Tuesday, November 22, 2016

I'd rather work

We took a 200 mile day trip today.  We drove Mark and grand dog Janie home.  We went out to eat at Culver's before starting back home.  While in New Port Richey for a couple hours Mark drove us around the area giving Jack Jr a tour around the area after showing his home.

I learned that 200 miles in a car wears me out.  Jackie who is a professional driver, he is a part of a courier service. I have said here before he knows the company from the driver's standpoint to top management. He has organized at least two new offices for the company, but prefers to just drive. But just riding wore me out.

I told Sherry a few minutes ago, I can ride or drive this thing (the motor home) 400 miles in a day and feel like I have just been siting around at home. She sorta laughed and said, "Well when you drive and ride in this coach, you are just sitting around home."  She is absolutely right.

I believe I am spoiled.  But this is a choice, and at present we both are satisfied to have a nice guest house.  Jack Jr. has the house to himself tonight, and we are snug as a bug in a rug here. It is 51 degrees in central Florida tonight.

Mark will be back up on Wednesday because mama has promised the guys fish stew.  Then Thanksgiving Day, since it is the four of us, I got the idea we were all going to eat out. But  that is not set in concrete.

My dad was a stickler for taking care of his car engines. I think I do a good job, but not as dedicated as dad. Son Mark seems to think gas in the tank and an oil change every once in awhile is okay. Now Jack Jr. puts me and my dad to shame. He is very particular, consistent and strict in adhering to engine maintenance and cleanliness. He says, "The car is my life, my work, if it doesn't run I lose money."  Of course he is right.

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betty said...

More comfortable indeed in the motor home than the car. We get bounced around too much in a car, particularly if it is a smaller one. Going out to eat on Thanksgiving sounds like a good idea!


Lisa said...

Nicks is particular about the car too. He makes sure I get regular oil changes and tune ups. He suggest I buy new tires every so many miles. I just dont get it. They still look good to me. I still see good tread. When I was a teen, id wear the tires and brakes down to threads before I changed them. It would drive my daddy crazy.
I like to drive a d ride. I do get restless riding for a long distance but thats because Im usually too excited to get there.

Stay safe.

Glenda said...

Good to know y'all will celebrate Thanksgiving together, enjoy and be safe. Hugs to all, Glenda

Dar said...

All the many dr. appts. and driving all over the state for them has really drained us, so we do understand the ' feeling worn out ' part.
Glad the boys will be with you for Thanksgiving. I'll be cooking for half a dozen this year. Six or the usual 30 still takes about the same amt. of time and energy. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving with the guys and enjoy that fish stew. Sounds delicious.
Love n' hugs from where the northeast winds and humidity are bring in a snow storm the next couple days. Eat Pie!

Mevely317 said...

Hard to believe I used to be able to drive 10-12 hours a day, but nowadays my eyelids grow heavy before half a tank's gone!

Unfortunately, both Tom and I usher our vehicles in the shop each time the 'routine maintenance' light comes on, but not much beyond that. So fortunate to have found an 'indy' shop that babies our vehicles, and is honest to-boot. Just last month Tom believed my alternator was ka-put. Our mechanic concurred, wrote an estimate, we sighed ... and signed. But the next day, he called to say he was wrong: When they removed the alternator to install the new one, he discovered the water pump was the real culprit. Saved us more than $100!

Rick Watson said...

I drove straight through from our house to Grand Rapids Michigan a few times. We were in our 20s then. The first time was in a 66 Plymouth Valiant that was on its last leg but the Good Lord was with us because the old clunker made it just fine. I makes me weary just thinking about those trips.

Mary Degli Esposti said...

200 miles! I was glad to find a specialist I needed that is an 11 mile round trip; if I have to be somewhere now I get sort of anxious about it. Life changes(which I used to love, btw). You guys put me to shame.