Wednesday, November 30, 2016

New York City

I once did a week of children's programs in NYC or Long Island?  Are they the same? At other times we drove thru NYC a couple times once by accident.  But the place scares and amazes me.

To regress, I was in Philadelphia, Something about the USN Intelligence Community (DIA) I was in an advisory position. I came back to the hotel early one day and my girl said, "WE have never been to NYC. You promised me once you would take me to New York City.  We are pretty close."

I said okay let's go. Not knowing a thing about BIG cities. We happened to arrive at the Holland Tunnel at 4:30 in the afternoon.  I had been around the world, but I was still a country boy. I AIN'T seen this many cars in my life.  Lines in the streets mean nothing. It is how many cars you can drive abreast. I had horns blow at me when I stopped at a red light, or when I ran the red light. It didn't make any difference.

I WAS FORCED into a road that said, "Stanton Island Ferry", I don't  want to go there! Somehow I got out of that line (NO GPS back then), my girl is sight seeing and I am seeing CARS, TRUCKS AND BUSES.

Is that the Empire State Building? 
 Where is the Statue of Liberty? etc.

 "I have no idea, but if I EVER get out of here, I will never return unless it is 2AM. There are horns blowing at me, men and boys wanting to wash my windshield, people wanting to cross the street, I stop!  HORNS BLOW!!!

Now I ask you.  Looking at this picture below, WHAT UNDER HEAVEN DO ALL THE PEOPLE IN THESE BUILDINGS DO?????????

When I was in NYC for the kids, someone else drove. It wasn't so bad. The kids were great. WE (me and the kids) had a ball.  No matter the program,  the kids want more and more. I used up a week’s programs the first night. I had to work to come up with more, but as always, with children it was great.

There were times, when I used chalk. I turned on the black lights to bring out the hidden picture, the kids would scream, jump up and down, brake dance (or break dance), one even stood on his head. NYC kids are crazy fun.  

Going to NYC? I suggest 2 or 3 AM. LOL

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At times the place looked like a yellow cab parking lot. I think half the cars in NYC are Yellow cabs.

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Flag and Feathers: F & F (I mentioned Stella and the feathers in another blog)

The morning we left Belmont to head south, I pulled the curtains at the windshield (our picture window) and I saw feathers all along the road in front. I KNEW what had happened my sweet friend, Mrs. Rhode Island Red, had met a car.  She was dead in the ditch.  I really felt bad for her. She did not understand cars, she just clucked and pecked.  It is her owners who bear the blame for not keeping her safe.  I know it was a feeling of freedom for the chicken, she wandered over the property of several of the neighbors.  Now she will lay eggs for no one.  I will miss her when we return. I had several talks with her, among them was advice about the road.
****************   ***************   **********
Now to another thing. If you are an American, PLEASE, PLEASE DO NOT DISRESPECT OUR FLAG, or NATIONAL ANTHEM.  Too many people have died serving the country that the Flag and Song represents.  In the last many years EVERY person who wore a uniform has been a volunteer. IED’s do not differentiate between Black, White, Red or Yellow they kill and maim ALL COLORS.

Find some other way to protest.  I just read of a Petty Officer 2nd class in the USNR who refused to salute or stand at ‘colors’She knows there are regulations requiring her to honor the flag she serves. If my Navy does not back its regulations I will be VERY UPSET.

When an athlete refused to honor the flag that is his ‘ignorant’ (IMO) prerogative. I have some very deep feelings along this line, I have proudly stood with my hand over my heart for the flag and anthem since childhood.  I love that flag and my country with all its warts and faults. 

Race relations?  If you do not know that race relations have improved 500% since the 1930-40’s you were not raised during segregation.

 Sure we have prejudice in this country, but much less than many countries. NO ONE, NO PARTY no entity can ‘order personal feelings (no matter how ignorant).

FACT:  You cannot legislate morality.  

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                           Luxury cars time forgot
Lasalle, '27-40 GM

Monday, November 28, 2016

Uncle Irvin and 'Play Purties'

Growing up 'going to town' was always a treat. We lived in the country once but mostly in town. But the phrase 'We are going to town', meant someone was going downtown where the Dime Store, A&P, Western Auto, Sears or Penny's were.  There was no shopping centers, no 7/11 type stores.  In the country or outskirts there were small Grocery and General Stores.   

