Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Not so small things you over look.

Most folks have heard or know the expression Never ASSUME!  When you do you make an 'ASS' out of 'U' and 'ME'. That was one of the lessons I was taught when I first started teaching. DO NOT ASSUME you have the only answer, some student will prove you wrong.

When we lived in Key West I bought my dream car, a 1955 Chevy for $50. The heater for the Chevy was under the passenger's seat. I had assumed I would find one there. I looked and no heater.  Then I realized in 1955 the heater in a car was optional, since the car was bought in Key West the owner ordered it without a heater, he certainly didn't need it.
This is the Chevy after I restored it and brought it back to NC with us. That is Marty, jack's buddy, standing. He also was met in Key West.

When we bought here in Deltona, the one thing I was proud of was, it had a new A/C unit. Once the power was on we learned the A/C did not work.  Mr A/C man got it working in very little time for some $$.

WE had a cool snap, Jack and Mark arrived, switched on the heat, NO HEAT!  I had ASSUMED that since the A/C was new it also included new heat strips.  The statement came back to haunt me, "DO NOT ASSUME".  This is Florida, but it does have cool snaps.  I forgot that unlike further north, many folk here use space heaters on the few cold nights. This morning I pulled the covers of the unit and sure enough, NO HEAT STRIPS!
(We seldom have a 3 dog night in Florida, usually one would keep you warm, and comforted)

Mr. HEAT and A/C man arrived, and for $$ and an hour labor installed the heat strips. Yep, now we have heat. (Plus two space heaters we bought last night. LOL)

But life is good, it could have been lot's worse. The charge was about half of what Mr. Heat man had estimated. (Could that be done on purpose to make me smile!)

Sherry just got a call from Mark, he is coming up tonight and staying until aft Thanksgiving.

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Mevely317 said...

What a rotten 'surprise'!
I'll not forget anytime soon the crazy COLD snaps Florida experiences every now and then, and seeing the orange groves blanketed in ice.

Glad your go-to fellow was able to remedy the situation in short order!

Paula said...

I think if I had a choice I would do without the heat and opt for air around here. Of course it's nice to have both. Grew up with no air and little heat.

betty said...

Its nice to have both air conditioning and heat when you need it. Glad the heat got working again so it can be a bit comfortable :) What I found here was last Tuesday we ran the air conditioner and then Thursday the heat. I was thinking we would have a little time where neither would be used. I guess I was wrong :)

Glad Mark (and Jack) will be there to share the holiday with you and ?Sherry!


Lisa said...

Ok Jack. Im surprised at you on this one.
Speaking of heat. My boss wants to cut back on the heat bill. There used to be 4 girls in the front office doing what I do now. I have inharrited their jobs, ha. Now its just me in the big front office and a lot of wasted heating space. I use a small space heater at my desk blowing on me all day in the winter. I love it but im sure it doesnt help with his heat bill.

Have Wonderful Thanksgiving and enjoy those boys!

shirl72 said...

It is good JJ and Mark got there OK and I know you all will enjoy Thanksgiving.
I had heat on this morning but should warm up this afternoon. This is very odd
weather for this time of year. HAPPY THANKSGIVING...Hello to Mary Jane be sure she get her

Glenda said...

It has been chilly in Chobee the past couple of nights, had to kick on the heat here too. How fortunate you are to be able to diagnose the problem and have found a reliable repairman already. Those space heaters are perfect if it's just warming up the bathroom, they'll come in handy. Have a fun day !!

Mary Degli Esposti said...

There are times it is hard not to assume, & other times you are quite better off assuming some basics rather than OCD checking every little thing...forever.
But heat, well, yeah. You are not the Ass part though, Jack. Not that I haven't met them, but not you.
You & Sherry know how to have a good time, & I am sure your boys are not far behind. I'm banking on you all having a wonderful holiday.
I will ASSUME Janie with get some table food.

Rick Watson said...

Have a large time Jack. Y'all might need to invest in some long-handles so you're ready for cold weather :)

Dar said...

' Assume ' nothing is usually pretty reliable. Then the let-downs come easier. lol Nice the boys are home. I'm sure Sherry knows how to shape them up at the dinner table, remember your manners guys........lol.....I appreciate a guy who remembers to take off his ball cap at least before a dinner prayer. Ummm, Bill sometimes forgets. It reached 37 today with 4-6 inches of snow. It's wet, heavy snowman snow.....my favorite kind to play in but hard to shovel.
Have a wonderful Grateful Day. I can already smell the turkey. Remember our soldiers. Thanks Jack for all you've done during your service. I'm humbled.
Love from up north and Bless your hearts, all of you.