Sunday, November 6, 2016

Birthdays are sweet

Today started off at the wrong 'time'. We had decided to visit a new church this morning. I enjoy attending church, it helps wind me down. We all do things for mentally different reasons. I looked at the clock and said to the Birthday Girl, I guess we had better get over to Mickey D's for our half biscuit.

Sherry is sweet, but she gave me 'that look', it said, 'have you gone simple?' then said, "Honey today is the FALL-BACK time you are an hour early."


So I busied myself in trying to fix my Kindle Fire that I messed up yesterday by accidentally deleting every thing I had on it. I lost some great westerns along with the best books, mine! they were there.  Yeah, I buy my own books, they are just 99 cents and I need the sales. LOL I also read my e-mails.

Sherry received many e-mails, messages, and phone calls, she is a popular friend, mama and grandma.

She received one on my computer and I read it to her:

Hoping this finds you well and looking forward to the next 30 or more birthdays.  I have this plan to live forever, and so far it seems to be working. Today is my personal best in this quest for longevity.  

I hope Jack waited on you hand and foot, breakfast in bed, cleaned house, did the dishes, washed clothes, and gave you a big old sloppy birthday kiss. ..........................................

Seriously, We do wish you all the best and hope to see you soon.

From the old guy and the that cute little ol' thing'  

PS: Congrats on the two of you for the current weight loss.     Luv and stuff

I answered:

The BD girl said thanks, she is just a little tired.   She only had to  cook her BD dinner and cake, wash clothes and clean  the house. Shucks, this  yard is small, and she mowed it in no time.

If she is able we will see you soon.

Love you dude,  and thanks for the BD wishes, she is doing good.

I started reading your e-mail to her and she said, "It must be Buddy!"
Not much better in life than old friends, friends and family.  Sherry had a good day, and thanks  for all your BD wishes for her. (She gets all the comments and e-mails) So she read them all and said thanks.

Life is good. Son Mark is back up and brought her some DOUBLE CHOCOLATE POPCYCLES  for desert when she returned from her favorite restaurant, Red Lobster where she enjoyed coconut shrimp.
Nite Shipslog
Received this from friend 'Salemslot',my last picture was of a Chevy I bought for $50. This tudor with a post, was always my dream car. Thanks Lisa.


betty said...

LoL with the time change. Since we don't do it here, easy to forget others have. Sounded like a good day for you both. Who could resist going to Red Lobster, yum.


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I too love Red Lobster and coconut shrimp is my favorite. Glad Sherry had a wonderful birthday. Friends and family make any celebration better for sure !

Dar said...

Love Red Lobster, tho it's been years. Also Love Coconut Shrimp, Great choice Sherry and so happy you had a great day in spite of all the work you did.
All's well up north, again, the weather continues to surprise and elate us. Bill just went to his uncle's to get more apples for the deer from his beauty of an old orchard. We are taking advantage of the warm weather and making firewood for a few years in the future. The same thing is happening at the farm. Take care and have a delightful week re-winding. Oh how I wish my bod could handle double chocolate. Yum. Love from up here

Jean said...

Happy Belated Birthday to Sherry!!! You shouldn't have made her work so hard. Lol. Glad she had a great one. Take care. Jean

salemslot9 said...

you're welcome Jack

best wishes
on your birthday
Sherry ~===

Lisa said...

I so glad yall are visiting a new church. Its good for the soul (no pun intended). That time change was a doozy wasnt it?
I glad Sherry had a good birthday and didnt have to work so hard. haha.

keep having fun.

Mary Degli Esposti said...

I forgot I liked coconut shrimp, since it has been so long. I have not been to Red Lobster in eons, but I do remember those cheddar biscuits.

Dessert by Son has to be the very best dessert.

Mevely317 said...

Love you and your friends' sense of humor! Nothing gets past Sherry, does it?

Suppose if you called Amazon real sweet-like, they'd put back those westerns? Personally, I'm suspect of anything that arrives without so much as an instruction booklet.

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