Friday, November 18, 2016

Coffee & containers

My job at night is preparing the coffee so Sherry can press the ‘go’ button in the morning. I am normally last to head to bed and she the first to rise.  She started buying 50% caffeine coffee for some reason (I don’t ask because I don’t care. If you are a sailor and drink coffee on the mid-watch you don’t care, just so it is black and hot).

Anyway after a couple shopping trips I suggested buying two pounds of coffee, one reg, one decaf and mixing them. (I am a cheap skate and it is cheaper that way)  Besides how do they make 50% decaf if they don’t do it the same way?

Good containers: I have a problem with throwing empty containers away. The coffee we buy now comes in cans, I save a bunch of them. We drink Green tea by the gallon jug and I keep the jugs.  I have at least 15 empty containers in my new shop already.

They work great for the small amounts of paint left in the gallon and 5 gallon cans.  They work for small containers when you are doing touch up paint work. I cut them in two and use them to hold nails by size and nuts and bolts.  The Gallon tea jugs work well as a water bowl by laying it on its side and cutting the side out for Janie the grand dog when she visits. She is a bull dog and a messy drinker anyway. LOL  I sympathize with her because like her grandpa she is deaf.

Do you have any objects that are hard to ‘throw away?’

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Jackie said...

We hate to throw away anything that might be usable. We save our Coffee Mate containers (large ones) and I spray paint them, and hubby uses them to put nails, screws, etc. in. We have enough containers for every size of ANYTHING that he might need in his shop (we are coffee drinkers, too!)
They are quite attractive, and with the label I put on each container, it is easy for him to find what he needs....and we didn't waste a Coffee Mate container.
Happy Thanksgiving to you and Sherry.
Love and hugs,

Paula said...

Yes,yes,yes I just can't stand throwing away such useful containers. John is hoarding the little tiny plastic boxes that come with the gum picks that you clean your teeth with. He almost goes nuts if he loses one. So good to carry a pill or two in your pocket or purse. Years ago I made a canister set from Miracle Whip jars. I still have them, they just fit on my Hutch and are good to store Macaroni, beans, or things like brown sugar.

Paula said...

Oh I forgot to say I put a different mushroom decal on each one and painted the lids good but the paint is starting to come off.

betty said...

Only thing I save are the plastic containers that lunch meat comes in. I used them to send leftovers home with the family come for dinner. Thing is they are supposed to return them (rarely do) so I'm always scrambling around looking for containers to put leftovers in :)

Good idea to mix the two coffees together. I find these days I'm drinking less coffee, one cup from previous 3-4 cups. I think in the new year I'm going to work on going caffeine free too for that 1 cup :)


shirl72 said...

I know you think back when you helped me move to Belmont. Jim collected everything even cars. You did a good job helping me downsize. Sometime I wish we would have kept the Isetta but it would be just another thing I have downstairs. They are having a Church Bazaar today..I am not going I don't need anything.

Dar said...

Now that we grow asparagus, we do like Mom and save the generic Crystal Lite containers......they are perfect to stand the asparagus in to freeze and fit snug together in the freezer basket. Also, Altoid boxes work great for needles, pins, etc. in my sewing room. Small boxes of all sizes hold other notions as well, from ribbon, buttons, elastic strips, oh a zillion uses for those small boxes, even jewelry. Interesting post, Jack. Bill also saves milk/juice jugs for his nails, etc in the shop. I see he's using my little red wagon too right now, that has to change. hmmmm
Hugs n' Kisses from up north where we have high winds today and SNOW.

Mevely317 said...

You're a fella after Tom's heart, m'friend!
Sure, n' I could take a page from the two of you and be less wasteful ....

That's a brilliant idea about buying two cans of coffee and mixing them yourselves!

Have a sweet day!

Glenda said...

Yep, "waste not, want not" was one of Mom's sayings! I save the above for various use. When Hurricane Matthew threatened I filled the big jugs that white vinegar comes in with filtered water, some to freeze for coolers in the event we lost power and some with tap water for bathroom. Grateful it wasn't needed so I watered plants!
Have a wonderful weekend !!

Mary Degli Esposti said...

Lately I can be cheap myself about certain things, but with half-caff, I think it will taste more even if they mix it. Folgers sells a half-caff for a very reasonable price.

I reuse any manner of plastic bags that food or other items come in to dispose of waste just as I'd use a garbage bag. Living alone, my waste bags needn't be that big. I reuse my fat-free cottage cheese containers for small portions of veggies, & have one in my fridge now with a couple of peeled hard-boiled eggs that are supposedly rich in fortified omega 3s. I'm getting old ;\.

Lisa said...

My Mom used to keep every washable throw away cup she got a hold of. So I vowed never to do that so I dont. I save some of the plastic coffee containers. Not sure why yet but im sure ill find something to use them for,
What I have trouble throwing away are the little containers with lids from take out that they put your ketchup or dips in. I have a drawer full of chop sticks too.