Wednesday, November 9, 2016

It is over, now back to regular spam e-mails

I am a very popular guy. Daily for the last xx months I have received 'personal' e-mails from Hillary, Donald and Mr Johnson (?).  If I could just spare $3 or any larger amount, it would send them over the top. THE OTHER SIDE IS GAINING GROUND BECAUSE THEY ARE GETTING RESPONSE FROM THEIR BASE. They all said they missed my response last week, but ...................

Now I can get back to my friends from Saudi Arabia & Kenya. The Sheikh, a prince and a widow in an African country who will gladly deposit millions in my account if I will help them get the money out of their country. My bank account number would help greatly, then they could transfer the money to my account.

I am giving it a lot of thought. I could do a lot of good (for me and Sherry) with a couple million.  I really want to do this, but the taxes  worry me.  One of  my 'soon to be benefactors' will show me how to 'avoid' taxes, that might help me decide. 

I wonder does anyone respond to wild e-mails?  I guess a'phishing license' is not required,  phishing is free.

I am glad this is over (the election that is). It was nasty and how in the world both parties were represented by a person who was not 'popular'.  How does that happen?  That is wild.

Anyway, this is a great country, I love the USA and do not plan to move.  I smile when I think of all those folk who said they would move out of the USA if Donald Trump won.  Are they going to wait for the inauguration, or have they started packing already?   I am not going to miss them. Some of them never visit us here in the RV.

Yeah, I know that is all talk.  They have learned well from our professional politicians, you can say it, but you don't have to MEAN it.

I didn't have anything to say tonight, so I have finished saying nothing.

If your candidates did not win, that is too bad (LOL) time about is fair play because I have been disappointed for a few times now.  This time I am half happy, is that legal?

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Paula said...

You said a mouth full in this post.

Jean said...

I don't think they will go anywhere, but I wouldn't miss them either. Lol. We will have to wait and see I think he was the only one I heard say he would make America great again. I hated I didn't go vote my foot was swelled from my hurt leg and I couldn't stand in that looong line. I don't think anyone miss me. Ha. I think if he can do some of the things he said he would do he will do great. Little bit cooler up this way. Take care. Jean

betty said...

I refuse every time we get our taxes done to give money to the president accounts :) (Don't get me started on that, LOL) even though it is technically no money out of my pocket.

The voters decided and I'm glad they got out and voted the way they did. I need to pray for our president elect. I know he is not flawless, but I feared "life as I knew it" with the other candidate running. Yet I feel for the losing candidate. Her time to shine and it didn't seem to come together. How many decisions she made hoping this year would be the year and then it wasn't.

America will prevail, thankfully due to the Lord. I hope many will see that and acknowledge that. I often think when people say "God Bless America" if really truly God should bless America with how America has turned her back on him. Let's hope in the days ahead, she starts turning back in the right direction.


salemslot9 said...

"This time I am half happy,
is that legal?"

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I'm glad to be back to normal but am not so sure what normal is anymore. Those junk, that is what they are, emails drive me crazy. I'm proud to be an American and although I will be moving, I think I'll stay in Ohio. It's home for me, May God Bless America. Lets remember it is he land of the free and the home of the brave.

Lisa said...

You got emails? I got phone calls every night from Trumps daughter reminding me to go out and vote for her father.
Your post made me giggle a little this morning so thanks , I needed it. Yesterday was a rejoicing day for me ( is that legal?), but people tried to steal that joy when I was called some ugly names by people I thought were my friends so I hope today and the next years to come can be better.

From the frost covered grounds of Gtown

Dar said...

And I'm half happy with ya, Jack.
God Bless America. Another God wink.
Love from up north where Bill's eye did him justice yesterday and helped put food on our table. He's so tickled his good eye is working fine for him.
And yet, ANOTHER God wink!

Mary Degli Esposti said...

Well, which half is happy? I'd imagine all parts of you are legal though, so.... I'd like to see him actually BE president for a while before I make any judgments. Not that that has him shaking or anything ;0. I'd still rather have McCain, but that wasn't one of the choices.

I give money to 3 charities & I used to spread it around more. I've changed.

Mevely317 said...

I'll take your remaining half, Jack, add it to mine ... and be DELIRIOUS! Dang, I haven't felt this optimistic in years. :)

Those phone solicitors are worse than horse flies, aren't they? I'd just unplug the phone set, but Tom has too much fun with them. I can't repeat the whole conversation in a family-friendly blog, but it started with Tom calling the middle eastern(?) solicitor a "t****-head", the solicitor made a suggestion what Tom could do, and after a few minutes back-and-forth the solicitor hung up on Tom! :) 'Just hope we're not on some ISIS hit list now.