Sherry's charm and sweet disposition that got you the appointments pronto!!! So very happy with the outcome :)

Back Porch Writer said...

Everybody had to chase something right? And this day it was CAT and MRI but tomorrow's chasing might be more fun! At least you got a nap in! Some people freak out in those things! You were relaxed so that is great! Good save on the money thing- no hotel and no extra drive! Y'all be safe!

Paula said...

So happy for you and loved the way you told the story. Sherry is worth her weight in gold. She always gets the job done and it's good that you appreciate her so much.

Rick Watson said...

You should rent her out to deal with crotchety folks in the healthcare industry. She could make a fortune.
I love that girl too and I've never met her:)

Sheila Y said...

Such great news! Glad you were a candidate for the implant. Thank goodness for Sherry, sweet talking the right people. ;-). Be thinking of you and praying you through. Take care, Sheila

Lisa said...

Great news!! I'm glad Sherry had a hand on the situations!
Prayers for you both! Its gonna be all okay!