Saturday, August 15, 2015

Nearing the end of the long adventure. The trip with the Bad Boys was good.

We are overnighting in Nashville, the Music City they say.

We left Arkansas after passing a lot of rice fields. I had never seen rice grow (that I knew of) until we made a trip for voluntary work in Lapanto, Ark. The heart of Rice country, methinks.

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Then we came to the Mississippi River looking across at Memphis.


Looking Right, the Memphis skyline.


Looking left is the Pyramid, I thought it was some Insurance company? Now it is A Bass Pro Shop.


Then we are welcomed into the great Volunteer State of Tennessee.




Tennessee is a good state to drive in, the roads are curvy and up and down hills, but not bad hills and curves this direction. Tree lined, some farm land and cattle also. But relaxingly beautiful.


Nashville, we were in bumper to bumper traffic 3-5 lanes the entire time through the city. Road work, and construction everywhere.

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I bet this building has been around since BEFORE Hank sang here.

100_3467100_3468 (2)

Above was some type of Science building Below the traffic thinned out.


The boys are out on the town in Nashville, I gave my sweet thing her eye drops  and babied the tires.  The Sherry fixed us a cup of Starbucks coffee and she and I sat for a few minutes.

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Tomorrow we head back across the blue Ridge/Smokey mountains to Belmont, NC to complete a trip of just a few miles short of 4,000 miles in the motor home plus around 850 in the car running around.  It has been fun with our sons.





betty said...

It does sound like it has been fun! Like I said before, one you guys will talk about for a long time. Seems like relatively safe travels too for the most part!


Paula said...

Glad you, Sherry, and the boys enjoyed the company and the scenery together. What's next? Rest a while? Maybe you two don't get tired like we do.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I learned my something new today and that is we have rice fields. I've never seen one and didn't know that. Seems with all the varied terrains we have that we can grow just about anything here in the our wonderful country. As you're closer to home, I'm thinking you are getting anxious to be home. Traveling is wonderful but good you have a place to rest in between.

Glenda said...

Homeward Bound, lots of miles and smiles :) Tennessee is a beautiful state, even from the highway! On one drive trip coming home from MO I hit Nashville at 2 a.m., zipped on through! Hope the boys enjoyed their night out and y'all have a beautiful day and safe return to Belmont.

Mevely317 said...

After living in Phoenix for 13+ years, the 'Big City' appeal has lost much of it's charm ... but I'd still love to visit Nashville someday.
One of my 'best' bloggy pals -- besides you and Sherry! -- Jon at Lone Wolf Concerto, recently relocated to rural Tennessee. I was more than a little surprised at how lovely that land seems.

I know it will feel Real Good to be home. The RV done good!

Rick Watson said...

We're about 2 1/2 hours south of Nashville. As aspiring songwriters, we've spent a lot of time there.
We have a lot of fond memories and some good friends there.
You're so close to home you can smell the barn.

shirl72 said...

I commented on another blog and I don't think it posted. Glad you are home. I know you are tired after driving 4000 miles in 2 weeks.
Enjoyed all the pictures you put on your blog about where you were and what you all were doing. The Mayor said tell you WELCOME HOME.