Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Flag and Feathers: F & F (I mentioned Stella and the feathers in another blog)

The morning we left Belmont to head south, I pulled the curtains at the windshield (our picture window) and I saw feathers all along the road in front. I KNEW what had happened my sweet friend, Mrs. Rhode Island Red, had met a car.  She was dead in the ditch.  I really felt bad for her. She did not understand cars, she just clucked and pecked.  It is her owners who bear the blame for not keeping her safe.  I know it was a feeling of freedom for the chicken, she wandered over the property of several of the neighbors.  Now she will lay eggs for no one.  I will miss her when we return. I had several talks with her, among them was advice about the road.
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Now to another thing. If you are an American, PLEASE, PLEASE DO NOT DISRESPECT OUR FLAG, or NATIONAL ANTHEM.  Too many people have died serving the country that the Flag and Song represents.  In the last many years EVERY person who wore a uniform has been a volunteer. IED’s do not differentiate between Black, White, Red or Yellow they kill and maim ALL COLORS.

Find some other way to protest.  I just read of a Petty Officer 2nd class in the USNR who refused to salute or stand at ‘colors’She knows there are regulations requiring her to honor the flag she serves. If my Navy does not back its regulations I will be VERY UPSET.

When an athlete refused to honor the flag that is his ‘ignorant’ (IMO) prerogative. I have some very deep feelings along this line, I have proudly stood with my hand over my heart for the flag and anthem since childhood.  I love that flag and my country with all its warts and faults. 

Race relations?  If you do not know that race relations have improved 500% since the 1930-40’s you were not raised during segregation.

 Sure we have prejudice in this country, but much less than many countries. NO ONE, NO PARTY no entity can ‘order personal feelings (no matter how ignorant).

FACT:  You cannot legislate morality.  

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betty said...

That is so sad about Miss Rhode Island Red! Such a tragic way to go, so to speak!

The athletes who chose not to honor the flag or the anthem by sitting down or "taking a knee," I don't have much respect for them. People have died protecting that flag and the freedom it represents. Our country is not perfect, but the flag and the anthem deserve the respect they represent with a lot of things that are right about America (just my humble opinion).


Lisa said...

Oh sorry to hear about Red.
As far as the flag goes......people sicken me with their actions toawrd the flag, military, and the country. Its disprectful what many are doing now and to me it proves nothing but ignorance. Ok, You dont want to get me started on that....
We finally got about 15 minutes of rain yeasterday. Weatherman says more will come this week. I hope!
Seeing the wildlife and the struggle of the fireman and residents in those wild fire areas is breaking my heart.

Praying in gtown

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I'm proud to be an American and I fly the flag proudly! Here the little red hen lives...it's what I call my car. My little red ford focus. Ha! Hopefully it will make it through another Ohio winter.

Glenda said...

I think most Americans are in agreement with you and the comments above, a lot of controversy concerning the athletes and some of it's showing up with falling attendance and viewership on game day. I believe real patriots far outnumber the attention seekers.
God bless America!

Dar said...

I also fly our Red, White and Blue with great pride every day. The ignorant do not think nor have respect for our country, flag or servicemen and women who have died to save their butts. America is still the best place to grow up and love. If they think different, then perhaps they should move on.
Love this entry of love and honor for our country and flag, Jack. Thank you also, for your service so many times.
Thanks also for talking to Mrs. Rhode Island Red. Sorry for her demise.
Hugs from our northern reaches. Beautiful snowflakes fell today, melting as soon as they hit the ground.

Mevely317 said...

I can't remember if I told you, while in high school my dad raised Rhode Island Reds for 4H. Among his possessions, I found a tattered school book -- more like an encyclopedia, actually -- about the art of chicken husbandry. RIP, sweet hen. :(

Like Lisa said, don't get me started on these so-called martyrs. Much of my opinion's not fit to print in a family-friendly arena, but I will venture that much of the blame lies with the media. What d'ya suppose would happen if no-one were to point a camera in their direction?

shirl72 said...
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Rick Watson said...

That looks like one of our chickens. Our youngest chicken gets out of the fence almost every day. I've tried to catch her and clip her wings to keep her from flying over, but she is too fast. I hope she doesn't wander to the road, but if she were to get hit, it would not be because I didn't try to do right by her.