Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Believe it or not, our TV s not on

Most folk cannot believe we do not watch TV.  When I lost my hearing I quit watching TV, Sherry followed suit.  Watching commercials is not our cup-o-tea. We watched TV back when there was a 30 second commercial on the quarter hour and a 45 sec commercial on the hour and on the half.  

Sherry's brother Johnny called from Michigan a few minutes ago. "What do you thing?"  Sherry asked, "About what?"
"The election!"  When she said we are not watching TV like most folk he could not believe it. But that is us.

We spent 3 and a half years in Cuba (GITMO) with no commercial TV.  There was a funny thing, We did have a local GITMO TV station that was on the air from 4PM until 11:30 PM., AND once a year they would record 6 hours of commercials from the USA. Then as advertised,  that was our day of TV,  FULL of commercials that were being shown in the continental USA.  Funny thing, we watched it ALL.

So tonight is no different we are not watching TV and the election results. If it is shown on the net we might see it. But I am sure in the morning we will learn who won, and who is our next president.  I am sort of a skeptic. Of course I have a preference, the lesser of two evils I sarcastically say in this case. . But in reality I have lived 77 years and I cannot tell a BIG difference in government no matter who is president.  

I vote. I hope. but in the end I respect this country. I think folks were wrong to elect President Obama,but they did.  I thought it was wrong to re elect him, but the USA did.  The majority of my fellow citizens did not feel as I did.  My life continued.

No matter who is president, I am a believer in the USA.  IMHO this is the greatest country in the world.  I for one am glad to be here.  Do I care who wins, OF COURSE I DO. but no matter who wins I respect our form of government with all its warts and faults.  I have said it many times, GOD bless America My HOME SWEET HOME.

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I cannot remember the year I first voted, but this was probably a new car then, a 1961 Chevy Corvair.


Mevely317 said...

Again, I NEEDED to see this.... and realize calmer heads will prevail. Obviously, there's little Tom or I can do at this point. Still, I'm a nervous wreck!
I must remember, there's only ONE in absolute control.

betty said...

My first vote was back in 1976, so 40 years! I voted for Ford! God is in control, but I am watching the coverage. I am hopeful, but we will just wait and see.


Jean said...

I'm not watching the election on television and worrying who will win or lose. I don't think I will lose any sleep one way are the other. I know some will be disappointed and I might be, but whatever will be will be and we will have to live with who every get it. It's a little cooler up this way. Take care. Jean

Glenda said...

Rarely do I turn on the TV, it's been on and I don't recall ever an election of such incredible tension ~ touch and go ~ these news people are in shock. Wow, so very close, but still a seesaw....and clearly the polls were skewed. Don't think I can sleep until that magic number is hit!!!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I did watch TV but not about the election. I had reruns of NCIS playing here. I woke up this morning to find an alert on my phone about who won. The news isn't something I watch very often at all anymore. I too love my country and am proud of our wonderful country. We all had the chance to make our vote count and those that didn't vote can't complain about who won. Yes life goes on, the day after election seems no different here. Daylight came shortly after 7 this morning and I'm thankful for another day.

Lisa said...

We stayed up til 1:00 am watching the coverage. It was like watching the SuperBowl in overtime.

Happy Wednesday

Unknown said...

I don't think Obama did as bad a job as many people predicted he would, but I was a McCain fan. Still am. I don't have a TV & rarely miss it. I imagine I'd waste time with it & not gain a whole lot if I had one. You & Sherry tend to keep very busy....I doubt that what you do is less interesting than the average tv program.

Rick Watson said...

I didn't watch it either but for different reasons.

Dar said...

We woke this morning and the sun still shines on this great country of which I am proud to be an American. We have been blessed every day one way or another. We have food on our table, love in our hearts and faith that God will see us all through, no matter who is president, GOD is still the greatest ruler of all. Bring on change. If it's right, GOD will allow it.
Love and blessings from up north where the sun still shines and the stars twinkle.