Wednesday, November 30, 2016

New York City

I once did a week of children's programs in NYC or Long Island?  Are they the same? At other times we drove thru NYC a couple times once by accident.  But the place scares and amazes me.

To regress, I was in Philadelphia, Something about the USN Intelligence Community (DIA) I was in an advisory position. I came back to the hotel early one day and my girl said, "WE have never been to NYC. You promised me once you would take me to New York City.  We are pretty close."

I said okay let's go. Not knowing a thing about BIG cities. We happened to arrive at the Holland Tunnel at 4:30 in the afternoon.  I had been around the world, but I was still a country boy. I AIN'T seen this many cars in my life.  Lines in the streets mean nothing. It is how many cars you can drive abreast. I had horns blow at me when I stopped at a red light, or when I ran the red light. It didn't make any difference.

I WAS FORCED into a road that said, "Stanton Island Ferry", I don't  want to go there! Somehow I got out of that line (NO GPS back then), my girl is sight seeing and I am seeing CARS, TRUCKS AND BUSES.

Is that the Empire State Building? 
 Where is the Statue of Liberty? etc.

 "I have no idea, but if I EVER get out of here, I will never return unless it is 2AM. There are horns blowing at me, men and boys wanting to wash my windshield, people wanting to cross the street, I stop!  HORNS BLOW!!!

Now I ask you.  Looking at this picture below, WHAT UNDER HEAVEN DO ALL THE PEOPLE IN THESE BUILDINGS DO?????????

When I was in NYC for the kids, someone else drove. It wasn't so bad. The kids were great. WE (me and the kids) had a ball.  No matter the program,  the kids want more and more. I used up a week’s programs the first night. I had to work to come up with more, but as always, with children it was great.

There were times, when I used chalk. I turned on the black lights to bring out the hidden picture, the kids would scream, jump up and down, brake dance (or break dance), one even stood on his head. NYC kids are crazy fun.  

Going to NYC? I suggest 2 or 3 AM. LOL

Nite Shipslog

At times the place looked like a yellow cab parking lot. I think half the cars in NYC are Yellow cabs.


betty said...

My niece and nephew in law went to New York City for the first time a few years back. They started off the week really timid about crossing streets and dodging traffic, but by the end of the week they were "pros" crossing with the other "natives", stepping out in front of traffic, using the subway, etc. They didn't drive in the city, though. I remember visiting Washington DC a few years back and finding it was actually more enjoyable to use public transportation than try to fight driving there and finding parking, etc.

Never been to NYC and doubt I'll make it there, but I just can't imagine all those people living in such a small space!


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I have never been to NYC and certainly wouldn't want to drive there. There are a lot of great things to see though and for me armchair traveling is best.

Lisa said...

I've always wanted to see NYC at Christmas time. Just a couple days, that's all. Nick says NO WAY. Reading this post, I get it now. Ill stick to sight seeing in South Carolina.

Happy December!

Dar said...

NO, NO, NO!!!! I was there 47 years ago and it was a madhouse then too. I cannot imagine what it's like now. I'd MUCH rather watch the treetops in the breeze and the deer cross the fields. I'm just a country girl. Done that, seen it once and that was enough. Like'Ma,' I'll armchair travel.
LoveN'Hugs from afar. It's snowing and more than 3 cars at the stoplight is a traffic jam.

salemslot9 said...

many years ago
my folks took me
to New York City
for my 9th birthday
it was my first time
on an airplane
we went on the
Staten Island Ferry

Sheila Y said...

I hate driving through Atlanta, definitely no desire for NYC. Ha. Trying to get caught up on blogs. Take care , Sheila