Saturday, November 26, 2016

A report, sort of

A month or so ago I sweated too much and put one of my Cochlear devices out of commission. It was sent it in for repairs.  Also a couple weeks ago I ordered Sherry's Christmas present from Lisa, one of the regular bloggers.

We were out gallivanting around with our sons and I missed a delivery by UPS. I assumed it was Sherry’s Christmas present. It was not, it was my hearing device.  

Our friend and fellow blogger, ORA, of Kentucky was the only person I knew with the Cochlear implant so we asked could we visit and talk.   We met and also got a chance to meet Mixon, her hubby who was an Army Chaplain in another life. ;-).

Ora. A super lady, no longer blogs and I miss her. Sherry runs into her on Facebook.

Friend Dar, up in the North Woods of Wisconsin, also has had a hearing problem.  We visited Dar & Bill, Sister Mel & hubby Slim and their sweet mama.  Met some kids and a grand love. This bunch is the salt of the earth. We were invited over when we were in Michigan, by Mel and Dar on their blogs.

Since then Dar has had ear reconstruction and seems the operation was a success.

It has been about a year since my first implant.  I now  hear and understand.  Now with two implants, I am doing well but still cannot talk on the phone. Texting is okay.  I think sexting would be okay, but I am not allowed. (see what happened to Weiner?)  OUCH!

When a person  hears, but DOES NOT UNDERSTAND WORDS i.e. every one mumbles, it is time for some help.  Hearing aids work great for most folk.  But for folk like Ora, Dar and myself hearing aids are not enough. Science and technology advances daily.  Life is so much better when you understand MOST of what is said.

I cannot praise the VA enough for what they have done. To be honest and fair, it was tough getting their attention (a year or two of forms and letters), but once I did, they have been terrific.

A plug and some advice. ..................

 If you or a friend are having a problem getting the VA's attention, please see the VFW, Marine rep, or American Legion. These groups have folk who will help with the forms, etc. I fought on my own for a year then someone suggested the American Legion. They really did help.  The Vet does not have to be a member. I was not a member of the American Legion.

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PS: Sherry's Present did come today and

 she Loves it. More on that later.

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Mevely317 said...

Thanks for this referral, Jack! I'm ashamed to admit, of late Tom's hearing loss has worn on my (last) nerves.

At my son's urging, Tom 'stepped-the-step' and 'walked-the-walk' with the V.A., only to get a form letter back saying he's ineligible for benefits at this time. DISCOURAGING!

I'm curious to see what you found a Lisa's place to please your lady. I'm always all-about supporting the small businessman/woman whenever possible.

Lisa said...

Im still lucky enough to have my hearing but I think dad is loosing his just like his dad.
I still have ear problems. The docs say its allergies but they ring and buz contsantly. At night in bed when it gets quiet, the sound I hear is so loud that I cant sleep well. They are aching now. Now sure whats going on but the doc is probably right.

Paula said...

Isn't it wonderful the medical things they can do now? John would never have the patience to go for this. He won't even go have the wax removed to maybe help a little since his hearing just got worse recently.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

So glad you were able to get the implant and also able to get it fixed. What a difference it must make! Glad too that Sherry's present was one she loves...can't wait to see what you surprised her with !

betty said...

I too want to see what Sherry's present was. I sm glad medical science has come so far in what they have done with implants, etc. Not only for those that have lost their hearing, but for those little children who may have been born with poor hearing or no hearing.


Glenda said...

Having gone thru that process with my Dad (WWII vet) at the VA hospital in Missouri, and subsequently filling out those application forms for Vietnam Vets, I would say to Mevely that persistence is key -- Jack's recommendation of finding an advocate at the VFW or American Legion can be beneficial. Don't give up ~ our Veterans deserve appropriate care!!!

Dar said...

Love the cartoons especially since we can When my family was telling me I was always yelling, I finally did get checked to find out one of those tiny bones in my middle ear was fused, unable to send the message to my brain to hear. Long story short, I had surgery. As different pitches return, my own voice and laughter are my worse enemy. I was told the pitches will blend again in a few months to even a yr. God's testing my patience.
I Thank Him tho, that at least my hearing is restored. It IS a miracle.
Hugs from up north where life is good.

Rick Watson said...

I struggle hearing in noisy restaurants etc. but it did remind me of a joke I heard once.
1. I got a new hearing aid
2. What kind is it?
1. Oh, it's 4:30

Unknown said...

I have only 50% hearing in my right ear since childhood, but I seem to do okay most of the time..for now. I'm almost scared of how techno it might be in the future.
<still uses flip top-cell phone.