Monday, November 23, 2020

Painting and dying cloth

    Three wheel cars:

The Campagna T-Rex  out of Canada 

 For today:

1st: The cat bite is coming along. No redness nor black. I am giving me a passing grade in first aid. The culpret is featured at the end of the post.

I have used paint on shirts to make unique designs. I learned from my sister Shirley.  If she accidentally got a ‘bleach spot’ or a stain on a favorite piece of clothing She would pick design that would work and make a ‘Bumble Bee, butterfly, or even initials. She could do this with cute design patches, paint or sewing thread. She was an artist with this stuff.

I have no doubt some of you have done that, I am nearly positive Lisa over in Gtown has done the deed before.

(I went out to look and get the headboard. Sherry has it looking great)

I am bringing this up because my girl pointed out something that a lady would notice. In the motor home we have a cloth head board. It is now a faded blue. She asked about getting it upholstered.  I said we could do it, she nixed the idea, “Maybe YOU can, but not ME!”  I know she could do it, but has very little self confidence in that area.

Below is the headboard removed, you cna sure tell the  difference. Sherry suggested a darker blue
So I have been thinking and looking on the net, I have decided we can ‘MOST LIKELY’ dye the sucker a darker blue.

I have read and watched YouTube with both spray dye and ‘RIT’ liquid dyes. I am not sure the one I want to try. If we mess up I am sure we can reupholster the thing.

Any suggestions?


                           Nite Shipslog

PS: After removing the headboard, it is  Just as I thought it is a very simple upholstery job if the dye turns out terrible.

I passed the traitor on the way out. I tapped the top of the card table and he was up in a second. He rolled over for me but I did not pet him.  I told him again. I have been reading some westerns. They hang crooks like you so you better remember that.

Sunday, November 22, 2020

Statesmen and Real Journalists (reporters)

 Early Cars nearly forgotten: 

Just guessing but this must have been in the mid 1920s


For today:

Let me start with a THANK YOU for your concern and advice. I have no doubt you are suggesting the logical,  correct route for my health after my ‘cat-fight.’ I have a personal fault, it is one of ‘Show-me’. I lived in Missouri for a while, I guess I adapted a Missouri attitude, “The Show Me State.” IF I ‘felt’ ANY warnings I would do something other than first aid.  (yeah, yeah I know, but………. Jack is one stubborn dude!  Just ask Sherry or my boys.)  :-O

Now I will meander some. I read the other day that Walter Cronkite was at one time considered the most trusted man in America. I can easily remember Walter.  I remember that voice, and that look. I can remember ‘easily’ believing what the man said. A MAN, a reporter, a STATESMAN.  I believe Thomas Jefferson and Abe Lincoln were Statesmen.  My heart cries for a real STATESMAN to arise in our GREAT COUNTRY, we certainly need one.

                  (I can just hear, "And that's the way it is!")

I remember reading that Walter’s life was the same on camera or microphone and off.

Nowadays I read headlines that say, “Shocking things you did not know about Mr or Mrs…XYZ!”  Fill in about any famous name, one I remember lately was, “The shocking truth about Princess Di!”  If you went to the story (which I DO NOT DO (ANYMORE)) it would probably be nothing, baloney or innuendos.

For some reason there is a built in ‘mental thing’ to pull someone down or off a pedestal.  When I read things like that I remember my dad, forever in his mind no matter how successful he was, he remained a simple peanut farmer with a formal education of the 3rd grade.  My dad once said, “You can’t be too tall if you must always pull everyone down.”

In my entire life the many sermons of dad’s I never heard him tear anyone down, he lifted people UP! Mama too, I was raised in a positive home, AND I AM THANKFUL.


 Have a great Thanksgiving, BE SAFE! 

Most of all.......BE THANKFUL!!

Nite Shipslog


Saturday, November 21, 2020

So, Good news and Bad news.

      The end of Early Luxury Cars time forgot:

The Stutz, 1911-1937

 For today:

Just heard from Jack Jr. he did not get sick after being exposed to the Virus, It has been a couple weeks, he feels good so he is coming down for Thanksgiving.  Son Mark will travel from Florida to NC for Thanksgiving with his family up there. The boys will probably pass on the way up and down. LOL

We are looking forward to Jack Jr. and he will also bring our mail.

