Wednesday, January 19, 2022

That eating out EXPERIENCE is Not as enjoyable lately

 Memorable Continentals from The Past:

 The Edsel A nice collectors car, but never made it big in sales competition.

For today:

For a few years now we have enjoyed eating out a couple times a week and always on special days.  BUT lately not so much.  Not so sure why.  For some reason it doesn’t taste as good and the price even for two hamburgers touches $10 - $15, even at a fast food place.

Just the other day at a buffet lunch the Tip and all was near $60 for 3 people. WE can afford it and it is not just the price.  For some reason it is the feel, maybe atmosphere?

We both wear masks until we are seated, of course son Mark doesn’t.  He insists that his immune system can handle anything. (He must get that ‘kiss my rear’ attitude from his mama!)  ;-)


Before I go I wanted to thank you all for the comments on the last two posts. They made my day with the input content (I learned a lot), and I was thankful you took the time to comment …….  OH YES and the kind BD wishes. Y’all are sweet.


 PS:  Just before I was going to post my 'pity party post' awhile back,  I received the nicest card with a letter enclosed. Jack Jr paid about $9 postage to make sure it was here before my BD. The letter painted me much better than what I am. That sure helps to heal some other disappointments. The letter brought tears and some big smiles. Something I really needed. So I scratched the pity party.... LOL

Tuesday, January 18, 2022

Bed and Breakfast??

 That Car:

(Where there is a will there is a way!)

Former Shipmate Frank, now Prtdn Michael Malanowski sent me the above.

 For today:

Mom and dad’s practices have filtered down to our family. WE have never been a family to stay in motels or hotels. The exceptions were church conventions.  Hotels were used if a ‘boarding house’ could not be found. 

I guess ‘boarding houses’ are out and have been replaced by the Bed and Breakfast units that bring in extra income for families who do not mind entertaining ‘strangers.’

Air B&B is big @ 3 BILLION $ last year. We have never used that system but Grands Josh & Megan did a quick tour of Ireland strictly using the Air B&Bs.  They loved it.  That way they met some amazingly gracious local people.  Learning more than they would have versus joining an organized tour group.

Some people are not cut out to ‘be in business.’ Have you ever considered the obligations of a local family retail store or restaurant? My brother started a business of making concrete yard ornaments (bird baths, ducks, chicken, etc.)  It grew and finally incorporated a china shop. His business was closed on Wednesdays, which they used to travel to wholesale houses to renew stock. The only holidays were Christmas and the 4th of July. Their average work day was 12 hours.

I was in business for many years. It was ideal. As a General Contractor I set my own hours, days off and vacations.  The only tight schedules came with ‘custom’ homes which I avoided as much as possible. Life for us was good, I preferred speculative building, because it was my house until it was sold. I did not have to wait for someone to pick light fixtures or room colors, LOL.

I could never have a business that required me present at one location day after day. I ran a roach coach for a few years, good income but it was my BOSS. I admire someone who can. Carroll and Mary White ran White’s Restaurant in Belmont. They had a good schedule serving only breakfast and lunch, but still they had to be there EVERY DAY except Sunday. This Pandemic has done something nothing else had been able to do. It closed them down.

I haven’t talked to Carroll in a couple years, I wonder how they are handling it. Well,  I hope, and enjoying themselves.

When I did work in a business and got sick, someone else would pick up the slack, not my worry. BUT if you are a one horse business, you are the horse….

I imagine B&Bs can set their own days, not sure how that works… Have you ever used or ran a B&B?


Nite Shipslog

Monday, January 17, 2022

I actually lived to be 83!

 …  Happy Birthday to ME, Today I am 83! (notice 'at rhymes!)

 Car of the day

 This is the Fairlane Ford with a continental. This is a 'Hard top Convertible' The top comes out of that big trunk area.


Now for Today:

You would have loved the post I had for today. It was a great pity party.  But I looked around me at the folks who are worse off than I. The folks with dysfunctional families, poverty and sick. Many folks my age are in Nursing homes or the better now-a-days is Assisted Living.  We like words that don’t spell the truth at times. LOL

So although I am still feeling sorry for myownself, Life is good. I will bounce back.  I used to embarrass my sister Shirl who blogged a little, she said I told too much. LOL

So I have decided today is special, I ain’t never been 83 before, and truthfully never even thought I would get past 50-60 range. LOL  But here I am. I am partial to Asian food so my girl is taking me to the Ichiban Chinese and Japanese Buffet for dinner.

Me n Shirley n Bingo 1942, earliest pic I can find of me. That was before my beard, mama thought I was cute!  We were sort of a 2nd family, we had brothers in WWII at the time.

Hope you have a great day. Some of you are enjoying a beautiful snow, even back in NC they are playing in a few inches of the pretty stuff.

Thanks you  for taking the time to stop by the Shipslog, nice of you!


