Wednesday, November 23, 2016

New exercise, shocking hair and a K-9 Killer holed up a mile away!

Just a note about all this soft soil I have talked about in Florida.  I learned earlier that this is the easiest soil I have ever seen to dig in. BUT, I found out that it can also be TOUGH!
This is the roots that have been my new exercise, a heaping wheelbarrow full!
All that came from a spot 3' square.
The rest of the rear of the back yard is just like this.  It was covered by bushes and trees when we bought. There is a lot of exercise pulling these roots.

Okay the surprise.  Sherry and Jack Jr went off to Walmart yesterday while I fixed chicken, rice veggies and gravy for supper.  I thought they got lost. But when they left Jack's hair was grey. When they returned this is what I saw:

He said he asked for strawberry blonde color, looks pretty red.  But he is having a lot of fun with it.  hahahaha.

This was such a peaceful quiet place then all of a sudden Deltona made national news when a squirrel about two blocks from here attacked a senior.  OUCH

Then yesterday we were bothered by helicopters buzzing. Mark was on his way here from Port Richey and some of the roads were blocked.  A person had killed a K-9 dog in a gun fight with Deputy Sheriffs.   They had him surrounded in a few acres of woods a mile and a half from here. Jack Jr said he heard from the helicopter "We have eyes on you, come out with your hands up!"  He did not respond.

The copters went all night. keeping everyone awake but me, since I cannot hear with my devices off.

Today he was wounded and captured ending the two day stand off.

So I have been singing When the Squirrel went berserk in the First Self-righteous Church in Pascagoula.  

I smile thinking of Pascagoula, MS. WE worked a little there after Katrina devastated the place. We met the nicest couple while we worked there. Some folks you never forget.

Anyway, all is well. I am extremely THANKFUL. Life is good and goes on.  I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving.

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Paula said...

Aww Jack Jr. looks cute with his new hair.

Mevely317 said...

WOW, what a difference Jack, Jr. is sporting ... ya, he looks cute!
That's such a tragedy about the latest police fatality. (Yes, I count the K-9s as officers, too.) Don't get me started, but I hope there's a special sort of hell reserved for those who harm children and animals.

Wishing you and Sherry and your "boys" a very blessed Thanksgiving!

Lisa said...

This was a fun read. Sad about the k9. Sadly we hear to much news like that now days. Glad Jack JR. Added some light to all the kaos. Hope you guys have a wonder time tomorrow. We all have so much to be thankful for.

Happy ThanksGiving

betty said...

I like Jack Jr's "new doo". So sad about the dog, but glad they caught the guy eventually. We do have a lot to be thankful for, and even though things still remain a bit "tense" here, I'm thankful that all are healthy and there is an abundance of food on our tables. We truly are blessed!

Happy Thanksgiving to you and Sherry!


shirl72 said...

I cannot believe Jack's hair...Remember I had red hair and never did like it because people would say red heads had tempers and I would tell Mother "I don't have a temper'. I was only five year old Ray Collins would call me Strawberry Blonde Now I am mixed Blonde and light grey

Dar said...

WOW looks like you have your work cut out for you clearing roots....a dreadful job unless you whistle while you work. :)
It also looks like Mark is getting quite a kick out of his brother's new dye job. His strawberry blonde will tone down in a few washings, but it's cute.
I didn't recognize him at first.
Mom, Eric and Colleen joined us for Thanksgiving. And yes, we all ate way too much and pie too. The rest goes to the cabin for the guys.
Hugs from up north where we have plenty of heavy snow and more still falling.

Mary Degli Esposti said...

A strawberry blonde(or eh red)son, & a vicious senior-attacking squirrel.
I love squirrels, & have been known to drop some nuts for them. They never quite look thankful, rather entitled, which is fine by me.

Glad you did the cooking, but it is not as if you needed the extra exercise. I hope you sampled liberally. You've been working so hard.

Back Porch Writer said...

Wow, I heard about that on the news. Wild that it was so close to you.
LOL on the red hair do. It'll lighten up. But it's not strawberry blonde is it? lol