Sunday, November 20, 2016

Company's here

Sons Jack Jr and Mark are here for Thanksgiving.  Life is strange (funny), the boys were a thrill a minute watching them grow and learn into the school years.   It was a wonderful life watching them play ball, going to their games.  Thrills and scares as they raced moto-cross.  Disappointment when they both quit school (like their dad), both with top grades.

 Son Mark up son jack down

Thrills when they are successful.  Happy when they marry and grands are born. Thrill upon thrill seeing the grands learn and love.

Disappointment at divorces and heart breaks at not seeing or communicating with two of the grandsons for three years.

Thrills when a great granddaughter is born, then Twin grandsons, more thrills.

BIG Thrill when the two missing grandsons fly to NC for the summer, 3 yrs after disappearing.

We have always had a close relationship with the boys. But it hasn't always BEEN FUN. Now that they have pretty well grown up, LOL, (Sherry's baby Mark is 55) we look forward to being close and visiting. They are a pleasure to be around.  They are Redskins fans, and the Skins have a game tonight. It is fun watching them watch the game.
Janie praying the Redskins win.
The boys are like the guys from the  'Odd Couple' TV series.  Mark is the 'messy dude' and Jack Jr is the neat one.  They pick at each other and it is actually fun to watch and hear now.  Both boys are opinionated, oddly though, they both were sure Trump was going to win the election.
Janie has decided she doesn't care who wins.

Jack Jr. is the techy type, Mark despises computers but both love their smart phones.

Both boys (men) have been successful in their own rite.  They will be here on and off until after Thanksgiving. And yep, the house is in top shape; but they and the dog, Janie, are here in the coach with us.

We may try to use the house some of the week for meals, we will see.

Shirl called chiding the guys for leaving her in the parking lot with her suitcase packed. They enjoy  kidding with their aunt Shirl.

Nite Shipslog

Every boys dream, Mark's Vette  in our next to last house garage. The grand kids had their town. With a police and fire station, store and  a two story playhouse with balcony)


betty said...

Game is still going on as I type this comment; though I think the Redskins will take it. It is neat that the brothers are close and want to enjoy spending time with you. Raising kids has its ups and downs. There are times that things seem to go well and times that things are turbulent (often when they are out on their own) but in the end, we support the, we love them, we are there for them. I think they need to know we "have their backs" even though we might not 100% support what they might be doing or are saddened by some decisions made. The fact that they want to spend time with you speaks of the bond you all have together!


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Glad you have your boys home for Thanksgiving. I'm visiting with two of my boys this week and their families.
Holidays are all about families and wouldn't be the same with out them

Mary Degli Esposti said...

Ok, your family really likes cozy. With a house Right There, everyone wants to stay in the coach. Closer to mom's food? ;o

So glad the grandsons returned to the family when they did.

At least it wasn't a mid-life crisis Vette.

Jean said...

You have done a great job on the house, but after living mobile as long as you have it's more like home I'm sure. Shawn and his family got here last night and I've had him busy today fixing things. Grover fell late Saturday evening and cut and bruised above his eye we spend three are more hours at the ER. He's doing okay now, but has a black eye. When we started to leave the nurse told me one of my lights was out on the car. It was the on dim light so he bought and replaced them for me. You guys have a great Thanksgiving with your sons. Take care. Jean

Mevely317 said...

How fun! I always enjoy hearing more about your 'boys'!
... Aside from their AWFUL taste in pro teams, that is. (JK!)

Overall, it sounds like yours and Sherry's family tree is pretty blessed.
... and what's neat is YOU know it! Thanks for sharing them with us!

Lisa said...

Enjoy your time with those boys. In a couple days you will remember why you took up traveling.

Cowboy fan

shirl72 said...

Glad you know about them leaving me stranded and no where to go. I call my fiends and they helped me get back home. I know you all will have a great Thanksgiving.
I worried about Mary Jane making the trip, looks like she did OK. Tell everybody hello and I forgive them for leaving me stranded on the highway.

Paula said...

Have a nice Thanksgiving all of you.

Rick Watson said...

Life can be messy, but it can and often is sweet.

Dar said...

I don't think there's one single ' perfect ' family out there but I know some that come very close. Life would be so boring without a certain amount of turmoil, pure happiness and kids, grandloves to keep all of us on our toes.
It's all good. There will be 5-7 of us this Thanksgiving, very minimal and less work for this particular cook. :-) Don't eat too much turkey and tators. But do eat plenty of pie. Happy Thanksgiving with your boys.
Love from up north where the sun felt so good today.