Tuesday, July 5, 2022

I’m Lost in an unknown world….

  Today’s automobile:

 The Funeral home offers an upgrade from the bicycle for $189.99, just afraid it would bother my ears..  ;-)  But my boys would like it. With the $189.99 Sherry gets a family car, a bike with a side car. :-O....

Some thoughts for today:

As a child I saw a few wrecks on the highways. A couple of them resulted in deaths. One death was a child. I remember my dad ran back to see if he could help. It was in 1947. The old black man who lost a child was holding him. Dad repeated many times over the rest of his life what he heard the man say as he walked, crying, praying and talking. What struck my Dad were these words, “I’se just trying to get my children home!” 

I have a recording of a sermon my dad preached, it is barely audible now, but in that sermon he talked about his children. He wanted us all to make it to Jesus and home. He said, quoting the old man, “I’m just trying to get my children home.”

The only words my dad ever had to say about those accidents to us (sister and I) was, “Children (They didn’t say kids back then) when you drive you must be very careful, drive safely, there is danger on the roads, you have to stay alert.”

I don’t claim to know everything. But I do worry sometimes if maybe we try to explain these tragedies in too much detail to children. Phycology and Psychiatry have their place of course, but I don’t think every child needs it.

First of all most of the mass shootings/killings CANNOT be explained except that some person has a short-circuit in their brain.  There are too many controversies between the ‘wise men/women who are supposed to know the reasons.’

I’m as confused as the next guy, and the short little bit I watched the news on our NEW TV, I am more confused.

BUT in the end there is not a thing wrong with teaching children the 10 commandments. There is NOTHING wrong with teaching them that repentance and sorrow can do nothing but good. There is also nothing wrong with suggesting good models, it is pretty hard to find a better one than Jesus.  Just sayin’.

I have said many times, even an atheist will agree that the big TEN are good rules, they are really common sense!…..


TV, Smart, Dumb?

  Today’s automobile:

 Since it won't be long now, I have arranged for a cheap funeral.........

Some thoughts for today:

I knew it was stupid to order another TV for the house. The one here worked only after I jury-rigged the ‘ON’ button with a ‘C’ clamp.  We actually only turn on a TV once in a while or during some crisis. If our TV’s had a timer they would register less than 4 hours a year.

BUT if we have overnight visitors they would be lost I the evenings without the TV. SO before we left for the mountains I had ordered a TV, a good deal from Amazon. But the delivery date was delayed until we were gone. So when we returned it was here and I set it up. OUCH!

I would like for once in my later years to buy some new electronics that you could plug in and TURN-ON.  HA!

You smart folk would take it in stride. My grand kids could have built the thing. If my great grands could lift it into place they could have set it up.

OK, I finally got it so we could use the antenna!  Are we the only ones in the country who still use a roof top antenna?  LOL!  It still takes 4 steps with the remote to get to the antenna part of the TV, you can’t just hit ON and go.

I think we can get 3,765 ½ channels. They do get garbled at times but the picture is clear most of the time.

Good luck to you OLD folks if you buy a new TV or washing machine…… (The washing machines may be hooked to the internet too, I don’t want to find out!)  LOL  Laughing at myself…..

Now if I can get my pictures down loaded from our cameras……………. 

That is my thoughts for today.


Monday, July 4, 2022

I am sorta ashamed

  Today’s automobile:

 I love this picture, I am older than this car....

Some thoughts for today:

For the first time in my 83+ years I have had to be reminded that this was the 4th of July!  It is also scary that I had to ask my sweetheart how old I am.

I knew it was the 4th holiday time, but I was in the dark until I said, ‘I must check when they are going to collect garbage since this is near the 4th’ , and Sherry said, “This is the Fourth!”  (I am not sure the above can be a sentence, but it is fact! :-O )

I have been behind for a while, I will catch up in the next few days.

I have glanced at Blogs, but can’t get my head into this yet.

Imma go out and sit in the swing awhile.




Sunday, July 3, 2022

A cat tale: Surprise, fun, disappointment, shock

  Today’s automobile:

 1919 Dodge Brother's Car

Some thoughts for today:

We were in the mountains for a day and a half visiting friends. Then grocery shopping. On the second load into the RV door I looked down and behind the front wheel of the RV was a yellow kitten looking up at me! It Looked just like one of the ferals. IT WAS ONE ! Somehow that little tom cat rode many miles under the coach somewhere, and did not jump out at the traffic lights we stopped out. Then did not eat except for maybe ants. Normally when that diesel starts at home cats head for the neighbor’s or the woods.

He approahed us but would not let us touch him for a time. He ate and after 2 days we coxed him into the coach to eat. But he made it back outside as quickly as possible. We wanted him to be able to ride back in the coach.

Using a plastic drawer from our basement I made a litter box using dirt and some sawdust. I put him in it and dug with my fingers. He dug once and jumped out.

In an hour He actually jumped in, dug him a little hole and peed and covered it. Later he pooped and covered it up. WE had him. He had a ball in the coach and spend Sat. Night in the coach. Sunday morning we were real careful every time we opened the door made sure Tommy Tom did not escape. We hooked up the car and checked out. A few miles down the road we could not find Tommy. I pulled over and we searched everywhere we could imagine. Somehow that sucker had snuck out.

It would be a big thing to U-turn and head back up the more narrow roads, get permission to reenter the park and try to find Tommy, so we continued on. I said, “Kittens are so cute he will have no problem finding a camper that will take him.” We had tried so hard to get him back home. Then about 20 miles down the road Sherry heard, “Meow!” The sucker had appeared to use the litter box.

