Thursday, February 22, 2018

Thrill seekers

Historical Photo:
 Two dressed up cuties in Edmonton, enjoying the thrill of the steam locomotive.

 I posted this picture and did not know the orig of it. Grandson Joshua researched it. It was opening day of the Columbian Exposition in Chicago 1893. Thanks Josh!

NOW! Your past or next thrill?
Skydiving, parasailing or have you ever done a bungee jump?  or been launched in one of those huge slingshots (A Reverse Bungee)? What was your idea of a great thrill as you grew up or even lately?

I know Jack Jr. with Joshua and Stephen, traveled some distance to ride some crazy rides.

I have a good friend, Vondale, who has always been a thrill seeker. With him, I have rode (someone’s) horses bareback in a strange pasture, jumped into a raging creek after a heavy rain and climbed pretty steep rock walls. Once at his suggestion we walked and his cousin rode his horse the opposite direction, about what he said was a ½ mile, he waved Okay! to his cousin. Then his cousin shot at us with his 22 cal. Rifle using 22 short shells (that were supposed to go only a half mile). He was sure we could ‘probably’ see them coming and dodge them, even catch ‘em. We didn’t see ‘em and we didn’t get hit!

We have watched Vondale race motorcycles and heard tales of his skiing. He got his pilot’s license.  He takes his nephews, and others on 4 wheeling trips in the rough mountains.
For a while I tried to keep up, but finally gave it up ‘afore I got kilt.’

We seldom get together now that we are old, but a couple years ago we were talking about mine and Sherry’s latest ‘adventure’, hiking the Appalachian Trail. His only comment was, “Jack, I know you can do it, but why would you want to?”  In other words what is exciting about walking in the woods?

At my age I like to watch the grass grow or be fixing something. Are you a thrill seeker?  (I know Myra and Paula are/were!)

Nite Shipslog

PS: Little known facts about the USA, from Cousin Tony:  You can watch more than 100 ponies swim to Chincoteague Island every year in Virginia.

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The top fixer upper pic. taken near Opp,. Ala
                         1975 Ford Pickup

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Just a bite!

Historical Photo:
Marylin Monroe shopping, fans in the 1950's following her around. 

Okay, it's today:
Can you just take a bite?  I mean if you see something you think you would like, can you just have a taste and STOP?

Sherry has the most will power of anyone I know. She can take a bite of something I have ordered, and be satisfied. I always say, “Honey I will order you one!”  No, is always her answer.

We had friends in GITMO, I once heard the wife tell Sherry one night, “Sherry you can take a ½ gallon of Ice cream out of the refer and take a bite or a small cup, I can’t. I have eaten the whole half gallon and didn’t mean to.”  I am actually more along that line. LOL

Neither Sherry nor I are really over weight.  I am about 157.  She stays around the 136 range.  We both tell each other: I want to lose about 5-10 pounds and I will be happy. (we sorta lie)  I say to my ownself, “YOU LIE! You don’t want to, or you would!”  Probably true.

I also tell myself I am going to bed before midnight, but I am usually up until 1:30 the latest 3 AM.  I then read for 15-20 minutes.  The light is usually still on when I go to bed, Sherry is sleep reading. Most times she will stir when I go to bed and I get a kiss, and she will start reading again.

My girl can set a schedule and stick with it. Tonight she is brewing some ‘sleepy time tea.” She started this a few days ago. I don’t mind, I like tea. Not as much as coffee, but I understand TEA is good for you (For what? Right now I have no idea, but I will drink it).  AND besides she just read off the carton to me, ‘this tea has been cherished since the days of the ancient Egyptians as an antidote to life’s complications!'

Now I feel much better. If 'em Pharoah's liked it, it must be good!  I added some local honey. This is great!

Life is great. I cannot think of anyone in the entire world I would rather grow old with than my Sherry.  I hope she feels the same (she tells me she does), since she very ‘seldom lies,’ I believe her!

Tomorrow imma try to write about something worth reading. Maybe I will talk about the full moon, or like the one tonight that I have referred to as: a moon that 'is holding water’.

Nite Shipslog

PS: Little known facts about the USA, from Cousin Tony: The inventor of the Ouija board lived and died in Baltimore; his tombstone stands as a reflection of his achievement.
Since I do not remember ever seeing a Ouija board, I had to find that tombstone.

Elijah Bond’s name is on the reverse side.
*******1954 Packard Clipper**********

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

That underpinning

Historical Photo:

(Sherry's sister Lennie and Elmer courting on the porch! Sherry also courted on that porch! Notice this house has no underpinning!)

Someone underpinned the above house, originally it was only on pillars.

Old Houses on pillars

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Thinking back some:
Back when people swept their yards there was no grass. Play places were created using one's imagination.

One of the best places to play when I was a child was ‘under the house’. That was before underpinning. I must admit, mama wasn’t that thrilled because all the playing (not praying) was on my knees. My ‘overhauls’ took a beating.

But the dirt was soft, and I could make endless roads and towns for my cars to be driven on.  I
 could even dig ditches and put water in them for rivers. We could play under there for hours. You seldom found a girl under the house, it was just a little too dirty for ‘em.

 Mark Davidson, nephew, and Sherry's dad (note:no underpinning!)

We became engineers when it rained. Shucks, since the houses had no gutters, the rain ran off all the way around the house. We could dig our river beds and have real running water under our bridges. Boys could make lakes and the creeks from the rivers were endless.

What we called underpinning ruined that down south. Of course the closing in made the house easier to heat in the winter. Curtain walls were built with a small access door for maintenance. But that meant it was dark under the house, ruining a great play place.
 The Nieces, Brenda and Vickie with Grandpa Wiley probably the same Easter!

When I became a builder I learned that a foundation was required as well as the curtain walls. Just for fun I would get into friendly discussions with the inspectors with the structural importance of the foundation and the walls. Up north the curtain walls did serve an important function, heating is much more important due to the lower temps. But for many years I could point out homes still sitting on Rocks, brick/block pillars and not underpinned. They had withstood winds for many years.

Sherry and I drove past my Great Grandpa Hilley’s homeplace a while back. It was never fastened to a foundation, still stands much over a hundred years later.

In the end one inspector said, “You may be right Darnell, but you are still going to bolt that base plate to the foundation. We have saved a lot of 2x8 lumber after the house was blown away!”  Of course we both got a big laugh, we both knew I would follow the required construction standards.

All that aside, I think all laws and rules should pass a logical present day test, simply, does it work? Is it necessary?

Nite Shipslog
PS: Little known facts about the USA
                                Thanks.. Tony D.
Montana's Glacier National Park has a canine "bark ranger" that helps herd wildlife away from high-traffic areas.
I didn’t know this and we have been there and drove the ‘Highway to The Sun’ in Glacier.

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 This was a new car, about the time the Easter pictures above were taken.