Tuesday, November 1, 2016

I'm not sure....

Someone asked if we were living in our 'new to us' house.  No, we are still in the motor home.  Once you get used to the closeness and convenience of an RV, it is hard to leave it.  If we move inside we  will have to set-up a place for the computers. Here we are comfortable, side by side (across the dining room table).

We tried this once before. We had a great place on Lake Dora with a 70' pier, our boat and plenty of fish.  Fresh fish is one of our favorite meals.  But we missed 'the road'.  It was a senior community and the bylaws prohibited renting.  If we could have rented, we would have kept it and just might be ready to go back in.  But that is hind sight and I can't abide someone who is always saying, "I shoulda (or you shoulda) done this or that."

I like the kids statement of today, "It is what it is!"  Ain't that the truth.  Unless you are some kind of miracle worker, you cannot change 'yesterday'.

I love the USA, and hope this is the last presidential election where we have two 'unpopular' candidates.  How the heck did that happen?  Usually each side says the other side is unfit, but this is the first election where the party's base is actually not enthused with their own candidate, but will probably vote for them.
Enough of politics.  

Yes we are still in the motor home. This is where the FOOD is! When Mark and Janie come to visit, they sleep  out in the house.  I was paying around in the shed and walked into the house for some ice water and lo and behold  Sherry was entertaining company, Karen from next door. Last I saw her she was in the motor home. I spoke and went back out to play.

Oh yeah, a few days ago, friend Mary suggested knocking off early and enjoying some inside healthy exercise. I'm old, but I can still learn; she had a great idea!............Not much later........ My girl looked at me and said, "It is hard to believe that next week I will be 79 years old."  (I prefer to think she is 79 years young! There are times she acts very young!!)  ;-)

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betty said...

Son's favorite expressions are "its all good" and "no worries". Maybe we need to adopt that more especially when thinking of the upcoming election. It is most certainly the most weirdest one I've ever voted in and I realized I've been voting since 1976 when Ford and Carter were running against each other (I voted Ford).

Is Sherry still planning to sky dive at 80 years old? If so, I said I would be there wherever she does it. Better get my "ducks in a row" if that is the case!


Jean said...

Our house has three bedrooms we go back there to sleep and when we need something are to clean. We mostly stay in the kitchen and family room,and bathroom unless we have company then the living room.☺If I had a motor home I would probably stay in it to, but leave Grover in the house.😏 , Take care.Jean

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I was thinking you'd just stay in the motor home till all the work was completed. But now you have me confused. Maybe the motorhome could become your computer room so you don't have to move all that around. Just a thought. Either way you have the best of both worlds there. Might as well just enjoy it all! Sending Sherry an early Happy Birthday wish for a very happy day ! Yes life is what it is, but what we choose to make of it all is up to us !

Lisa said...

Leave your comfortable computer space in the camper and just make another space in the home with a new computer or laptop. If you have wifi a laptop would be the way to go, that way it can go wherever you go.
I like smaller places and wish to downsize so I get how you feel in the RV.
I have an off subject question about your Florida home. I hear theire is a lot of Geiko (lizards). Have you seen many?

Glenda said...

With regard to the election, "it is what it is"...I'd add "it ain't what it ain't and....it ain't pretty". Yes, I voted and it was more against what I cannot sanction than for the other candidate unfortunately.
Sounds like you have a great neighborhood whether you're in the house or the RV, that's a good thing !!

Paula said...

I have my house across the street from John's for when my girls come or friends from San Antonio. John and I have two very different ideas about clean and order.

Dar said...

I got a kick out of the dog conversation. lol, sometimes true.
I can imagine it is quite a change, moving out of the coach...make it a gradual transition maybe. We moved from upstairs to downstairs 3 summers ago after my last back surgery and never went back up, at least not to sleep. Now the upstairs is my craft room and a couple spare bedrooms that rarely get used. I'd like to move back to the cabin ... gotta convince my man first. I know he'd love it if it weren't for his workshop.
Happy Days to you from up north.....still beautiful tee-shirt weather.

Mary Degli Esposti said...

A very happy 79th birthday to Sherry. I know you will do something to commemorate, but you 2 do the little things all the time, which is way better.
The appreciation & love that you have for each other makes life special, not just any one day.