We were all smiles the rest of the way. Holding him and petting him. He even rode on my lap awhile as I drove.

At home? At first Mama rejected him. She didn’t believe all his stories about riding the coach and visiting towns and woods and wrapping grandpa and grandma around his little paw.  Finally she allowed him to nurse, and I rewarded her with some warm milk…..

This was a unique adventure.


PS: SOME Surprises can be extra nice…..

Sunday, June 26, 2022

Looking for trouble

  Memorable car of the day:

 1941 Chrysler Newport, Is this dude cool or what?

For today:

I caught myself looking under the kitchen and vanity sinks today for leaks. Funny that, it is like insurance, it seems when I check there is never a leak, BUT FORGET and when you least expect it, someone will notice & say, “There is a leak under the sink!”

It is like the saying, “Has a battery ever gone dead at a GOOD time?”

I know it is good to check the plumbing every once in a while as well as the battery on the lawnmowers. MOST of the time nothing is needed.

Over our later life time we have had some rental properties. I cannot manage rentals I KNOW I am an easy touch so we have a manager. He charges 10% to handle troubles, collect and deposit our share.

We have only one rental at present. It normally pays the taxes and insurance plus maintenance on both ‘Condos’. These are condos, but until Sister Shirley leased this side, it was always a ‘Duplex’.  Something bugged Shirl about living in a duplex, but a condo? Yeah that is cool. LOL


My dog Ace, stands watch on this etrance to the condos.

Anyway, Mr. Hunter (manager) called to say there was a leak next door, estimate to fix……. $3,500!  WHAT? Shucks plumbing the whole house only costed $2000………. Don’t tell me, Sherry already reminded me that was 25 years ago. LOL

I will be looking for someone who can do it more reasonable, or I will do it myself.  I just hate to interrupt the renter’s lives while it is being done, this will be a few days job, possible 2 weeks.  That is a long time to have someone in and out of your house.

Nite Shipslog

PS a: I should be here for one more entry, if not we will see you when we get back from the mountains….

PS b: Gotta remember this!!!

“Learn to smile at every situation. See it as an opportunity to prove your strength and ability.” — Joe Brown


Saturday, June 25, 2022

Too hot to play…

  Today’s automobile:

1950 Merc, cuatomized


Some thoughts for today:

Great Granddaughter Stella is playing ‘fast pitch’ soft ball. Sherry had a shower to attend, but we did get to go to the first game.  It was a hot day, yeah I know it is hot all over this year.

Fast pitch is amazing. Those kids can let that ball fly. Stella was Shortstop, but mid game the coach replaced the pitcher and catcher. Stella did the catching, did a great job and that replacement pitcher was FIRING that ball (I was surprised at the speed). I didn’t get any great pictures, but any pictures of your grands is good.

 (You are OUT!)

Stella was a better catcher than the starter, I was pleased, even in the heat, she did a good job.  She also scored one of their 2 runs. The kid is a good hitter but she was walked. Then stole bases all the way around the field. She is  fast.

She is relaxing a little while the Umpire checked the time...

I didn’t know it but she was having some problems with her left hand. Here she is after the game hauling her ‘stuff’. I could tell she was favoring that left hand. You can see the results of the sun on her face, even with all the gear covering the catcher…..


Oh in closing. Here is a shot of our Pent House for the birds. It wasn’t used this year and I have it squirrel proof, still no takers.


That was our Saturday Morning......


PS: . “If you see someone without a smile give them one of yours.” — “Too often we underestimate the power of a touch, a smile, a kind word, a listening ear, an honest compliment, or the smallest act of caring, all of which have the potential to turn a life around.” — Leo F. Buscaglia

Friday, June 24, 2022

Sleep eating… Is it possible?

  Today’s automobile:

 This would be a dream to have....

Some thoughts for today:

Okay, this is fact. I love Butter Pecan Ice Cream but seldom buy it. Last grocery trip Sherry was getting Frozen Yogurt and I decided to pick up some Butter Pecan Ice Cream.

Our Ice cream eating time is evening. I seldom take a sleeping pill, when I do I cut them in half. Well nite before last I took a whole pill. I couldn’t clear my mind and knew I would have a tough time getting to sleep.

I had eaten out of the container two times. There was about 2/3rds left. About an hour after taking the pill I got a small bowl of BUTTER PECAN! After eating the small bowl I took it into the kitchen to wash the bowl and do my nightly job of clearing any dirty dishes, preparing coffee and doing general cleaning. I finished, ME “Heck, I think I will get an exra spoonful of that delicious Butter Pecan Ice cream.” I took the container out, I remember eating a couple spoons full………… then all of a sudden I woke up, standing at the counter and the container was CLEAN, empty, I mean empty. I was holding the spoon.  I do not remember eating it, I didn’t even enjoy the pleasure of the taste!!

(Mine was cleaner than this!)

I told Sherry the next morning. She said, “I was puzzled the kitchen was as usual, except the counter at the coffee pot was very sticky!”

I sure would like to blame it on something.  I tried blaming Sherry but that didn’t work!

Imma tell you standing there holding that empty container, I was CONFUSED!  I could say age, because Sherry is getting up there you know! BUT, Now, I may FIB every once in a while, but that girl will not tell a story!

I must be a Sleep-eater!


PS: . ¨Smile is the beauty of the soul.¨- Lailah Gifty Akita