Now the bad news. Old Tuxedo Tom my good friend who let me start petting him just a few days after I started feeding him, betrayed me. I was petting him yesterday he was rubbing his head against one arm as I was petting him as he sat in the chair beside me on the patio. All of a sudden the sucker grabbed my arm with his claws and bit my hand pretty deep with his big fangs.

I have never worried about dogs, scratches nor nips. But I have much different thoughts about cats, stemming from a nephew’s experience up in NYC.

Woody had leukemia his dad was a match so he was the donor for the bone marrow transplant. The operation was a success and all was going well. It was done at Sloan Kettering. The doctors warned him of his LACK of an immune system. They warned him about being around animals, specifically warned about cats.  He did not listen, he loved his cats.  He developed an infection (or something from the cats). Everything went downhill fast. He succumbed to the infection. He is gone and it appeared because he paid no attention.

I ALWAYS wash my hands after petting the cats.  So after the encounter of the Tommy Tuxedo kind, I scrubbed the scratches and bite. Poured alcohol on and rubbed it in. (HURT, lol). Then I poured Peroxide on.

Immediately I smacked the sucker after the bite and he ran. Wouldn’t you know it; I went back out and here comes Tux. Rubbing against my legs wanting to be petted.

I told him, “I should just kill you, you rat fink, and this hurts!” He looked up like, ‘I’m sorry…….. maybe.’ Then he jumped up on the card table and rolled over and over asking me to pet him. I didn’t dare. LOL

The bite is still sore today, it is pretty deep. I don’t think I have rabies.  I don’t feel like biting Tux back (YET)!  LOL Maybe I’ll bite Sherry!

                           Nite Shipslog

PS: Imma worry if I start growing hair all over!

Friday, November 20, 2020

I cannot hear fast enough

  Early Luxury Cars time forgot:

 The Napier, 1900- '24

For today:

I am trying to watch 15 minutes to 30 minutes of news with my girl.  This is to try to improve my ability to live among the rest of the world. I didn’t know people could talk this fast.  I know it is to preserve time (words per minute) because air time is money. But I just can’t hear as fast as they talk.

I have mentioned here that at one time I was an extrovert. I loved to mix and mingle; to take part in discussions and be a part of a group. But as I lost my hearing I became more and more a loner.

But Imma tell you, it is close to torture to try to keep up, even with closed caption.  I laugh too, I never knew there were so many medicines requiring a prescription advertised on TV.  None of the USA should be sick. There is a cure or control for EVERYTHING under the sun.  I don’t see how I remained healthy without TV.

Long after I quit watching TV my BIL told me any med on TV he asked his Dr. to prescribe, he did. WOW. I have always heard that a salesmanhimself was easily sold. In Elmo’s case that was true. He was a great salesman over his life time, and I think he believed every ad on TV.

I am not sure how long this ‘experiment’ will last. LOL.  BTW, I am riding my bike a little, it is doing great. Man does it get to my legs.  I am just circling our block a couple times a day to build them up. Traffic on our community’s roads is minimal. So I feel very safe. I did learn one thing, I cannot look back or I run off the road. LOL I am ordering some mirrors tonight.

Be safe and enjoy the TV while you can.

Nite Shipslog

Thursday, November 19, 2020

Managing Cabinets and getting 'r done

   Early Luxury Cars time forgot:

The La Salle 1927-40

For today:

Sherry has been doing a great job getting the coach ready for our upcoming ‘Shakedown Cruise’ to happen sometime after Thanksgiving.

Even in the limited cabinet space in the coach, she is finding things we no longer use or need. When we started the RV life we bought a complete set of ‘rubbermaid(?)’ temporary plastic. WE lost gave away and replaced until there are only a couple of the original containers left, but there is a hodgepodge of storage containers accumulated.

She is thinning it out. Taking out duplicate cleaners etc. It is a job getting rid of 'not used stuff' and duplications from the years on the road.

The shelving paper has been replaced, drawers straightened, floors cleaned, dash cleaned and dusted; she has the old girl  looking good, looks ready to hit the road.