In our family there was a unique marriage. One of Mama's sisters had a son, Irvin O'Shields.  He married one of Daddy's Sisters, Bertha.  Irvin was my cousin and Bert was my aunt.  BUT it was always Uncle Irvin.  Uncle Irvin was a bigger than life man, I never met anyone who did not love the big red headed guy and Aunt Bert.  They were successful in their own right. Like many hard working entrepreneurs they were very successful, raising cattle and running a neat General store (Red’s Place) and service station.  
Me at the Wheel Bobby being cute in Mildred's 1948 ford convertible.

I cannot remember the name of the community, but it was outside Laurens, SC.  NO MEMBER OF OUR FAMILY refused a trip to Uncle Irvin’s. He would give you anything in the store!  At night he would shoot firecrackers for you by the hundreds. There were three first-cousins, Charles, Bobby and Mildred.  We were double kin. Bobby was my age and we actually looked alike. Mildred (called Sister) was Shirl’s buddy.  I got to spend a week with them several summers. What a treat.
 Bobby and me

Sherry and I stopped by ‘Red’s Place’ once in 1957 to visit, not long after we were married. (The O'Shields lived in the back of the store).  Uncle Irvin gave us $5, that was a lot of money almost a day’s wages.  

Bobby is the only alive now, we see him only at funerals.  He is a great guy and still at 77 years of age works 40+ hrs a week.

One of Irvin’s  lines: Jackie you go in the store and get you a ‘Play Purty’.  If you are not familiar with that term,  when I was growing up, that was a toy. Imma guessing that was s’posed to be ‘Play Pretty’.

I was in the USAF when Irvin died. I immediately went into the First Shirt’s office and asked for emergency leave. First SGT laughed, “Airman, no one gets emergency leave for an uncle, only immediate family qualifies.”

When I left his office he knew Irvin was immediate family and I had an emergency leave.  Do you have kin that is as close as immediate family?

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Cousin Charles was a sailor home on leave when he was killed in a wreck single car accident in his dad’s 48 Buick

When I see one of these I often think of Charles.

Sunday, November 27, 2016

Local Celebs and a Christmas Gift

Daily my girl looks at the hometown papers. She checks the local headlines and Obits in the Gazette and Observer.

"Lisa made the paper!" was Sherry's exclamation this morning as she browsed the headlines. That is Lisa of 'Life away from the Office Chair' Lisa.

Bloggers who read her blog have read the story.  She is seen  nationally, featured on 'Nutrisystem's advertisements.  She is a beautiful lady who lost weight thru the 'system' and had her families' support. I know hubby N is proud of her.


It is a strange thing about our gypsy lives, we have visited museums and sites thousands of miles away from home and have missed some locally, in Gastonia and Charlotte.  It is the same with Bloggers, we have met many of the wonderful folk we meet here in Bloggersville who live in Michigan, Wisconsin, Alabama, Texas, Tennessee, North Carolina and Kentucky.  Lisa lives in the town I was born in and I last lived permanently in the town she was born in, both ten miles apart. We have never met, but we must remedy that this spring. We don't know many celebrities, I need some bragging rights! 

On Lisa's blog awhile back she displayed a Shrug she had made. I heard my girl say, "I would love to have one of those!"  Since she NEVER asks for anything I could not resist.

Before I show Sherry's Christmas present let me say that I misunderstood Lisa's blog when she displayed the 'Shrug'. I thought she it was in her store, so I ordered one. She returned the e-mail saying it was not in the store, but she would gladly make one for Sherry.  WOW.

It is Sherry's Christmas present, and she has it early.  She and I sometimes exchange cards at Christmas and have a dinner out, that is about it. Always when I ask what she wants for Christmas I get, "Let's go to Red Lobster."
 This is much larger than I thought. It takes over $20 in yarn.
 Labor is probably close to 5-6 hours.
 Her stitch design is beautiful.
I noticed the postage on the package, Express mail cost was $10. 
Sherry Loves it. 
(Confidentially she never is happy with her pictures, but she is lovely, and yep, I am prejudiced, but she is)
Yes, we are still in the Motor home. We may move into our house soon. But for now, it is just as cozy as that Shrug.

