Sunday, November 17, 2019

Problems, “I can handle this”

 Interesting Truck:  Is this a LIMO truck?

For today:
I heard once if everyone threw their problems in a big pile so you could see them, and the choice was given, YOU WOULD TAKE YOURS BACK IMMEDIATELY.

I am not sure how true that is over all, but in our case, at this time in life we REALLY have no real ‘personal’ problems.

Many reading this drivel, have faced real problems in their lives. The death of a loving mate to me would be a fate worse than death itself. The death of a child would be next in line for me. Some of you have and are facing life threatening circumstances and disease.  Bad, but priority wise, behind those listed above are financial problems.  HOWEVER when facing ANY immediate ‘problem’, that is the highest priority in our minds. NOT that it is worse than death, but that it is the one that eats at your mind.

Ever work for a boss that has been promoted far above his/her ability to handle the job? That can drive you bonkers and I guess could affect your health. I have had two of those! LOL I can laugh now. But at the time it was hard to say ‘this too will pass!’

For now, we will be departing NC within a week (I HOPE) headed South. There was a time finding a place to park the coach was NOT A PROBLEM, then it got a little tough. When that happened we bought a cheap fixer upper and had a place to park in the yard, when spots were scarce.

Last year we decided to downsize (again) and no longer have that house.  We want to stay in Florida the whole winter, but the only reservations we could get are around Orlando from the middle of December to the middle of January.

Son Mark tells us the house in Deltona is still available for us to park beside, so we will have a place to sit until our reservations start near Orlando mid-December.
  The other little problem:
Zorro in the Cat House:
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Saturday, November 16, 2019

Still Feral

An American car
 That Corvette ON SATURDAY 16 2019!

Now today:
I am reading as much as I can on cats. Stormy does let me pet her. But At times she will run as if startled and I cannot touch her. Zorro will seldom come close unless Stormy is there. Stormy was gone 4 hours yesterday. She is still a little hussy methinks.  LOL I did get Zorro to come to me and get some petting, but as soon as I put him down He ran and hid.

I know my neighbor will feed her most of the time. She was feeding the cats back when Shirl was. I hope I can face facts that I am a nice break in their lives, but not the center. They have definitely had it easy with food being handy, but I still see Stormy stalk birds and also jumping and flying bugs. She even delivered a dead mouse the other day. I hope it wasn't living in the basement.

I know from seeing videos that bears, moose and elk will fight for their young. I do not think that is true of cats unless they are nursing maybe. If Stormy D sees a threat she hits the road with seemingly no concern about leaving her kitty.  Of course the kitty also scoots away and hides when mama scampers away. I just wonder if that is a built in instinct that ‘normally’ works for them.

We do know for a fact that this is at least the 4th litter and Zorro is the only kitty that has made it of 3-4 weeks without being killed by predators.  I think that is only because I about forced her to live in the basement with Zorro.

BTW Zorro has inspected the Feral Cat house and stayed inside at least 30 minutes. I haven’t seen Stormy go inside, I did see her on one video stick her head inside. I keep the trail camera on the cat house. I liked these. I called it leave my tail alone:

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PS: I will not get Stormy ‘fixed’ this year. Once I decided to, it seemed so much other ‘stuff’ just covered me up. :-( 
I tend to forget my age and promise myself more than I can deliver. ugh!

Friday, November 15, 2019


Interesting Car:

 For today:
Daddy said they were volunteers, and always around the hog pens. He and mama were convinced they were seeds of ‘regular‘ tomatoes that had passed thru the hog.  I never thought too much about it until we lived in a place where a hog pen had been, and there were volunteer ‘tommy-toe’ vines all in the area.

I do not know how scientists vary the DNA of a seed to produce another variety. But I guess it is possible for the hog’s digestive system to modify the DNA with some of the digestive juices.  Just thinking.

Now I know some of you have never heard of tommy-toes. Before hearing grape, cherry & salad used to describe tomatoes I realized those little delicious bite size tomatoes were called ‘Tommy-toes’ by most of the people I knew.  After I was older I realized the name was a take of (To ma’ to) with the accent placed on a different syllable.  (Tom’ a toe). (something like that). LOL
Anyway we had no ‘tommy-toes’ this year even though I planted 6 plants plus 2 of Slicing tomatoes. They all were delicious slicing tomatoes. I just took the vines down and buried several green tomatoes to see if they would sprout next year.  I was wondering if the seeds needed to mature. LOL  If I remember I will check next year.  HA!
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