Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Kilroy was here, more siblings

“Kilroy was here”

The line: 'Kilroy was here' was popular when my brothers were building their homes.  Odis was an artist, He would do Betty Grable on lumber to entertain the other's working. He did a lot of the Eyes and nose of Kilroy on scrap lumber.

Big brother Junior & wife Mozelle in front of their business on HIghway 74 in
Shelby, NC

Jr. was destined to make his mark in business and became wealthy. He did this by working year round 7 days a week, with a week off  on the 4th.  Jr. was in the retail business, he began making concrete yard decorations such as bird baths, ducks and chickens.  He and his wife worked full time in the cotton mill, and he poured the concrete in the evenings and weekends. The business morphed into flowers, pottery and china.  They quit their jobs and built a store for their products.
 Odis and his wife Ruth. She was one sweet lady!

Odis was a craftsman and could do anything with wood.  He left the mill and our Uncle Hisure taught him the ropes of driving a truck.  He drove big rigs and in his spare time would create things of wood. He built a fleet of wooden ships. The smallest ships had 4 feet hulls and were replicas of the Pinta, Nina and Santa Marie.  The largest were nine feet hulls, air craft carriers and battle ships.  His first Battle ship, the USS North Carolina won Mechanics Illustrated Gold Hammer award and was viewed internationally in Mechanics Illustrated.
(Odis and some of his ships. He invited me to be there for a photo shoot for a Bank in Charlotte that displayed his ships at their grand opening.)

Odis lived and died within 300 yards of Jr's business but they were never close. I never understood that.  They were both great guys.  Both my heroes. 

I have known other brothers who did not get along, that always confuses me. I had no sibling that I did not love dearly and would have done anything for. I know a couple families with wonderful parents and kids that loved and played together but are pulled apart.  

For one of my books I asked friends for quote's to use. One I have never forgotten:
"When there is a disagreement, the one who loves the most will apologize first."

I will NEVER understand my brothers. There was NEVER anything open, no arguments when the family met, they talked, joked and laughed, but I knew they did not 'like' each other, and it hurt.  Little brothers can sense some things.  LOL

I am glad to read in the comments that some of you also never used the term siblings, I know folks who use it and it does sound ‘okay’, but when I try to use the word, it seems cold. I do not know why.

Nite Shipslog
One of our Metropolitans this one was a Nash.


betty said...

That was interesting how Odis and Jr. didn't get along. At least when they got together they were pleasant with each other. I know hubby's parents both came from big families and there were some they were closer to than others, but most of that had to do with others being involved in activities they might not approve of. My mom and one of her sisters got into a bit of a "tiff" one time and didn't speak to each other for a few years, only to be reunited at my grandmother's funeral and them realizing how silly the "tiff" was.

So true about that comment about who loves the most forgives first.


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I can only hope that all my children will always remain close. When they were children they were but time and distance does make a difference. Still when they all get together they always seem happy and enjoy reminiscing over their childhood. Your stories about your brothers is a good way to keep the family history going. I think that is important.

shirl72 said...

Very good...I never did understand the feeling between our older Brothers.
They were both wonderful people and good Brothers. I like being around both.
I also enjoyed staying with Jr. in his shop...that was fun. I painted all samples that was displayed on his wall. I have pictures of USSNC that Odis built. I had the ship but let his Grandson have it because it meant so much to them. We have had a good life

Glenda said...

The old pics are great, love seeing the Navy uniforms, especially the one posted yesterday with the two in their "whites"! Your Mom and Dad raised some patriotic children !!

Mary Degli Esposti said...

I'm an only child, but being around families with multiple siblings, I've found some to be rife with competition. Maybe there was some of that with your older brothers that would not nec. have trickled down to the younger children. They kept it cordial though, which says something about them.

Dar said...

You sure resemble Otis and Jr, some. I love your stories about your youth, family, agree to disagree moments too. I think all families have moments like that, whether large or small families. Everyone has imperfections, that's what makes life so interesting. No matter what, we have a choice to either wake up happy or miserable. I hope to always choose happy.
Love n' hugs from up north. Still warm today, enough to transplant Mom's house plants outside instead of inside. What a glorious day.

Mevely317 said...

Maybe because I was an 'only' child, I've always been fascinated by families with several (or more) children ... and could sit for hours watching their interactions.

Silly me, presuming because someone shares another's genes they should be 'best buddies.' My BF's sisters are twins, but to this day, they each pretty much go their own way.

Love seeing the olden shirtwaist dresses; that reminds me of my mother!

Rick Watson said...

I was the middle child. I had a brother and sister older and a brother and sister younger. There is a 17 year spread between the oldest and youngest in my family. We all got along great but the age difference meant we didn't share a childhood experience with the two youngest in the family.