Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Asphalt filings

Asphalt Filings, ever heard the term or know what it refers too?
Well for one, I had no heard of filings until buying in Deltona.  I started looking for asphalt and concrete men. In the free magazine here called 'Penny Saver' that was an ad saying you could have a cheap driveway using Asphalt Filings.  I called two men and got quotes. Then came hurricane Matthew.

The last quote was from Bobby Clifton. He told me they use rejected filings from DOT.  OK,  FILINGS! When you see road work you see a big machine like a hog, eating the old asphalt off the road.  It is loaded onto an awaiting truck and taken to an asphalt factory.  There it is ground and graded. If it meets DOT specs, it goes back into the new asphalt  and put back on the roads.
   The filings were dumped at the start on the city side walk. Bobby had already graded the left drive and was at the back doing more.
The rejected filings were a waste until someone started putting it on drives just to keep down the sand or mud. Bobby stressed, "Do not expect an asphalt drive, what I put down is a good, not always purty, red-neck driveway.  The advantage is I will grade, spread and pack (roll) the filings into a fairly nice drive for much less than half price of asphalt or crete.  It is porous, rain gores thru and does not run off.
(Here it is not Rolled (packed) as yet.
So today, we got our 'redneck drive'.  For the price I like it, but I have only known it for a few hours. LOL
WE talked it over and decided to go all the way around the house . so we moved the motor home to the front yard.
I asked Bobby why he didn't use a bobcat.  He looked at me like I wasn't too bright. He said a Bobcat has no suspension, they are little and will beat an older man to death. I told him that is what my friend Don said, but I still wanted one to play with.

This is the right side of the house. We had a MEAN bush in front of the small white wall. It would scratch you in a minute. Bobby picked it up and took it off.
Above is the back, between the house and out new shed. Now I won't track too much sand into the house. looking across at the wooden fence, it where the coach is now. It was dark when we moved it. On the next Blog I should have some finished photos and a couple of the furniture.

The motor home will not go around the house, but we can drive around back to park, we like that for unloading groceries, etc.

Yes, another good day.
Nite Shipslog

PS>  I am not sure if they use filings in North Carolina. I have never seen nor heard of their use, other than back into new asphalt. I thought it ALL was recycled.

Friend Joe's 1958 Chevy
He also has a 1958 Red convertible.


shirl72 said...

The driveway looks good and I understood everything you said about filling, packed
rolled, sand and mud. I guess when you get a driveway today you have to use all these terms so they will know what to do. I forgot you also need a Bobcat. I will be at the Historic House Sunday..

betty said...

I think the driveway is looking good. I think Bobby knows what he is doing!


Jean said...

It's looking good and just think you want have much yards to mow. I've never dealt with an asphalt man, but a cement one here charged me $4,000 to do our drive way, and to me he did a snotty job! I guess they know how to deal with a women. Take care. Jean

Lisa said...

Weeeellll, I like that red neck drive way and Bobbys honesty.
Very interesting how they do the filtered asphault. So,its like you have a recyled drive. Pretty cool if you ask me.
Look foward to your picture post.

Sick from Gtown

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

That's the first I'd heard of fillings like that but recycled anything is always good. Sounds like you really got a good deal there. I'll be looking forward to seeing the finished drive and all.

Mevely317 said...

Darn but I learn something new every day! I wish your Mr. Clifton were around when my son had their new drive graded and poured!
The progress y'all are making seems nothing short of amazing!

Paula said...

You two plan everything out to a T. Hope you're happy with the drive-way and I'm sure you will be.

Dar said...

Hey, wish we'd known. Dustin just sold his Bobcat, cheap. It would have been a real bear to move that far tho. lol
Your driveway looks awesome. They just did that over the summer to Cty. B on the way to the farm. Sure is nice traveling now without hitting your head on the inside truck roof every time we'd hit a hole. As much as possible, that's how they redo the county roads up north. Cheaper and it lasts.
Love and hugs to the southerners from we northerners where it was still another tee-shirt and sandals day. Lovein' It

Rick Watson said...

We had something similar put on our driveway many years ago and it is still there. It's time to have another layer on. Yours looks good.

Mary Degli Esposti said...

<would like to play with a bobcat cub, but doesn't want it to become used to humans, usually a bad deal.

Frugal, recycled & convenient. You do more with less, often.

salemslot9 said...

get off my lawn

Gran Torino