Thanks for stopping by the Shipslog, I appreciate you taking the time.
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PS: Sherry also got a matching cap with the Shrug

Luxury Cars time forgot
 The Chrysler Imperial of the 1950's

Saturday, November 26, 2016

A report, sort of

A month or so ago I sweated too much and put one of my Cochlear devices out of commission. It was sent it in for repairs.  Also a couple weeks ago I ordered Sherry's Christmas present from Lisa, one of the regular bloggers.

We were out gallivanting around with our sons and I missed a delivery by UPS. I assumed it was Sherry’s Christmas present. It was not, it was my hearing device.  

Our friend and fellow blogger, ORA, of Kentucky was the only person I knew with the Cochlear implant so we asked could we visit and talk.   We met and also got a chance to meet Mixon, her hubby who was an Army Chaplain in another life. ;-).

Ora. A super lady, no longer blogs and I miss her. Sherry runs into her on Facebook.

Friend Dar, up in the North Woods of Wisconsin, also has had a hearing problem.  We visited Dar & Bill, Sister Mel & hubby Slim and their sweet mama.  Met some kids and a grand love. This bunch is the salt of the earth. We were invited over when we were in Michigan, by Mel and Dar on their blogs.

Since then Dar has had ear reconstruction and seems the operation was a success.

It has been about a year since my first implant.  I now  hear and understand.  Now with two implants, I am doing well but still cannot talk on the phone. Texting is okay.  I think sexting would be okay, but I am not allowed. (see what happened to Weiner?)  OUCH!

When a person  hears, but DOES NOT UNDERSTAND WORDS i.e. every one mumbles, it is time for some help.  Hearing aids work great for most folk.  But for folk like Ora, Dar and myself hearing aids are not enough. Science and technology advances daily.  Life is so much better when you understand MOST of what is said.

I cannot praise the VA enough for what they have done. To be honest and fair, it was tough getting their attention (a year or two of forms and letters), but once I did, they have been terrific.

A plug and some advice. ..................

 If you or a friend are having a problem getting the VA's attention, please see the VFW, Marine rep, or American Legion. These groups have folk who will help with the forms, etc. I fought on my own for a year then someone suggested the American Legion. They really did help.  The Vet does not have to be a member. I was not a member of the American Legion.

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PS: Sherry's Present did come today and

 she Loves it. More on that later.

Luxury cars time forgot
Daimler 1896 -2007
German design, Britsh

Friday, November 25, 2016

How do you FEEL?

How many times have you been asked that question and lied?  Well maybe misrepresented the truth  just a little.

 "Hey Jack, how you doing?" I have been asked that question many times, most times the person asking does not really want a run down of your aches and pains.  I think my stock answer to the question from a friend, kin or acquaintance is: "I'm doing great! And YOU?"

Son Mark and Janie left last night. Jack Jr. left this morning after one of his mama's 'real breakfast' of eggs and grits.  I tried to get my mind on 'doing something' but nothing really jelled. I pulled, dug, chased and cut some roots. Went to UPS to pick up a repaired hearing device. Run to Walmart and Lowes for a couple things that I thought would SPUR me on.

BUT, but today, had I been asked, "How are you doin'?" I would have had to answer, "I feel so unnecessary."

That is so frustrating to me, because, "THAT AIN'T ME!"

It was dark before I went out to my 'play house' checked out an old compressor and pronounced it dead. Lubricated an electric motor, then just to see if I could muster some 'git-r-done' I ran wire and installed two more electric outlets in my play house. I felt a little better, but still 'unnecessary.'

BUT TOMORROW??? Imma gonna be my old lovable self!  I will remember what a good time we had with our sons.

I will remember how thankful I am for my girl. You know what? I think I'm feeling a little better.

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Automotive theme for tonight is, "Getting the most out of your vehicle"

Thursday, November 24, 2016


Thanksgiving was and is a religious oriented holiday (methinks). BUT, but one doesn't have to be religious to be thankful.  Being thankful is an act that gives inner peace. Grateful and thankful seem to be synonymous, probably in the strictest sense they are not, but that is how I see them. 