Nite Shipslog

PS:   I just about reverted to a pitty party. LOL

Friday, January 14, 2022

Daddy Frank Benjamin, He changed it over the years to Benjamin Franklin

You can take the girl off the farm, BUT....  Granny Darnell and her cow 'Bessie' Art Cloth Mill Village Lowell, NC that is an early 30s car in the background. (I'm trying to see if those are chickens in the picture, lol)

 My Dad was born on a Farm at Red Hill, Georgia, near Toccoa on January 14th, 1903. He was the oldest of 9 boys and 3 girls. I was amazed to find this picture of dad as a baby: 

Grandpa was a big fan of the James brothers. He named dad Frank and the next son Jessie. I never knew he was named after the oldest James boy until I was old my own self and Uncle Hisure told me.

He had to quit school in the 3rd grade to become a full time farm hand.

Below is Dad and mom just after they married.

Granny Darnell below, Dad's mom. She was much different than the shy girl in the top picture.

Dad with mama about their 50th anniversary.

Dad was a very good preacher and pastor. He was positive in  his ministry. He was self educated and had a large library for a man with a formal education of 3 yrs.
He loved Radio ministry. Before services could be done remotely, he took part of the choir to the studio. This was at WABZ in Albemarle, NC Early 50s. Sister Shirley is #13.
Daddy died at 69 yrs of age, Today he would be 119 yrs old had he lived this long.
(His BD was 14th mine the 17th. He always said he was 3 days older than I)

I think death is good at times keeping the good from seeing terrible things that happen in the lives of loved ones.  I am missing him and his wisdom today.

Nite Shipslog

PS: If anyone knows the # folks above, let me know. I see #4 at seniors meetings during the year. Yeah she is old but still very pretty.

I Lost my favorite way to communicate

Memorable continental kits from The Past:


Not sure but it looks like a T-bird modification

For today:

Since being on the net I have used e-mails as my major avenue to communicate. It was simple, easy and I had a record to refer back to if needed.

BUT since the ‘spammers’ started shooting out ‘junk’ mail I have about 200 ‘spams’ a day to sift thru for any important data.  Not only that my normal 20-30 that miss the spam file have now sifted down to about 2-5 important ones. So in the past few days I just wholesale delete the spam folder, click wholesale delete on my ‘new e-mails’ then go down the list and unclick the important ones. There are times I go to the file and delete everyone that is there. IT IS NO LONGER AN EXERCISE I ENJOY. For years it was like going to my mail box on the street, just fun to read info from friends and real businesses.

It has become a task.  There were several SMART business men in the beginning that said we should be charged for all e-mails above 50 a day. 50 a day would have filled my quota of communications.  The SMART people who ‘foresaw’ the spamming fools said whole sale e=mails like 1000 to millions an hour should be billed at least a half cent apiece for all over 50.

I thought about messenger, but too many folks just forward-all no matter what the message is.  I guess I am back to ‘texting’ on the cell.


Now if they can just figure a way to charge $1.00 for each call/text telling me my warranty is about to expire, it would help!


BUT today I did get to smile. The family that moved from here 2 yrs ago refuse to have their mail forwarded, leaving me to write on the envelope ‘no longer at this address’ and put it back in the box. Today there was an envelope with a line on the envelope, “OPEN IMMEDIATELY YOUR ENGINE WARRANTY IS ABOUT TO EXPIRE!”

Don’t tell anyone but I threw it in the trash can, let the warranty expire dad gummit! ;-)



That is jack in Arabic.  Woody sent it to me. I had wondered.

Monday, January 10, 2022

Can you pay off your debt?


I have stated this is not a political site.   (BUT) We have had Democrats and Republicans in charge, NEITHER OF WHICH HAS STOPPED SPENDING, ABORTION or other hot button issues.  OH YEAH it was PROMISED!  The politicians tell us, I want it FIXED, but no one ELSE will help....  AND WE BELIEVE...

As I said, the above to me, means not much.  At 82+ yrs old I will probably  be dead before the ceiling crashes.  But some of you and my family will still be here. My mama and daddy talked about the depression.  I hate for it to happen again
If it does it will be tough to enforce the law because we have learned,.........  WHAT?   WE have reached the point if you pump the crap out, many good folks will be hurt.. They have been made dependent... WHAT IS THE ANSWER????


Still here out of bed for an hour or so....  just sick, maybe a cold. Y'all are good folks.  I am sure this was put out by one party,  But the load is shared by our politicians.....  of all shades and colors...

Sunday, January 9, 2022

Just here

 Just hanging around in Florida. Life and God  are still GOOD! But  situations locally could use some improvements.


Nationally we need some common sense. 

This is just to keep in touch.  My politics do not matter but logic does.  No matter what party is in control, neither will stop spending.

Got this from friend Jim of Valdese.

Probably a friend of Victors, same accent!
Love from here.

 Comments not necessary, I am just looking at the net Jim & family have always practiced what this man preaches, we have too.  It ain't long but just common sense!