Monday, October 15, 2018

Sick as a dog (A term from my youth)

Cars as art:
1984 Ferrari  288  GTO listed among the top 20 most beatiful cars in the world.

Now for today:
Yesterday I took to the bed. My stomach hurt something fierce.  I crashed and did not get out of the recliner until after midnight methinks.  I then climbed into the bed fully clothed sans shoes.
My girl reminded me today that I did not blog last night.  I realized a few minutes ago that I also has not read the comments.  I always appreciate the comments.   Lisa is right about the dead or ‘sick’ trees.  Pictures of the tree is also good to have.  The owner is responsible for the damage when the ‘sick’ tree falls.  I also heard it is good to talk to the neighbor about it if you know them well enough not to cause a rift. The tree may not fall ever on your property and the stink would have been useless.  That is a call one must make as far as stirring up a neighbor.
Sherry has two brothers still.  We took the older one and his wife out for dinner today since we plan on leaving ASAP this week.  AND YES! We are anxious to head down the road.
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Saturday, October 13, 2018

The Law of the TREE!

When cars were art!
 2001 Austin Martin Vanquish voted one of the worlds most beautiful cars.

Have I said anything about fallen trees here?  I cannot remember.  When trees fall on property your house from your own front yard of course it is your tree and your problem.  Common sense, that is a no-brainer, a term I have heard over the years.

BUT when the tree in your neighbors front yard falls over on your house, That also becomes YOUR TREE and YOUR RESPONSIBILITy.  Many people do not know that, I sure didn’t until hurricane HUGO came from Charleston all the way to Gastonia, NC on our anniversary many years ago.
A huge tree fell from a neighbor’s yard and smashed my BIL Vernon’s  truck.
     (Pics from the net not mine)

He called me to come down and take pictures before “The Neighbor moved the tree to show it was not his tree.” I went down, made a movie and some snap shots.

Imagine OUR surprise when the neighbor’s insurance man said, “The only damage on your neighbor’s property is the tree stump. We will cut the tree at the property line, I’m sorry for your loss, but we insure his property not yours.  That part of the tree the property line on is your tree now.”

Now that doesn’t seem fair to me. There are several incidences in this county now from Tropical Storm Michael, and people are beginning to learn the facts of fallen trees.
 Have you had any insurance rule surprises?

Nite Shipslog

Many people are still suffering from the storm that hit NC &SC.  Then Michael shows up and the pictures I have seen from the Gulf coast are horrible.   WE should do what we can in the way of sending donations thru trust worthy causes.  Our district churches just sent a truck load of supplies to eastern NC.  I like to see the churches involved, after all that is part of our obligation as Christians.

Friday, October 12, 2018

We have our home back.....

Cars of Art:
 2004 Aston Martin chosen as one of the most beautiful cars in the world.

Now for tonight:
Finally nearly four weeks living without our home we get the call. The surging was caused by clogged fuel filters. They were replaced, all is well, the coach is ready.  Four weeks is the longest we have been out of a motor home, van or tent in 22 years.

We parked the coach in California and flew to our last and final 50th state, Hawaii. We were gone a week.  Then two weeks while the coach was worked on a couple years ago.  We missed this sucker.

We left NC around 4AM to get to Atlanta and leave before the traffic got too bad.  However it is always bad in Atlanta, imma thinking.

A few wrinkles in the beginning, and we did not get started back until 11AM.

It felt good to look over at my girl and say, “Honey we are the luckiest people in the world.”

In talking about our good friends here on the internet I did not mention Glenda. Glenda came into our lives when she was about 10 years old when we & her family attended the same church in Missouri. She is the oldest girl in a family of a bunch. She grew up and was one successful person with an international investment group. We stayed in contact loosely until the last 6-10 years. She retired to Okee, in Florida, and for many years assisted her ‘Aunt NEE’.  We got to know ‘Nee’ and caught up with the rest of the family. Glenda e-mails and comments. Love that girl.

I miss old Robert and his wife from Athens, Greece along with Aly (Life with Aly) and Mortonlake (who is  still fighting MS) from the UK. I don’t think I have any international regulars anymore. But it felt good when I did.

Robert teaches the German language in Athens.

I just wanted to say thanks again for just being around bloggersville so we all can talk.

Anyway, we will be transferring from the house to the motor home. We will be hoping not to miss anything, but we probably will.

I am hoping to at least reclaim the big repair bill when we sell the motorhome in 3,5 or 7 years, better not stretch it further. hahahaha 

Nite Shipslog

Ma had a graphic today that yanked my chain,  Sherry and I talked about it on the way home:

Don’t let the things that mean most, take the place of  things that mean least.  (or something like that)

Remember the homeless abd missing  from the last terrible hurricane, and you will see how lucky the rest of us are.

