Sunday, November 27, 2016

Local Celebs and a Christmas Gift

Daily my girl looks at the hometown papers. She checks the local headlines and Obits in the Gazette and Observer.

"Lisa made the paper!" was Sherry's exclamation this morning as she browsed the headlines. That is Lisa of 'Life away from the Office Chair' Lisa.

Bloggers who read her blog have read the story.  She is seen  nationally, featured on 'Nutrisystem's advertisements.  She is a beautiful lady who lost weight thru the 'system' and had her families' support. I know hubby N is proud of her.


It is a strange thing about our gypsy lives, we have visited museums and sites thousands of miles away from home and have missed some locally, in Gastonia and Charlotte.  It is the same with Bloggers, we have met many of the wonderful folk we meet here in Bloggersville who live in Michigan, Wisconsin, Alabama, Texas, Tennessee, North Carolina and Kentucky.  Lisa lives in the town I was born in and I last lived permanently in the town she was born in, both ten miles apart. We have never met, but we must remedy that this spring. We don't know many celebrities, I need some bragging rights! 

On Lisa's blog awhile back she displayed a Shrug she had made. I heard my girl say, "I would love to have one of those!"  Since she NEVER asks for anything I could not resist.

Before I show Sherry's Christmas present let me say that I misunderstood Lisa's blog when she displayed the 'Shrug'. I thought she it was in her store, so I ordered one. She returned the e-mail saying it was not in the store, but she would gladly make one for Sherry.  WOW.

It is Sherry's Christmas present, and she has it early.  She and I sometimes exchange cards at Christmas and have a dinner out, that is about it. Always when I ask what she wants for Christmas I get, "Let's go to Red Lobster."
 This is much larger than I thought. It takes over $20 in yarn.
 Labor is probably close to 5-6 hours.
 Her stitch design is beautiful.
I noticed the postage on the package, Express mail cost was $10. 
Sherry Loves it. 
(Confidentially she never is happy with her pictures, but she is lovely, and yep, I am prejudiced, but she is)
Yes, we are still in the Motor home. We may move into our house soon. But for now, it is just as cozy as that Shrug.

Thanks for stopping by the Shipslog, I appreciate you taking the time.
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PS: Sherry also got a matching cap with the Shrug

Luxury Cars time forgot
 The Chrysler Imperial of the 1950's


betty said...

WTG to Lisa with how she looks and her success with Nutrisystem! I love the Shrug!Lisa did great with it! So very pretty Sherry is modeling it!


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

The Shrug is beautiful and so is Sherry. She always takes good pictures. That is one gift that will keep on giving...warm and cozy for sure !

Dar said...

Well, Jack, you sure know how to make a girl feel ' hugged.' Sherry's shrug is gorgeous. Kudos to Lisa for such wonderful work. Sherry, you look fabulous as always. Loveya, missya, hugya, kissya
Congrats to your friend and near neighbor on her fame too. Loosing weight anyway is challenging but look how lovely she is. She's beaming.
All that lovey, missy, huggy, kissy stuff for you too Jack, from up north where it's raining and windy enough to drop a few trees over power lines. Hoping that doesn't happen.

Glenda said...

Congratulations to talented celebrity Lisa ~ Sherry looks beautiful modeling that exquisite shrug. What a treasure!!!

Mevely317 said...

Love the look on Sherry's face! You done good, Jack! :)

Oh, I'm such a dope! Looking at the original picture on Lisa's blog, I couldn't figure for the life of me how one 'climbed' into it. Maybe Sherry could get a 'gig' as Lisa's model?

Lisa said...

Oh shucks Jack, Thanks for the shout out! You guys are sweet. Yea, A friend of my daughters works for the news paper and wanted my interview so I gave in.
Hey the shrug looks really good on Sherry!! I use mine to around the house when there is a chill in the air. Its like wrapping into a blanket with arm holders. haha.

You make me laugh.

Mary Degli Esposti said...

If Lisa did sell the shrug in her store those pictures of Sherry would garner lots of orders. She looks wonderful in her shrug. The quality of it shows through also. Obviously Lisa is as good at making shrugs as she is at maintaining(the harder part of losing)an excellent weight.

Red Lobster is great, but I'm glad Sherry got a little something extra this year.

shirl72 said...

Nice pictures of Sherry in the shrug. Looking at the cars I remember Uncle
Hershel had a Chrysler Imperial I remember the tire on the back. I guess he had plenty money to own one They were a pretty car that year.

Melanie said...

Very pretty!!


Rick Watson said...

I didn't realize our Lisa was a Rock Star :)