Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Day (and night 1) of the Bad adventure


Long day, Long Story. Plans went astray. Mark was off early, Jack Jr was working late. We left at 5PM, with the boys wanting to drive all-night to catch up. The boys settled in.


With daddy at the helm


I love the mountains, we chose I-40 to leave NC on and therefore Went thru Valdese, NC passing this small mountain. The first mountain I ever climbed with Bub and Jim Page. In the South Mountains this is Called HIgh Peak. It was a big mountain to a 12-13 yr. old boy.


WE came thru Old Fort and there was a forest fire in out NC mountains, I hope it doesn’t do too much damage.

100_2596 (2)

The first sunset. And I hope the only one seen while driving.

100_2602 (3)


Above is the first break, Just inside Tennessee. Then Kentucky, Illinois to Missouri.

100_2608 (2)

I drove until 12:30, Jack Jr drove to Around 4-5 AM, and I took over bringing us into St. Louis. Sherry and I are in a WAlmart parking lot. The boys have gone to explore St. Louis and the Arch.


100_2616 (2)

Above is one glimpse of the ‘Gateway to the West’, The St. Louis Arch.  Below brought some wow’s for some reason.

100_2617 (2)

WE will over night in Columbia and hope to see some old friends.

Nite Shipslog

Will do better when we get set up, I hope!!


100_2609 (2)

Of course spotted an early 1950’s p/u


Mevely317 said...

That's sure some pretty country!
Thanks for keeping us up-to-date, Jack ... we've been thinking about y'all.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I have heard that Walmart is a great place to take a break. I love the picture of Sherry and the boys. You did great driving so long after the late start you got. I love the sunset picture, but do hope you don't see any more of them either and that you are parked for the night long before then.

betty said...

Glad you got to your first destination safely, albeit if plans were a bit different than originally thought. Good too for relief drivers to help get all the driving done!


shirl72 said...

Well you safe and that far on the road. Glad to see the pictures
of Sherry, Mark and JJ. I know you will have a good time. I know all
of you love traveling. I think I got my fill when Jim being
an Aerospace Engineer we traveled a lot. I think the way you travel
is better than flying. You have everything with you.. Stay safe.

Paula said...

Enjoyed the first leg of our trip. Isn't modern technology great? Looking forward to the next leg.

Lisa said...

Every camper has to camp out at Walmart at least once!!!! LOL.

Keep it rolling.

Rick Watson said...

We've never been to St. Louis but we have friends there. We keep saying we should go. Heck, if you'd swung through Alabama, you could have given us a list :)

Glenda said...

Y'all made great time getting to MO, loved seeing the mountain pics and, of course, that St. Louis Arch!!!

bonney knox said...

Keep up that pace and you'll need a vacation from your vacation! But it sounds like the travel (once started) went without any major hitches.
Great picture of Sherry, Jack Jr., and Mark.
I can almost imagine climbing that mountain; nice story--I will think about that next time I'm headed west on I-40.

shirl72 said...

Tell those bad boys to give you room so you can get to your computer
and write your blog today. I think those bad boys are going to be trouble. Lord have mercy you will be with them for two weeks.
JJ can behave, but Mark is the unruly one. Maybe since you are
taking him on a trip he will settled down. He know Mark works hard and needs a break. JJ also works hard. You boys be nice to your Dad and my Brother I only have one left. We have a small family.

Love to all from here...