Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Distance is at times a problem

We drove to Florida for Sherry’s eye operations. Then back to North Carolina. It has now been 5 weeks, the drops are finished for both eyes. I have graduated from internship and am trying to convince her that I can now play Doctor officially. She seems reluctant.
Anyway we Are making a trip back south 500+ plus miles for a 15-30 minute appointment to have the eyes checked by the surgeon.  I try to explain that I KNOW her eyes are good, because they are beautiful, but she wants a second opinion by another doctor.  I will humor her and enjoy the trip.  It is a waste of time, but I will take any excuse to ride with my girl.
We know we are lucky.  we talk about it a lot. Being together is why we got married 58+ years ago. I have friends who ‘need time away from their wives’.  We have been separated enough, we do not need time away.
There was one week for years we were separated. Sonny and I would go hunting with our sons, and Sherry and her sisters would take their dad to the beach.  They had a good time and so did Sonny and I.  We NEVER  ‘harvested ‘ anything, but se sure had fun around the campfire and ate well. Winking smile 
Speaking of Sonny and the boys, I am reminded of friend Hank. Hank was a family friend from years back.  He and Sonny’s son Steve were real buddies since school.  I need to thank Hank for an education. When we first bought this coach and took a long trip, it rode like a stage coach.  Hank who is a master mechanic came over to show me how to fix the problem. I gave him a little something for the education, but not what it was worth.
(Since a became a Dr. Some of my best decisions are made this way!)

Another problem we had on the Bad Boys trip was I jacked the front up so high at one site that I ‘disconnected’ the Air bag control, when we pulled out the coach was on the ground. It took only a few minutes to remember what Hank had taught me. Sure enough it took only minutes to FIX the problem.  So, THANKS HANK, you saved the day! 
We are on the fast trip to the Sunshine state.
Nite Shipslog
PS: When I mentioned Hank had told me about the airbag control. The boys said, “Hank and Steve had the coolest cars, Trans-Ams.”
Continuing, look at the 1962 cars:
The Ford  Galaxy was big


BlueRidge Boomer said...

Safe travels...hug a palm tree for me...!!

Glenda said...

All the best as you hit the road again for the checkup, be safe! Florida avocados are at their peak, just saying!!!

Elizabeth said...

Have a safe trip! You are lucky! We are also. We have spent 2 nights apart in 33 years, that was when I had to evacuate for a hurricane with my mother and children and Jim had to stay and work,he was a police officer, if not for having to get my mother and children to safety I would have stayed with him then!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I'm sure you are probably right and the eyes are just fine, but it always helps to have a doctor say it. I hope your short trip is a safe and happy one !

betty said...

Safe travels!! Better safe than sorry about making the trip to have Sherry's eyes looked at. Too cute with all the doctor humor here too!


Mevely317 said...

I had a good chuckle regarding your promotion to M.D.! :)
(... on second thought, that might not be such an enviable job in this day and age!)

Stay safe and hug often!

Paula said...

I wondered how you could just drive off without a follow up appointment. Now I know. lol Sure everything will be fine and dandy.

Rick Watson said...

It's probably prudent to have the doc check her eyes out one last time.
Jilda and I are seldom separated these days. There were times when I worked I'd have to travel out of town, but usually she'd join me midweek and we'd turn the business trip into a vacation.
I love the car photos you post.
My cousin had a Renault like that one except it was grey. He did a break job on it and I went with him on a test drive.
The brakes failed going done Fire Tower Mountain a few miles from where we grew up. He managed to wrestle the beast down the hill be we ended up ditching it close to the bottom. I almost had a hygene issue.

Dazzling zest said...

safe travels

shirl72 said...

Just wondering if you were back in town. Glad everything seems to
be going OK with Sherry's eyes. I know you will get your MD Papers
and will be able to practice..I saw an Isetta in the cars you posted.