Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Be Thankful, Prime the Pump

Historical Photo:
                          1936 Ohio River flood, Louisville, KY

This is Thanksgiving day 2017!
I remember learning to prime a hand pump at grandpa Hilly’s home in North Georgia. Priming meant pouring in a small amount of water to cause a suction then the handle was activated and pull the water up from the source at the bottom of the well.
As a child one of the first examples of priming the human pump I ever saw, was at Silver Springs, Florida. I have related this here before, but it fits here also. As a child Dad took the family to Silver Springs. It was especially interesting to me because the glass bottom boat skipper in telling the history of the spring said much of the Tarzan movies was filmed here. There were still monkeys in the trees from those days.
At the end of the short boat trip, we docked and everyone stood to exit. I was still looking around when I saw the skipper take a fifty cent piece and throw it in the glass bottom portion of the boat and say loudly, “Thank you sir, thank you sir!” At that time the passengers starting digging into their pockets and wallets for money to throw into the boat as a tip. Had the man not ‘primed the pump’ (invested 50 cents, he would have received nothing as a tip).

There is a true statement, “To have friends, you must first show yourself friendly.”(Prime the pump)

There is a story and a song about a man finally escaping the desert after being lost. Outside an abandoned shack he sees a pump. In the shade of the pump he sees a tin can filled with water. There is a faded note. DO NOT drink this water. Use it to prime the pump and you will have all the fresh cool water you want, but if you drink this, it will be all you or anyone else will get from this well. When you finish, fill the can. Trust me, prime the pump!
The man debated, what if the prime doesn’t work? Etc.  He finally primed the pump, and got his water. Now to Thanksgiving! So BE THANKFUL, It will cause someone else to be thankful. (help someone, touch someone)
There is a lesson there somewhere.
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Our body:
Every human spent about half an hour after being conceived, as a single cell. Shortly afterward, the cells begin rapidly dividing and begin forming the components of a tiny embryo.

(I might have missed some of ‘em important cells!)

The little guy didn't wait for all his cells before he was born.

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

About that Million dollars for retirement

 zHistorical photo:
When you could see what you were getting, The gas was in the glass containeer on top, pumped up there by the customer.

Money, and people’s approach to it has always fascinated me. I have known people who could save a ‘little’ on any salary. I have also known folk with a good salary, who could never earn enough and lived from payday to payday. Many times borrowed before next payday.
I remember reading about the gentleman bandit in the Detroit area. He robbed banks, was always dressed nice and was very mannerly as he robbed a bank. When he was caught and exposed, he had been an industry executive earning six figures for many years. He lost his job, had no savings and could not tell his wife nor neighbors. So he augmented his income by ‘going to work every day’, he was 'working', planning for the next bank he was going to rob.

To me and most of you, if we had earned hundreds of thousands of dollars a year for even ten years we would be set for life if we never worked again. I wondered why the ‘gentleman bandit’ didn’t do the same.

The title of this blog comes from an article I read online, ”How long will YOUR million dollars in savings last in retirement?” 

(My first question was WHO HAS A MILLION SAVED FOR RETIREMENT?) They promised to give you a rundown by state. Well on my computer system that is ‘click bait.’ And I know if I clicked on the article I would have 50 pictures and notes before I actually found the best place to take Sherry’s MILLION dollars.

Now this is no secret, iffn we had a million dollars in savings it would outlast us. Our kids also would do pretty well. ;-)

Now don’t get me wrong, Sherry knows I could spend that million in a couple years. Probably from Amazon alone. LOL that is ‘IF’ we had the million!

I did come close to borrowing a million$ once, it was approved by the bank president. If it was handled correctly and the building industry stayed strong I could have made that million, but Sherry and I decided the stress was not needed. Taking her advice we dropped the idea. I really wanted to be a millionaire but we have never regretted dropping the idea.

This alternate life style is much better. One trip around the USA & through Canada is worth a million dollars. We have had several, so we are way ahead.
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Fact about this wonderfully made body.

About 32 million bacteria call every inch of your skin home. But don't worry, a majority of these are harmless or even helpful bacteria.

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The Jeepster.. Friend, Theodore Woods, had one of these in 1954.

Firemen and Television

The Historical picture of the day:
                                           Howdy Doody and Buffalo Bob

 I associate Sears/Roebuck candy counter with the smell of cashews. Chanel #5 is Sherry. A bakery smell is Valdese, NC. In 1950 I was eleven years old and had never seen anything except a test pattern on a television, as I mentioned on the last entry. When I see a fire station I think of the first TV program I ever did see.

Once in Albemarle, NC I walked a block to see my buddy Ray Sides. My dog Ace, was always with me. Ray’s mom said he was at the fire station. We walked on to the fire station, it was only a couple blocks.

I had never been inside a fire station. This one was new. Ace and I felt strange, we could see the big fire engine because the door was open. As I stood there looking at that big red fire engine wondering what to do, the smaller door opened it was Ray. “Hey Jack, come on in.” 

“I have Ace.” Ray said wait, I will be right back.
“The chief says you can bring Ace in.”  So in we went.

WE sat on the floor with three other boys. We all stared up at the television. There was a test pattern showing, but the difference I noticed was this was a big picture, it was a 19 inch television. I had only seen a test pattern on a six inch one.

“They are going to let us watch Howdy Doody,it comes on in a minute.” I had no idea what Howdy Doody was, and I didn’t care I wanted to see it. When it came on all the firemen gathered around also. I loved it. What a great thing, television, not just test patterns.

Those Firemen did not have to let us watch the TV. I often wonder, does this sort of thing happen for kids today?

