Friday, November 4, 2016

Results shopping disappointing, but a ride with Sherry NEVER is.

We had breakfast, hooked up the trailer, and headed to Daytona Beach to buy a bedroom suite.  We have always had good luck at flea markets. TODAY was a BUST. Our worst flea market experience ever.  To start with I picked up the Flea Mkt booklet and could not understand it. Cochlear Implants are like hearing aids, wind is murder .  There was fan mounted blowing down on the customer every 25 feet. NO exaggeration. They were on high and drove me buggy.

WE did find the information booth and asked directions to the furniture area. "No new furniture, and what we have will be in the outdoor area and will be used or second hand."  I thought flea mkts were full of second hand stuff. NADA. NO FURNITURE, but all new stuff from Japan, China or Indonesia.

I really don't mind that, and purchase a lot of it, but today we are looking for Used Furniture and rugs. There was no furniture other than patio type stuff, and the rugs?  WOW they started at $100+.  (Funny that, I used to  pay $2000 for an entire home floor covering, installed and warranted)  My carpet man always had remnants left. At most flea mkts we visit there is a section where someone has hemmed (?) Remnants and they are sold reasonable for throw rugs and runners.  I was sure we would fill Sherry's order, but NADA.

We did find a nice used furniture store. Well supplied and some very good stuff, but priced higher than we want to pay  at present.  WE may pay it, but hopefully we will find an estate sale first.

Mary once 'smiled' in print at the mention of our Sunday AM breakfast. Each Sunday AM we get one biscuit, two Jellies and two coffees. We split the biscuit. Some folk see us and feel sorry for the 'old folk'.  On days like today, we stop mid day and split a $1 hamburger and a drink.  I keep expecting someone to offer to buy us a meal. (smile)

This and that.....

First  thing in the mornings here at the motor home is get the scales down and WEIGH!  I am here to report Jack as lost 17 pounds in the last 6 months.  For the last 4 mornings I have weighed 152 lbs.  My girl is down a few pounds herself, but girls have 'never lost' enough. She reaches a Goal and then says, I need to lose 5lbs. She is now tipping the scale at 129.

She was my beauty and weighed 110 when we married, I was a whopping 139.

The lack of luck was disappointing, but a ride with my girl is never disappointing. It is even more rewarding now that I can hear her pretty well with the Cochlear Implants. Life is good!

Nite Shipslog

 This is what I drove when we dated (1955-56) I wrecked it

This is what I had when we got married. Sherry learned to drive in it. (the side was dented bad when we married)
This is what I wanted, I finally got one to play with for $50 in the late 1970's.


Paula said...

I feel ashamed when I read how little you two eat. We do split a meal sometime but then come home and snack. I have lost 35 #'s without trying. Need to get on those scales this very night.

betty said...

Good for your and Sherry's weight loss! Impressive too if you keep it off! I haven't weighed myself but I know I'm a few pounds down; I attribute it to being more active watching the grandson a few days a week :)

Sorry it was a bust with the shopping. It can be hit and miss I'm sure with what is offered at the flea market, kind of hitting garage sales; got to get there early if you think something might be worthwhile to purchase.


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Hope your luck turns for the better, but still and all you two always enjoy the good life no matter what you do. I haven't weighed myself in years, but I know that the last time i weighed in I out weighed you and haven't been Sherry's weight in years and years. It's something I really don't worry about unless my clothes no longer fit, then I'll have to do something. I have been the same weight now for quite a few years. No more no less. I guess you would call me plump! The last time I moved I had to get new appliances and went to an auction sale. I got a stove, a fridge, and also a new bedroom set. All for under 100 dollars. There are bargains to be found.

Lisa said...

oh its been a long time since I had a good ole biscuit. Bo jangles has the best in my opinion. But they all good! Put one with a bowl of gravy and ill loose my diet control in a snap!
You are right about the flea markets. It always dissapoints me when I go. I love estate sales. Good luck finding what you want. We have been looking for a bedroom suit for over a year now. Just sorta gave up because I came to the conclusion I want Nick to build me a bed. So, with that being said, it may be another year. Haha.

Happy shopping

Back Porch Writer said...

Hope you find your furniture soon. It's joyous though looking for it? The hunt is on. I love a good hunt! We are looking for an inexpensive skinny pre lit Christmas tree this weekend for George's Mom. Planning to do a wee bit of decorating in her assisted living apartment so it feels like home to her. Can't wait to see what you two are up to next. I need to follow suit and lose a few myself. But until then I think I'll have chips and dip for breakfast. hahaha.

Dar said...

Sounds wonderful to hear folks getting down to high school weight. Me? I'm not fat, I'm fluffy ~ even with having lost 8lbs since my ear surgery. They weren't kidding when they told me that chewing would be an issue until the titanium was secure. I'll work at keeping it off tho, now that I have a good start....again. lol I'd guess you haven't found your bedroom set yet because it wasn't meant to be. I love the hunt too and do wait until I find what I want. I finally found beautiful straight-back leather padded dining chairs, cherry wood and only $10 bucks a piece. For real wood, that's awesome and I'll never need any others the rest of my days. Mama loves them too, so that's good enough for me. lol, she says they ' sit nice ' for card playing.
Love n' hugs from up north where the days are still so warm and the nights drop into the 30's. Stay cozy.

Mevely317 said...

Aw, darn on the furniture 'bust'! Perhaps, like your recent home hunt, the RIGHT one is just out there, waiting.

I had to smile at your reference to floor covering. My son's dad worked as a carpet salesman for Montgomery Wards - so to cover the cold floorboards, he lay 'wall-to-wall' carpet out of discontinued samples. Looked like a crazy, patchwork quilt when it was done!

Congrats on the weight loss, and just in time for the holidays!

shirl72 said...

The room downstairs is in good shape and you are welcome to shop there. I didn't find a thing of mine that needed to get rid of. I enjoy straightening and putting things in order. My things are mostly Christmas. I use to really decorate but now I put up the tree and some outside and that is it. I think I have about 4 Christmas trees downstairs. Decorations are beautiful but when Christmas is over it is not fun taking them down. Remember the yard sale we had when we used the Church parking lot. We could probably fill it up again....

salemslot9 said...

hi Jack
just sent you email
of last car look-a-like

Mary Degli Esposti said...

Both of those cars look fantastic. You & Sherry seem to be at good low weights. At 115 my doc says I am underweight(I don't look it or feel it)so I'll bet Sherry shouldn't be much lower(if at all) than she is, esp. with all you 2 do in a day. I ate a whole cheeseburger & sweet potato fries yesterday (an unusual occurrence), & I do not work as hard as the Darnells do.
I remember the biscuit breakfast story well; it still makes me smile. Half biscuits & half burgers while restoring & furnishing a home does sound under-fed.

I'm afraid of bugs with used furniture.

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