Tuesday, November 15, 2016


I cannot remember the first time I heard that word sibling used in a normal conversation, but I am sure I was full 'growed'. . Mama always referred  to her children as brothers and sisters.  I doubt if my mama ever used the word.

 Mama and dad lost a daughter and son. Oveline, older than I and the son died before being named, after me. So I was the baby of the family and Shirl was next up the line. Kat, Jr. and Odis were older.  Shirl and I were more like the 'second family'.  We all got along well except the older brothers.  I loved them both, but they were completely different. After WWII Odis bought some lots at $25 each to build on. They were on a dirt road (two ruts). The rest of the family and some of their in-laws bought also. As a child I was privileged to see my brothers, brother in law and their wives, work together to build their homes, no electricity mind you.  They all worked together cutting trees and hauling the logs to the sawmill and used that lumber, most uncured, to build their homes.

Until he died, Dick (Kat's husband), would remind me of those times, " We would meet every evening coming from work,  standing around the fire of tree scraps and would talk and plan.  In a few minutes you could count on Jr saying, Okay boys lets do something, even if it is wrong."

As a kid I was having a ball. There were several kids and we roamed the woods and played. Many nights we slept at the building sites and ate food cooked over the coals of the days fire. I can't remember where I stayed. It must have been with Kat and Dick, they liked me. (LOL) the rest tolerated me I think.

That part of my childhood in the mid 1940's I can never forget. These men who had never built a house, had decided to have a home in the country and quit renting. I smiled when Dick said he and Kat had to finance their land, they had bought 4 lots, total cost, $100.00

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These cars were new when my older SIBLINGS were building their homes.


betty said...

Wow, can you imagine 4 lots for $100! The memories of those special times together stay with you long after the people that helped make them are long gone. I don't think my mom ever used the word sibling either, nor can I remember when I first used it myself. We were brother and sisters since there was 1 brother and 2 sisters :)


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I have 2 sisters and cannot remember ever calling them my siblings. It's so good to have them and I really appreciate them too. Not everyone has them, some are only children and only wish they did. You were blessed to be a part of a wonderful family!

Lisa said...

I have two brothers and a sister. We fought all the time. Ha. I never used the word siblings either, but had I known, I would have probably used it when I was mad at them. I just dont like the way it sounds. I hardly even put the words "inlaws" after brother and sister when I speak of my brother in law and sister in law. I mean really, what law?

Happy Humpday

Mevely317 said...

An 'only' child, I don't think I ever heard the term 'sibling' until I was grown. Must've been a Yankee term! :)

Your memories sound more believable - and heartwarming - than any episode of Mayberry RFD. Rich, in those things that matter most.

Mary Degli Esposti said...

Having spent over $100 many times in the past(no longer)on French perfume, I am duly humbled.
You not only have good memories of your childhood & young adult life, but you & Sherry are still making warm memories now with your children & grandchildren.

shirl72 said...

Those were good memories. I was in first grade and when I saw the picture of our Brothers in the moon..I thought they has made the trip and had their picture made and they would not correct me. When you are little you believe what people tell you. We had a good life and a great Mother, Dad and family for that I am thankful.

Dar said...

There were 10 of us and have always been ' brothers and sisters,'as we were referred to by our parents and each other. We had a full, wonderful childhood that I remember well. Some of my best memories were of riding the horses to the woods, building a make-shift corral for the day and eating PBn'J sandwiches with my twin while we didn't have a worry in the world. Always, we were back in the house before dark but not until our chores were done. Or digging long tunnels in the snowbanks. Awwww, sweet memories. Thanks for this wonderful entry sharing your 'brothers and sisters.'
LoveNHugs from up north, still nice days with freezing nights. The guys are getting ready for this weekend opener......