Thursday, November 24, 2016


Thanksgiving was and is a religious oriented holiday (methinks). BUT, but one doesn't have to be religious to be thankful.  Being thankful is an act that gives inner peace. Grateful and thankful seem to be synonymous, probably in the strictest sense they are not, but that is how I see them. 

Have you ever been in a 'near collision' and  breathed a sigh of relief, THANKFUL that you were not part of an accident.  I am not sure that God micro manages this earth, and I am not sure that His hand is not in some small things.

Many  blessings or Luck comes our way because of wise decisions  back seconds, minutes or even years prior.  There are diseases or health problems we can avoid by being wise in our lives choices.  Other diseases hidden in your genes 'may or may not' show themselves in your life time.  

I am thankful that the nasty word cancer is not prevalent in my family.  But I am VERY aware that heart disease and some dementia 'runs' in our family.  Being thankful the Hurricane, tornado or flood missed you is not being 'glad' someone else was hit.

This could be sister Shirl, she is thankful for pigs.

I am a thankful person.  SELDOM a day goes by that I do not express my thankfulness to someone, usually my girl, whom, I am the MOST THANKFUL. I would wager that every trip we have made that at one time of the other in that trip I will look at my sweetheart and say, I,we are the most blessed people in the world, you and I.

I will not take up more of your time on this Thanksgiving. I just wanted to say to the folks who read, THANKS.  To the folks whom we have met through this 'social Media', I am so thankful for you guys.  I am an optimist on life and our country.  I am THANKFUL for the USA and the opportunities I have been presented with here. This is a great country and will remain so.

Thankful for a 3 dog night!


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Mevely317 said...

What a precious (and thought-provoking!) message. I try and make a point to identify reasons to give thanks every morning; but, of course, there are 'those' days when one runs on auto-pilot. (Sweet, how HE takes the wheel, so to speak!)

Just this morning I spotted something on Facebook ... which, in turn, led to my Googling more of Terry Jo Duperrault's near-death experience back in '61. (If you're not familiar, it's pretty amazing.) Reading the details, I was stunned that she was rescued from that little cork raft in the ocean with perhaps only hours to live. Ya, God's in the details.

Happy Thanksgiving, my friends!

betty said...

I think God micro manages the earth and he knows exactly when we were to be born and when we are to die. I think even it we were to not do anything that would cause our death on the day he ordained us to die, something would happen that would allow that to happen He is sovereign and chooses what he chooses though I might not always agree with its.


Paula said...

Nice of your boys to give Sherry a day off. It was a good one here too. I'm thankful.

Lisa said...

What a sweet post! Yes God micro mananges the earth. However I do believe he sits back wiith his arms crossed and allows us to make the "lucky" or "unlucky" decisions but keeps his hand on things. If everything always worked in our favor, we would not know when to be thankful. I too am thankful for so many things!

You and Sherry are very blessed.

Dar said...

I know God has His hand in all things. When it doesn't go as We hope, it's HIS way of helping us remember to turn to Him. I didn't think much of it when I was younger, but now that my ' younger' is getting older, I believe it more than ever. I'm thankful I can hear again, tho, not as I want, my own voice is my own worse enemy as different pitches return. Awwww, the wonders.
LoveN'Hugs from up north where it was warm enough to melt a bit of the snow. It's slushy out there but the sun shines on.

Mary Degli Esposti said...

I do not believe in a creator God, nor do I think our deepest sorrows or trials make us stronger or blah blah blah. Not for everyone, definitely not for me,& in some situations, impossible, no matter the type of person you are.

But there are many things to be grateful & thankful for in the spiral of life.
You & Sherry are better at appreciating them than many are. I'm fairly good at appreciating the 2 of you, as well as other bloggers who have become a part of my social/library-time outlet & inlet(heavier on the latter).