Thursday, October 11, 2018

Jackie, thats my name, music the game

Cars of Art:  2004 Porshe 911 listed in the top 20 beautiful cars in the world

Now for tonight:
My family is from Georgia (USA).  I have heard that we came from Ireland, Scotland, England and France.  I am not sure.  I tried looking up my ancestors, but I get lost as the Tree gets Bigger and bigger. I did get back to 1815 but that was still in Georgia.

I have a friend who drops in on occasion from South Georgia. I think we are kin since we have the same first name, Jackie. (Of course when I was little I thought I was kin to Jackie Robinson, since we had the same name.) Daddy never told me different. Jackie (Teacher's Pet) lost her mom this year, her dad served in WWII I believe. We camped not too far from her but never met. Piano & teaching is her game. me being Jackie too, I was a great (not) trumpet player at one time. I am amazed at the references to music from bloggers. Lots of music around.

I really don’t know where some of my internet friends are from, but remember Ora? She has had a rough time lately and hasn’t blogged in a month of Sundays. Sherry keeps me informed about her from FB. Ora has a lot of tales. She is the wife of a retired Army Chaplain and that lady does have some great tales. WE met them in Kentucky. A great couple.

There are times you meet someone who just clicks. I met Gary (Kentucky dude) hubby of Blogger Debbie. Gary is an Auto mech. One line I remember that cracked me up. Debbie asked him, “Gary do you have your pocket knife?”

Answer we boys will understand, “Got my pants on ain’t I?” (meaning: OF COURSE I have).

They have a sweet daughter, ex-blogger Terri. Many of my friends opted for FB, and aren’t here anymore, but they are still my distant friends.

‘SalemsLot9’ drops in every once and awhile, You  gotta love that blog name. It is amazing to me how many lady bloggers are married to musicians or music associated dudes. John (hubby) plays and even has built guitars for famous people.

There is Woody up n NY. Retired LEO. just tonight he put a music entry on "Old Woody's Boomer Page".

 Nana Diana  I met thru Chatty. She is my newest friend methinks. She has a very interesting Blog and also has the same interests of Sherry and I, TRAVEL. I look forward to reading ‘Nana Diana Takes a Break’.

Now thinking of you guys, has helped me thru a tough time. I like to enjoy thinking and imagining what and how you are doing.

Life is good. And the internet sure helps. I think of the people and places I would have missed if I had not lived to see it. SWEET!

Nite Shipslog

Sister Shirl blogged... She played several instruments. and loved music.

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Tar Heels ain’t all bad!

Cars of Art:
 The Hanomag Herschal Orion. Motor home classic

Now for tonight:
Well we finally got the call.  Work is progressing nicely on the motor home. The mechanic sees it ready Thursday if today’s tests are good. I am writing before I know so if the word comes in before this posts, I will hang it at the end.  Meanwhile I am really feeling much better as I think of good things, and those are my friends on the internet.

I appreciate anyone who reads the trivia I write, and of course I appreciate the comments.  I like the comments, but just knowing someone reads it is good. I started following Jimmy’s Journal a long time ago.  Jimmy is in realestate but his love is entertaining, methinks. He is a singer down in the Miami area. He has an informative and witty blog with a great layout.

Tar Heels (NC)
Southern Comfort, by Sheila has been AWOL for awhile. Sheila moves a lot, nearly as much as we do. She talks about her sweet family and STUFF. She is a fortunate lady, if she would have had a choice of parents she could have picked no better than the Lord. She is the Daughter of Jean & Grover of Opp, Alabama. We were fortunate to meet her parents for dinner once, and of course Jean is as amazing in person as in her Blog. Sheila for a while was in NC (where we met her). She and Shirl used to get together on the net to snow dance. They tried to encourage snow in NC. They succeeded once I think!

Blue Ridge Boomer, a transplanted Floridian to NC does a short blog, but always neat and to a point. She is a quilter, and animal lover. She works in the NC State forestry service.

And then there is Lisa (Life Away From the Office Chair), one of the latest Blogger I follow and comments here. She is an amazing lady who wanted to lose some weight and got into the Nutrisystem. She has been so successful she is a spokesperson for the product. She has traveled for ‘advertisement shots’ but is always glad to get home to NC. Funny that, Lisa knows some of the same folks we do, and they always give her a thumbs-up as a standup solid lady.  On her blog you will see some great recipes and some amazing crafts.

Side note: It looks like Jean in Opp may be getting the rough edge of the storm. Remember them in prayer.

Nite Shipslog

PS: Motor home update:  
Afternoon call: Everything put together all is well except, the engine is surging and they have not found out the cause yet. Still on hold..