Sunday, November 13, 2016


I cut my scrap paper into quarters and use them for notes.  I make notes when I have a great idea for a blog entry.  At one time my cursive was good, not calligraphy quality but neat.  NOW?  Shucks, like my daddy said when he got older, "When my writing get's cold, I cannot read it."  That is where I have been for a few years.  Even my girl will ask, "What is this word?" Pointing to a word I have written.  I have to say, "I can't remember, I must have been practicing Korean (or something)."
When I first saw this photo I thought it was a caterpillar.

On the table beside me, is a pile of wadded notes, great ideas. None of which I can make heads nor tails of. So tonight I will wing it.

On hand writing, how is yours?  Mary Ann, a dear friend has  handwriting that would match Thomas Jefferson and the forefathers who wrote the Constitution. I always marvel at her writing, she sure hasn't lost it.

I read somewhere that pretty soon we adults can write in cursive and it will be like code, the grand kids can't read it.

What about signatures, since they are talking about not teaching cursive?  However we signed a contract once online and the computer gave us pretty handwriting. So cursive wasn't needed even as a signature. 

I vow to myself I am going to endeavor to write better, so far all I have done is lie.

Speaking of lies. One short GGranddaughter story:

 This past summer while home the crowd was in the motor home for supper as often happened. I was telling Luke something and Stella wanted my attention. Thinking it was cute I said, "Wait honey, I will be with you just as soon as I finish telling Luke this lie,"

The motor home got quiet, her hand went over her mouth. Then she said, "You're going to be shoveling coal."

I didn't get it. 

Her mama explained. She knows not to tell a lie or you might go to the place with the devil, and he will have you shoveling coal for the fire.

OUCH, from the mouth of babes.

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Love those road side stands


betty said...

Oh oh! You'll remember to choose your words carefully around your grandchildren :) Too cute!!

My handwriting is terrible though once it was commented on how beautiful my handwriting was. I don't like writing these days; hurts my wrists, prefer to type over writing any old day. My signature is a B with a wriggly type of line afterwards. I remember I used to have to type the grocery list when hubby was doing the shopping so he would know what to get :)


Jackie said...

My handwriting isn't as lovely as it used to be; I tend to see a few shakey spots or two. But, I press on and do my best.
And....regarding the photo that you said you thought was a caterpillar, I thought it was a caterpillar, too. Isn't it? If not, what is it?
I hope you have a great week.
Smiles from South Georgia,

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Like everything else, if you don't use it, you loose it. Handwriting is no different. I rarely write much at all using the old fashioned pen and paper. While sorting through the stuff here I discovered an old calendar book and admired my handwriting from younger days...It has changed and not for the better.

Jackie Darnell said...

No cursive here sir.

jack69 said...

To son Jack, Yep I know son, SIR! Love you dude! ;-)

Dar said...

yes, out of the mouths of babes....we must watch our mouths or have them washed out with Lava. Mama used Lava, it really got the message across with it's awful taste.
If I didn't write 'lists' All the time, my handwriting would be trash by now...a bit on the shaky side. Mom has gorgeous writing even with the arthritis and the trigger fingers. At the cabin, I still write a journal of the 'goings on' from the last time I'd been there....but mostly of the concerns of the cabin, woods, etc. I notice the logs need to be resealed again, stuff like that. Kids don't even know how to read it. I wonder if they will take 'lessons' some day so they can get sentimental about grandma's journals.?
Love n' hugs from cold WI. It was 27 this morning and the ground is still very crisp looking with heavy frost. Have a fab week

salemslot9 said...

my handwriting is
pretty good
I always liked
my Dad's handwriting
my Mom's was good, too
I have every card
they ever gave me

Paula said...

I too wondered if it isn't a caterpillar, what is it? My handwriting is terrible, I wish it was different.

Mevely317 said...

Stella's remark is so PRECIOUS! :)

How I used to fret over my handwriting, particularly since mother's script was like something you might see on a jeweler's box.
Then I discovered Gregg Shorthand! While I've not a valid reason to use it at work ... when we're stuck in my boss' office on another interminable conference call, I can log blog notes, to-do lists, etc. and NO-ONE knows! :)))

Mary Degli Esposti said...

Stella looks pretty young; I hope the coal-devil scenario doesn't frighten her.
I write left-handed & on a slant. Not pretty, but reading-capable when I am neat about it. From years of working for impossible -to -read doctors in the past, I am now glad most of what they write is on a computer now.

Lisa said...

I could not wait to learn cursive when I started the 4th grade. It thought it was so fancy and it made it easier to write those sentences a 100 times when I got in trouble in class. Did you know you can actually draw your own signature on your smart phone or ipad and save it to add to any online documents you need to sign? Personally, I love my signature and glad I have one but Kids now days assume and X on the line is good enough.

I too cut scrap paper in quarters for notes. The two dudes in the office hate it. ha.

bonney knox said...

People are asking about the caterpillar. It's a row of birds, side by side. Cool pic.
My handwriting used to be neat (never pretty, though), but it is harder and harder to make it look neat--a loss of flexibility, I suppose.

Jackie said...

Bonney Knox....Thank you for answering our questions about the caterpillar photo.
I went back to look at the photo, and now all I see are birds.
Thank you.