Friday, November 11, 2016

Amazing Media, and we citizens of the USA

I have been reading a lot of input about the election.  I have been registered as a Democrat, Independent and Republican. Lastly a Republican, but I am not for sure how long this time.  My best friends and brothers in law were/are died in the wool Democrats.  In Sherry's family,   from the Cotton Mills, her daddy was a staunch Republican.  That WAS about unheard of in NC Cotton Mill Towns, Cotton Mill workers were Democrats, but Wiley was different.  Since I was at the time a Democrat, but leaning Republican, Wiley liked me. LOL

There was never any animosity among me, my kin and  friends. We kidded each other every election cycle, but no one got mad or fussed. We just accepted the winner and said, "Wait until next time!"

I once razed an old house, to make room for a parking lot. I found some interesting things. There was an upright Philco Radio, I still have it. The most interesting was Newspapers. I found them in the walls 'intact'. Three complete news papers from the 1940s'. One reads "JAPS SURRENDER".  Can you  Imagine a news paper or TV news referring to the Japanese people as 'Japs?'  Of course not, today we are 'politically correct'. But that was s different time.  (I still have the papers)
(FDR's car was prepared so he could drive with his hands, his legs were destroyed by Polio)
The most interesting thing in those papers were  'Letters to the Editor'. I was an adult male who had lived through WWII. I thought everyone loved FDR.  Even Wiley, my Republican father in law, thought the sun rose and set in FDR. BUT, but I read the letters to the editor, some folk despised FDR, it burst my bubble. LOL

All that said, as a registered Republican, Jeb was my man. I liked him as my Governor, I liked his mama.  When Jeb dropped out, I had no preference, but when it came down to Trump I wasn't a Trump person, but I did hope he would win. I never believed the 'blow hard stuff', I never thought he would build a wall, still don't, but our borders should be secure.  Anyway, I listened to the media on the net as they talked about the wild fighting folks who followed Trump. Crazy folk.  If Trump loses there will be wild protests and riots in the streets.

Now I am smiling, 'FRUSTRATED' that the nice folk on the other side are the ones protesting.

I assume that too will pass. I have said it all along, if Trump is as crazy, wild, stupid.... as he was/is painted he can and will be impeached. 

 Growing up I lived by the rule, "Time-about is fair play."

I read something in an editorial or blog that said, " I wasn't happy 8 years ago with the results, I wasn't happy 4 years ago, but I did not protest, cry or yell.  Now folks, if you were a Hillary supporter, hang in there. I endured 8 years of what I did not like and did not cry about it. Surely you can endure 4 years and then vote him out.  Time about is fair play."

I wanted to say Amen to that.  It is the American way.

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One last thing, how can you protest and riot for days, if you have a job to report to?  Do employers allow days for protests?  Just wondering. 

PS2: No I do not like the system of electoral college, but if we did not have that in place, the cities would elect every president and the rural areas would not have a voice. (that is all on political JUNK)

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I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I was always taught to honor our President no matter what party he belonged to. I cannot believe all the unrest in our country.

Lisa said...

Im registerd "unaffiliated". I voted Republican this time. I voted for Trump because I like the ideas he had for the country. I Think hes a bit mouthy and a smuck but all that aside, if he can do what he says he can, he may be great. I just wonder whos filling these kids heads with unbelief and fear? Its crazy how some are acting. My protest never went further than stomping in my livingroom floor and turning off the TV!
Everytime Obama spoke, I turned the channel. That was my protest. It did not hurt or distroy anyone else.

I have the old newspaper of when JFK was shot, when the date turned to 2000, and from 9/11.

Safe travels!

Jean said...

Most of my children are Republicans and probably would vote that way no matter who was running. Their dad and I voted who we might think would be the best, no we didn't vote for Obama. (Smile)I did vote for Bill Clinton, but he didn't we didn't fuss or fight about it. I didn't vote this time he said he wasn't going to vote and my foot where I hurt my leg keeps swelling and I can't stand in one place long my shoe hurts my foot. I think this was a good enough excuse uh. I think if Trump can do half what he said he would do he will be okay. We will just have to wait and see. You and Sherry have a nice cool day. Jean

betty said...

Certain young friends on my Facebook are deeply upset about the outcome of the election. I am wondering if they even voted. I voted for Trump because his party best represented what direction I wanted the country to go to. I was concerned about the Supreme Court. We need to accept the outcome and pray for our new leaders and allow them to do their work without offering too much criticism.


Dar said...

We also voted for Trump. Being rural voters, tech college educated, ( does that count ), heck, we did alright getting the right guy in. Now, to pray he can deliver. Dad used to always say, vote with your heart and who you think can do the best job for our country. He was a wise man. Ultimately, the rest is in God's hands. HE alone, will see we heal as a country. HE will also deal with protested behavior which is deplorable.
Love and hugs from up north where the sun shines but the wind is very chilly today. Have a great weekend.

Mevely317 said...

That's interesting about folks disliking FDR. I, too, uncovered a similar newspaper in my parent's belongings ... together with papers whose headlines screamed JFK assassination, lunar landing, etc. With everything under the sun available via the internet, I'm debating whether or not just to toss them.

Jus' my opinion, but I suspect Trump's 'rash' talk is just a schtick. He's far too intelligent and successful (in business) than to go off half-cocked whenever the mood strikes. He and Mike Pence both deserve a chance!

Mary Degli Esposti said...

I'll start making my judgments later into 2017. A lot of people said they were voting for what they considered the lesser of 2 evils(voters on both sides). I can't count the number of people I've met, read, listened to... who think that Bill was an Excellent president(I did not think so), & neither can I count the number of people who have said he is a sexual predator. I'll wait & see with President-Elect Trump.

One thing though, while I'd not personally have an abortion, I've worked in the past around NICU babies that were born addicted to drugs, deformed from parental drug/alcohol use, as well as babies just left at the hospital who were turned over to agencies who already had too many children to place.
I am anti-abortion for Mary, but am not about to try to legally decide what You should be or do. With all of the abused, addicted, & unwanted babies/children in the world, where is the morality of bringing possibly even one more child into that if the parent wanted & could have had an abortion instead? Not asking you, Jack, just sharing my opinion.

Rick Watson said...

Hey Jack, my candidate was not my first choice either but I could not bring myself to vote for your candidate. Congressman Carl Elliott who was our local congressman when I was a young boy, later became a personal friend after he got out of politics.
We played music with his son. He was the first recipient of the John F Kennedy Profile In Courage award. He was a remarkable person and an inspiration to me. He advise me to vote my conscience and to choose the candidate that I felt would give a voice to the common man. I think of him when I vote.