Saturday, November 30, 2019

Under Pressure and Evelyn

Unique vehicle:
  YEP there are cars that run on pressure, but so far they are not efficient!

For today:
Evelyn, BLESS HER HEART, does have one good quality (maybe two, possibly three). She critiques the timeliness of my blogs and actually reads here.  But we do have one thing in common, me ‘n her do like to cook using a pressure cooker.

I remember once when I was around ten or so mama's pressure cooker blew up.  Something on the top blew off and went into the ceiling for dad to patch. But mama kept using a pressure cooker, mostly in canning methinks. I know some of you use pressure to cook and can.

I have never had a mishap. I don’t have permission, but I don’t think it is a secret, so let me relate a story told by Don and verified by Evelyn.

Once Evelyn had a pot of green beans cooking under pressure when the handle screw came loose leaving a very small hole. Don said the pot went air born like a jet engine and began to spin round and round forcing green beans thru that small hole and painting the kitchen with mushy green beans. Now you would think that country girl would give up pressure cookers, but huh uh, she still uses one.

She graduated to an electric one and said it was much simpler to use than the stove top ones we have always used.  I finally did cave in and lucked up on an electric at a good price. Now that I am using it and I must admit, as much as I hate to publicly, Evelyn was right. Yep I am enjoying this one.  For years I have adjusted the ‘jiggle’, but now I do not have to. So THANKS Evelyn.

BUT just to make you a little envious lady, we are warm down here. ;-)  Don’t worry, we will keep the lamp on for a couple weeks for you.

Now hug Don and try to be nice. :-O
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Friday, November 29, 2019

Truth or Consequences

Early interesting Cars:
 These are certainly not your run of the mill vehicles.


I had heard of Truth or Consequences. I had no idea where it was and even found it hard to believe. I couldn’t see writing that long name for a return address. Then there are
Goodyear, Truth or Consequences, Yee Haw Junction, Opp, Ajo, and Chicken we have driven through.

Scratch Ankle-Al, Toad Suck-Arkansas and Catfish Paradise are places we have never been. But so many names of rivers, towns and creeks as we drive have made us smile. In South Carolina I smile EVERY TIME we cross the ‘Coosawhatchee’ Creek. 

Many native American names give the English Language in me cause to wonder and smile. The use of Kill in New York always catches my attention such as Fishkill, Peekskill, Wallkill, Catskill, Spackenkill. 

Don’t get me wrong, I love it however, my southern up bringing in language gets me in trouble many times as I try to pronounce many of these. Ok, y’all Yankees quit laughing at me. LOL

Oh in passing Question for you church going folk. Do you hear preachers ask the congregation to ‘repeat or say’ words as he/she delivers a message?

Visiting a new church the other day I heard a new one. The pastor was in a big way preaching on Christian fellowship he said, “As a church Y’all should be in one accord!” slight pause, “Everybody say Y’all!” I knew right then I was in a real Southern church. LOL 

So all together, I know Y'all want to live in this town, “Everyone say YEE HAW!”
Say good night Gracie! 
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Are there any special town names in your area?
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Wednesday, November 27, 2019

A nutty guy

 An American car
 1939 Chevy coupe, me 'n this car were born the same year!
And now: I am thankful for nuts!
I enjoy nuts. I like peanuts from raw, salted to honey roasted, even boiled. Then there are Pecans, walnuts, hickory nuts, Pistachios, Almonds, hazelnuts and Cashews.
I eat some nuts every night. What brought this up is pistachios. What do you do with the ones you cannot open with your finger nails?  I usually throw them away with the other hulls, but I hate doing it.
I like nuts in a salad, on ice cream and in pies. I have never been a big fan of the pumpkin pie. But once I ate Thanksgiving dinner at an Orphanage. The cook a sweet lady served pumpkin pie with pecans on top. The flavors went so good together I began to enjoy pumpkin pie.
As a Teenager I liked Pepsi/Coke with salted peanuts poured down the neck of the bottle after some liquid had been sipped out.
My daddy’s favorite was parched peanuts. I even like ‘green’ peanuts just after they are dug from the ground.
To me the king of nuts is the cashew because that was sis Shirley & my treats when we got a chance to go to Sears and Roebuck with dad.  When we passed the candy counter it wasn’t the candy we wanted it was cashews.
Are you a nut type person, maybe even nutty? 

It is Thanksgiving, I am thankful for so many things it would be impossible for me to list them. But taking a shot gun view,
I am thankful for:

My wife
My family
and foremost my LORD.

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