Saturday, November 12, 2016

What is going to take you out?

I have been taking two medications prescribed by “Doctors”…
a.    Pravastatin (20mg) prescribed by my VA doctor.
b.    A multi vitamin… prescribed by Dr. Sherry.

I decided a few days ago to drop the Pravastatin. It was first prescribed at 80mg.  I had a rash I attributed to the statin so I cut it in half.  Blood work looked good.  So I started having terrible leg cramps, So again Dr. Jack prescribed a cut to 20 mg.  After a year the blood work according to my Dr., “Blood work is beautiful”.  However he said I would continue to have the cramps and muscle deterioration.  So I am tired of muscle problems, I won’t list them but along with muscle weakness, the cramps have been getting worse. So this week after lots of consideration, I have dropped that.

I may go to the Dr. next year and give it a check.  Most folk would say the muscle problems are age associated, I am getting older, and that is for sure.  I cannot raise a simple tool above my head without using two hands, now that is baloney. That is not normal.  Of course that is my humble (or hard headed) educated guess.


I know you see the same headlines that I do.

Headlines this week:






FOOD KILLS (the slow poisoning of you and your children)


ORGANIC FOOD. Pricey, not particularly healthy..

This has all been discussed to the extreme and folk I respect say, eat what you want in moderation.  Life is too short to cause yourself pain, and that is why I am trying to avoid the muscle cramps and strains. 

Do I read the articles I listed above, not on a bet.  I clicked on one and it lead to a book some doctor is selling. There was a lead in, but to find out the killer foods, you can go further into the hard sell and buy the book.

Life is good, I am happy.  Will I continue to listen to Dr. Sherry and take the multi-vitamin? YOU BET YOUR LIFE. ;-)

Get ready you guys:

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Woody said...

I used to have Leg Cramps, toe cramps and spasams in back of my calves, I now take a Potassium Pill every other day and the cramps went away, I don't take the Potassium my cramps come back, we are all different, I take 11 Medications, several heart vitamns, a breathin treatment. You are so lucky to take so few pills. You 2 take it easy, Getting colder, down in the 30's at night.
Warm Wishes from the Cool North, Gary and Anna Mae

Jackie said...

I, too, was thinking that your potassium might be low. Have your doctor check that when you get your next lab/Bloodwork done.
Hope you continue to enjoy each and every day. You are blessed.

Paula said...

You and Sherry seem to be very healthy for your age which I know is younger then mine. I feel damned if I do and damned if I don't on some of my medicine. I did drop some though especially Flax Seed and Fish Oil. Probably the ones I should still take.

betty said...

Leg cramps are common with statins. If you eat healthy and do the exercise you do, and the blood work was good, might be good to drop the pravastatin (but do let the doctor know for completeness sake). There is always one thing or another about our health; don't do this or do that and then in a few years they'll change it around again and we won't be able to do what we did before that they said would be good for our bodies. Commonsense and moderation I think are the main keys in healthy living.


Jean said...

I take Pravastatin 40 MG's before I go to bed and have been taking it for years. I also take MegaRed 350 MG I a day this is not prescribed by the doctor I get it over the counter. My cholesterol has been good now for years, but before it was getting up over 300. When I get out working I get the cramps in my hands and was told to eat some mustered and I tried it I used honey mustered and it hope me. I ate a pack that I get with chicken strips. It wants hurt to give it a try. Ha. Take care I think I hear my bed calling me. Jean

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I too take a multivitamin and also a couple of aspirin every day. Thankfully I don't need anything else right now to keep me going. I do suffer leg cramps if I forget to eat my daily banana. I don't know if it'd help in your case. For me it works. We've got the sunshine coming up here this morning and it's looking like a beautiful November day here ! Alls right in my world and I'm hoping it s for the two of you too!

Lisa said...

I dont believe any foods are contributed to cancer. Cancer is in the gene. Either youll have it or you want. However, I think artificial foods and sweetners are bad for health .
One day I read coffee is bad for you, the next day its good for you. Same about wine.
I think medicines can be your worst enemy.
Im not sure what causes your muscle cramps but gelitain is good for the joints.
My suggestion.....
Take an asprin a day and listen to Sherry.

Dar said...

We drink Tonic Water. It has Quinine in it and says right on the bottle or get it by the 12 pack out of the soda pop aisle. If we wake with a charlie horse in our legs, drink one, best chilled. In less than 5 min., the cramp is gone. works for us. Bill's diabetic nurse gave him this advise. He also was on a statin drug that he also chose to stop. Mama always said they were no good for ya and Mama's word is usually pretty ' on point.' You two and Mom, 87, are amongst the healthiest middle-aged folks I know. Any advise from the three of you is like the ' golden rule.'
love and hugs from our cold north where we're hauling ' black gold ' from Randy's compost pile to all our gardens today. It's a good day.

Mevely317 said...

Informative stuff, Jack! Tom's not "on" statins, but has been experiencing leg and hand cramps for some time now. I showed him this post, together with everyone's comments. Then, darn if he didn't divulge that he's been experiencing muscle deterioration, too.
The things which spring to light with the slightest prompt! I made him promise to bring that up at his next appointment.

Rick Watson said...

The one thing I would advise is to make sure you are hydrating.

Mary Degli Esposti said...

I have heard a banana a day works well for cramps, but I've heard 40 other things do too.... You may not be exactly thrilled with what you cannot do, but that house sure shows what you can do, & do well, in a relatively short period of time. I've actually been told by my doctor that I may be causing a certain health problem I have by drinking too much water. When I tried drinking less water, I felt thirsty & dry. Sometimes every single health solution appears to be counter to some other health issue.