They let us come back every day to watch something. The only rule was if there was a fire alarm we were to go outside and after the fire truck left, we were to go home.

Those firemen will always be remembered warmly for allowing boys whose families could not afford a TV, to watch Howdy Doody on a new Black & White TV!

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About this wonderfully made body:
The most common blood type in the world is Type O. The rarest blood type, A-H or Bombay blood, due to the location of its discovery, has been found in less than hundred people since it was discovered.

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 1950 Chevy and Ford, New cars when I first saw a moving picture on a Television

Monday, November 20, 2017

Truck drivers and Television

Today’s Historical Photo:

 The magic mysterious Television before it was simply TV!

Truck Drivers and Television
As early as I can remember I admired tractor and trailer drivers. I heard they drove as far away as Florida and New York.
Truckers wore  uniforms including hats. Some wore award pins to indicate how many miles they had driven without a ticket or accident.
 (That is Uncle Hisure at the door in his trucker's uniform)
By the time I was 7 or 8 I had uncles and cousins who were driving trucks. Some of them bought their trucks, others just drove for ‘The Man’. Long haul truckers made more money than local drivers of course. When they were trying to save money my Uncle Hisure told me they ate ‘trucker’s soup’ which was water and ketchup with soda crackers.
Back then a trucker would teach a novice to drive for $100. That being the novice must take three or four trips and log so many hours behind the wheel. Hisure made what he called a ‘rabbit box’. This was before the great sleeper trucks of today. He knocked out his back window and built a wooden box for one driver to sleep in going down the road. They crawled in and out from the cab. Aunt Agnes made him a curtain.
He taught my brother Odis to drive and Odis started driving for the same trucking company, Akers Motor lines. Odis drove to New York City and hauled goods back to NC. He brought the most amazing thing back once, He called it a Television. It was like big box radio, except it had a six inch glass they called a screen. We would sit and watch that little bright light for hours, there was nothing on it but test patterns at times. The nearest television station was in Charlotte, NC and that was 60 miles away and did not reach Shelby. Test patterns were odd shapes we had never seen before.
 Telling a kid that today with all the electronic gadgets and toys they have, they would know we were crazy or at least stupid.

But to us it was amazing. We were told that one day it would actually be like a radio that you could see. I just dreamed of seeing The Long Ranger on that little screen one day.
 Some of you are old enough to remember that. But forever after I pictured the Truck Driver as visiting magic places that had things like TVs that worked. My brother had seen them and knew it was true.
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PS: Now about this wonderfully created body:
*******  *****************  ************
****Three hundred million cells die in the human body every minute.  (I asked, are you  sure?)  He says  for adults let’s say 60,000,000,000 in 24 hours
****Like fingerprints, every individual has a unique tongue print that can be used for identification

Sunday, November 19, 2017

My Wonderfully made body has CRASHED

The Historical picture of the day:
 If I have posted this before forgive me. But this is the first day in Sweden that they started driving on the right side of the road. Can you imagine here in the USA if we had to switch to driving on the left side?
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Now about my body CRASH!
I have visited many old folk’s homes. We have entertained at times and been a part of a group to minister to the old folk. I never pictured myself in such a facility or even being OLD. 

Earlier I remember the smell of urine very strong. I remember men with skin hanging on bones, very wrinkled. I remember thinking, the muscles are gone. I felt sorry for these OLD people. How sad for their bodies to come to this.

Hold that picture.
Many years ago my girl attended Yoga classes. I joined her at home going thru some of the exercises. I remember only a few names and positions. Yoga is one of the best exercise routines. 

Back to me. My girl probably doesn’t know it but she brought my attention to something I have missed. One day she said to me, “I never thought I would see you with love handles.” We both laughed, I thought she was kidding. Then one night after she had drifted off to sleep, I got up and checked out the mirrors she uses to do her hair, you know, in front and behind.

So nude I stood at those mirrors and looked at my back. OUCH, sure enough I had two hunks of fat the size of 5 lb bags of sugar on the back side of my Waist at my hips. CRAP! I had not seen this from the front.

Since that time I have tried to exercise those ‘love handles’ off to no avail. Besides walking from 2-4 miles a day at a pretty good clip, lately after my writing here, I take 15-20 minutes to go thru some Yoga and exercise routines. I do not remember the names of the Yoga positions, but one I remember is ‘the plow.’ 

Lying on my back I lift my legs and roll them back over my head and ‘try’ to touch my toes to the floor. (OF course at this time I still do not touch the floor.) I do this with my eyes closed for some reason.

Of course I THINK I look this pretty, but I can get about this far on the Plow position. (40 yrs ago I could actually touch my toes to the floor!)

Now to the point of this entry. Last night for the first time I can remember I opened my eyes in the Plow position. Of course I am looking up at my legs. I about passed out in surprise. I AM ONE OF THOSE OLD MEN IN THE NURSING HOME! My skin is hanging down, the wrinkles are round at my knees, and the skin is crepe. I could not see one muscle, just hanging skin. CRAP! I am old. Maybe I won’t open my eyes again and try to forget the sloppy looking skin……………. Nope I won’t soon forget that. But I will work to correct it. (can it be done?)

Imma blame Rick’s Jilda for reminding me of Yoga. Or maybe just Rick.
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About that wonderfully made body of YOURS:

Human lips have a reddish color because of the great concentration of tiny capillaries just below the skin.
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 I never owned a '50 ford, They were considered fast by my generation. I know the ford could 'burn rubber' in two gears. Anyway I saw one today that looked like new.