Have you ever been in a 'near collision' and  breathed a sigh of relief, THANKFUL that you were not part of an accident.  I am not sure that God micro manages this earth, and I am not sure that His hand is not in some small things.

Many  blessings or Luck comes our way because of wise decisions  back seconds, minutes or even years prior.  There are diseases or health problems we can avoid by being wise in our lives choices.  Other diseases hidden in your genes 'may or may not' show themselves in your life time.  

I am thankful that the nasty word cancer is not prevalent in my family.  But I am VERY aware that heart disease and some dementia 'runs' in our family.  Being thankful the Hurricane, tornado or flood missed you is not being 'glad' someone else was hit.

This could be sister Shirl, she is thankful for pigs.

I am a thankful person.  SELDOM a day goes by that I do not express my thankfulness to someone, usually my girl, whom, I am the MOST THANKFUL. I would wager that every trip we have made that at one time of the other in that trip I will look at my sweetheart and say, I,we are the most blessed people in the world, you and I.

I will not take up more of your time on this Thanksgiving. I just wanted to say to the folks who read, THANKS.  To the folks whom we have met through this 'social Media', I am so thankful for you guys.  I am an optimist on life and our country.  I am THANKFUL for the USA and the opportunities I have been presented with here. This is a great country and will remain so.

Thankful for a 3 dog night!


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   The Horch, Luxury cars time forgot!

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

New exercise, shocking hair and a K-9 Killer holed up a mile away!

Just a note about all this soft soil I have talked about in Florida.  I learned earlier that this is the easiest soil I have ever seen to dig in. BUT, I found out that it can also be TOUGH!
This is the roots that have been my new exercise, a heaping wheelbarrow full!
All that came from a spot 3' square.
The rest of the rear of the back yard is just like this.  It was covered by bushes and trees when we bought. There is a lot of exercise pulling these roots.

Okay the surprise.  Sherry and Jack Jr went off to Walmart yesterday while I fixed chicken, rice veggies and gravy for supper.  I thought they got lost. But when they left Jack's hair was grey. When they returned this is what I saw:

He said he asked for strawberry blonde color, looks pretty red.  But he is having a lot of fun with it.  hahahaha.

This was such a peaceful quiet place then all of a sudden Deltona made national news when a squirrel about two blocks from here attacked a senior.  OUCH

Then yesterday we were bothered by helicopters buzzing. Mark was on his way here from Port Richey and some of the roads were blocked.  A person had killed a K-9 dog in a gun fight with Deputy Sheriffs.   They had him surrounded in a few acres of woods a mile and a half from here. Jack Jr said he heard from the helicopter "We have eyes on you, come out with your hands up!"  He did not respond.

The copters went all night. keeping everyone awake but me, since I cannot hear with my devices off.

Today he was wounded and captured ending the two day stand off.

So I have been singing When the Squirrel went berserk in the First Self-righteous Church in Pascagoula.  

I smile thinking of Pascagoula, MS. WE worked a little there after Katrina devastated the place. We met the nicest couple while we worked there. Some folks you never forget.

Anyway, all is well. I am extremely THANKFUL. Life is good and goes on.  I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving.

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The 1956 Lincoln Continental 

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Not so small things you over look.

Most folks have heard or know the expression Never ASSUME!  When you do you make an 'ASS' out of 'U' and 'ME'. That was one of the lessons I was taught when I first started teaching. DO NOT ASSUME you have the only answer, some student will prove you wrong.

When we lived in Key West I bought my dream car, a 1955 Chevy for $50. The heater for the Chevy was under the passenger's seat. I had assumed I would find one there. I looked and no heater.  Then I realized in 1955 the heater in a car was optional, since the car was bought in Key West the owner ordered it without a heater, he certainly didn't need it.
This is the Chevy after I restored it and brought it back to NC with us. That is Marty, jack's buddy, standing. He also was met in Key West.

When we bought here in Deltona, the one thing I was proud of was, it had a new A/C unit. Once the power was on we learned the A/C did not work.  Mr A/C man got it working in very little time for some $$.

