Monday, August 10, 2015

The Adventure of BAD, Cheyenne to Colorado Springs

After a good night (and after maneuvering I-25 exit 7, the strangest exit/entry on an interstate I have ever seen) we headed South.

It wasn’t long until we crossed into Colorado.


I was glad to see the BIG BUFFALO watching over I-25.


Colorado has beautiful landscape also and it is varied. Below is out first glimpse of the Rockies above this Farm.


Mark enjoys getting up close to look out the picture window of our home. WE saw our first operating oil rig.


We had beautiful farm land always with the Rockies in the back ground for about a 100 miles. Then the traffic picked up as we neared Denver. A beautiful city


This nice architecture topped with green caught my eye.


This is many of the suspended walkways across I-25 to get passengers over to the mass transit stations. 


A stadium and it’s support building (I assume)


Traffic thinned out and I spotted a YELLOW building, no windows. It appeared to be a big Leggo building. I will look that up…………

Okay, it is a sculpture by Bayer, The articulating Wall, known by the locals as stacked French Fries.


Coulda fooled me from the interstate. Winking smile 


Above is the town of Castle Rock, and below is the Castle Rock.


On down the road to Colorado Springs


We stopped here to view the USAF Academy from I-25


Big Storm brewing, over the Rockies.  The boys are viewing the area. Sherry and I have camped on the Academy grounds, and Fred Brannen’s brother Lowell has a son stationed here. Both Fred and Lowell were great guys, both recently deceased and were great friends. Fred used to comment here on the Shipslog, We sure miss him.


Then on down the road after enjoying so many of these wild flowers. They seem to cover the Academy grounds


Making our turn toward the ‘Foot of the Rockies’ RV park, our home for the next two days.

Thanks for hanging with me.. Sorry to flood you with pictures but I culled 80 Winking smile of them.

Nite Shipslog


This show off in a 60’s (?) Cadillac, had the top down, as we passed thru Denver:



Could be later, The design doesn’t match a year in my head.

(Still no info on the car from Missouri)


Paula said...

Enjoyed the pictures, not too many. Liked the buffalo. Nice leg of the trip.

betty said...

I liked all the pictures! Colorado Springs is one of my favorite places to visit; enjoy your time there!


Mevely317 said...

It sounds silly to feel homesick for a state in which I've never lived ... but 'running up to Colorado' was something we did at least once or twice each year. My parents and I'd play a game to see which of us could first spot the Academy Chapel spires. That's pretty neat that you were able to visit!

CO farmgirl said...

My heart is in CO! Thank you for the pictures! If you head east of the Springs on 24 and reach the town of Peyton that's my town! We still own our farm and dream of going back someday. We will see where life takes us after Germany though ;)
Happy travels!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I too enjoy the pictures and traveling along with you all. Enjoy your stay and take more !

Elizabeth said...

I enjoyed the pics and would love to see more!I will never forget the 1st time I saw the Rockies, I was sleeping on a Greyhound bus woke up traveling along the side of them