I lost my sweetheart once yesterday and found her in the coach. She said, “I am just doing a little a day, it is getting there.”  It sure is.  I am getting antsy, methinks she is too.  We might just go to Orlando…… or even toward Inverness.


Nite Shipslog

Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Being more personal, better or just a choice

    Early Luxury Cars time forgot:

Another Fraschina 1900-1948

 For today:

Remembering my sister Shirley. She was a private person but loved to know about others. She seldom commented on FB but loved to read intimate things of other’s lives.   I must give a little here, maybe there is some of that in US humans.

There are gossip columns people love. Then the ‘Rags’, on the level of the inquirer. A lot of that has dropped in ‘intensity’ since we have FB.  I am just learning there are MORE places like FB that get even more intimate.  I haven’t looked, and I do not NEED to know that. LOL

RELATED, but still a subject of ‘General  & Intimate’ thoughts and information.  Greetings Cards …. Birthday, Anniversaries and Christmas. It took a few Christmases but we now are down to a few cards, mostly family. (anyone notice it is now a half dollar a stamp?)

I am not sure of all families, but Sherry’s extended family has ‘Janet’, Vernon’s wife, a CARD person. I remember once hearing at a family gathering, “If I don’t get a birthday card from Janet I will know something is BAD  WRONG.” (She should have had stock in Hallmark.)  NOTICE: She had 12 siblings alone and they all had children and Vernon’s family had 7 siblings. They all got cards Christmas and Birthdays.

Maybe it is me, or men in general, but cards are down on the list of importance.  To my SWEETHEART, cards are VERY important for ‘close’ friends and family.  A card cannot say simply “Happy Birthday”, but to her sons it must say, “To Our Son”. The same with “To our Grandson” or to a “Grandson/Granddaughter on His/Her Birthday.” I have no problem with that, but she must pick them (I sorta go buggy at card racks). Also the VERSE must say the right thing.

I have to admit as I get older I DO read the verses, but there was a time ‘us boys’ DID appreciate the THOUGHT, but mainly, ‘Is there money inside?’, just being ‘male’ honest, as I remember.

Anyway Christmas is coming up, there isn’t the number of cards as once was, but still there will be cards.


                           Nite Shipslog

PS: Thanks for taking time to stop by. I think we bloggers have noticed, blogging is going the way of greetings cards. ;-)  and :-O and ;-(

Tuesday, November 17, 2020

Loud cars & noise

    Early Luxury Cars time forgot:

The Isotta , Itallian for the French market

When a loud car goes by here, I frown a little,  my girl says ‘That is awful!”  My frown goes to a smile and I will usually say, “That dude loves that, it is the best sound he knows.”

The same with the Old Harleys that drive by.  You see, I can remember installing a split manifold and twin ‘Smitties’ (sport mufflers) on my 1948 Chevy. Boy did I love that.

It doesn’t seem fair though, there were noise ordinances back then, and the loudness was determined by a police officer. (He got me! LOL)

Now I hear radios louder than my car was. Looking back at all that, ONLY a few cars were loud enough to damage ear drums.  But today in a big percentage of kids radios are above the decibel level that will damage ears.

Churches have even gotten into the business of LOUD. I feel for small children ‘s ears. .............................  I just thought of something? Maybe this pandemic will save some hearing.

“PROBABLY NOT, many kids have those ear plugs past safe levels.” Of course hearing is like a lot of senses and life elated things, you really might not appreciate something until it is gone.  I remember hearing once, “Some people do not appreciate their mama until she is gone.”

People that had a good family life seem to assume everyone else did. But that is not always true. A lady who was taking care of her mother told Sherry and I, “Hey, Mama is hard to get along with, if she wasn’t my mother I wouldn’t even like her.”

Mother and daughter have now passed. Imma tell you that statement has hung in both our heads. Sherry’s mother was a saint, so was my mother.  It is hard to fathom such a feeling towards a mama.

Anyway Life goes on. Noise will continue to be around. Boys and some girls will love to hear an engine ‘Sound-off.’ And the hearing aid companies will continue to make millions due to unprotected ears. 

So be safe, take care of your hearing and enjoy your music, I wish I still could. If you lose your hearing YOU WILL MISS IT.

                            Nite Shipslog