WE had a cool snap, Jack and Mark arrived, switched on the heat, NO HEAT!  I had ASSUMED that since the A/C was new it also included new heat strips.  The statement came back to haunt me, "DO NOT ASSUME".  This is Florida, but it does have cool snaps.  I forgot that unlike further north, many folk here use space heaters on the few cold nights. This morning I pulled the covers of the unit and sure enough, NO HEAT STRIPS!
(We seldom have a 3 dog night in Florida, usually one would keep you warm, and comforted)

Mr. HEAT and A/C man arrived, and for $$ and an hour labor installed the heat strips. Yep, now we have heat. (Plus two space heaters we bought last night. LOL)

But life is good, it could have been lot's worse. The charge was about half of what Mr. Heat man had estimated. (Could that be done on purpose to make me smile!)

Sherry just got a call from Mark, he is coming up tonight and staying until aft Thanksgiving.

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Luxury Cars time forgot

The Bargward, 1924 -61

I'd rather work

We took a 200 mile day trip today.  We drove Mark and grand dog Janie home.  We went out to eat at Culver's before starting back home.  While in New Port Richey for a couple hours Mark drove us around the area giving Jack Jr a tour around the area after showing his home.

I learned that 200 miles in a car wears me out.  Jackie who is a professional driver, he is a part of a courier service. I have said here before he knows the company from the driver's standpoint to top management. He has organized at least two new offices for the company, but prefers to just drive. But just riding wore me out.

I told Sherry a few minutes ago, I can ride or drive this thing (the motor home) 400 miles in a day and feel like I have just been siting around at home. She sorta laughed and said, "Well when you drive and ride in this coach, you are just sitting around home."  She is absolutely right.

I believe I am spoiled.  But this is a choice, and at present we both are satisfied to have a nice guest house.  Jack Jr. has the house to himself tonight, and we are snug as a bug in a rug here. It is 51 degrees in central Florida tonight.

Mark will be back up on Wednesday because mama has promised the guys fish stew.  Then Thanksgiving Day, since it is the four of us, I got the idea we were all going to eat out. But  that is not set in concrete.

My dad was a stickler for taking care of his car engines. I think I do a good job, but not as dedicated as dad. Son Mark seems to think gas in the tank and an oil change every once in awhile is okay. Now Jack Jr. puts me and my dad to shame. He is very particular, consistent and strict in adhering to engine maintenance and cleanliness. He says, "The car is my life, my work, if it doesn't run I lose money."  Of course he is right.

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PS: The system will not load a picture tonight!

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Company's here

Sons Jack Jr and Mark are here for Thanksgiving.  Life is strange (funny), the boys were a thrill a minute watching them grow and learn into the school years.   It was a wonderful life watching them play ball, going to their games.  Thrills and scares as they raced moto-cross.  Disappointment when they both quit school (like their dad), both with top grades.

 Son Mark up son jack down

Thrills when they are successful.  Happy when they marry and grands are born. Thrill upon thrill seeing the grands learn and love.

Disappointment at divorces and heart breaks at not seeing or communicating with two of the grandsons for three years.

Thrills when a great granddaughter is born, then Twin grandsons, more thrills.

BIG Thrill when the two missing grandsons fly to NC for the summer, 3 yrs after disappearing.

We have always had a close relationship with the boys. But it hasn't always BEEN FUN. Now that they have pretty well grown up, LOL, (Sherry's baby Mark is 55) we look forward to being close and visiting. They are a pleasure to be around.  They are Redskins fans, and the Skins have a game tonight. It is fun watching them watch the game.
Janie praying the Redskins win.
The boys are like the guys from the  'Odd Couple' TV series.  Mark is the 'messy dude' and Jack Jr is the neat one.  They pick at each other and it is actually fun to watch and hear now.  Both boys are opinionated, oddly though, they both were sure Trump was going to win the election.
Janie has decided she doesn't care who wins.

Jack Jr. is the techy type, Mark despises computers but both love their smart phones.

Both boys (men) have been successful in their own rite.  They will be here on and off until after Thanksgiving. And yep, the house is in top shape; but they and the dog, Janie, are here in the coach with us.

We may try to use the house some of the week for meals, we will see.

Shirl called chiding the guys for leaving her in the parking lot with her suitcase packed. They enjoy  kidding with their aunt Shirl.

Nite Shipslog

Every boys dream, Mark's Vette  in our next to last house garage. The grand kids had their town. With a police and fire station, store and  a two story playhouse with balcony)