Friday, December 9, 2022

What is a dream worth? (Part 1)

 Today’s one of a kind:

 Honestly, this cantilever creation confuses me.

Some thoughts for today:

Most humans are dreamers of some kind.

Dreams of love, riches, peace, health etc

 Most dreams are a combination of goals, aims or even needs. We have traveled to countries where I could not blame anyone for having a dream of LIVING IN THE USA!

Some countries we have visited I said, “If I lived here I would do anything to reach the USA.  If I was on the border I would try to cross until I made it.” No, I do not approve of open borders, there must be control, but that has nothing to do with dreaming of a better life.

For instance, Haiti or Mexico there are areas you will cry. Where homes have dirt floors, no water and no toilet facilities.

This is a great country, Sherry & I have been blessed. We had a dreams and worked toward them. I remember VERY WELL when we reached a position that we could eat out, IN RESTAURANTS!  Sherry would say, “I don’t envy the wealthy, but I want us to have enough that we can eat out one or two times a week.”

I would laugh and say, “Me too Honey, But I would like to have enough that, if I wanted dinner in Hawaii tomorrow, we could do that.”   LOL

Most of us are smart enough to know dreams from reality.

A couple days ago, after we went to the bank to withdraw money for Christmas Presents, I had to smile.  Sherry was preparing cards that son Mark was going to deliver to NC.

(NOTE: Sherry sends checks to the boys and grand's on Christmas & birthdays. She is the keeper of the books, Me? I can do with a few $  off in my balance, but not Ms Sherry, she balances to the penny! In the past 2 years some of those cards were lost, never cashed. She has carried checks for 2 years awaiting returns or posting, nada)

Considering the note: When she can, she wants to use cash and hand it to them. If mailing? She does checks.

But back to what I was saying: As she divided up the cash here on the table, I laughed saying, “Remember when one of those bills was more than our monthly income?”  WE both stopped and did some remembering, and our dreams, many of which have come true.

(In one of our 8'x30' trailer! It was an upgrade from 26' LOL)

 (Entry too long, continued tomorrow)



Thursday, December 8, 2022

Family Deaths happen...

 One of a kind:

 Buick to Motorhome conversion ..

Today’s Wisdom(?)  LOL :

Sherry & I have out lived many of our peers.  We are the last of both of our families also.  My mind does not hold on to dates of deaths. I have lost an unnamed brother he was born after me and did not live long, was never named.

 Sisters, Ovaltine, Kat and Shirley.

Brothers: Odis and Junior.

Of course Mom and Dad. None could I tell you when they passed away without intentionally looking it up. After all it isn’t like remembering our anniversary or Her birthday. LOL

This comes up because we discovered a text on one phone from a number we did not recognize, it said, “Jack, your brother died 23 years ago today."  No name attached.... WHY?

I did not remember he died on Pearl Harbor day.  I do know he left as soon as he was old enough to serve in the USN and fight.  He was the starboard gunner on a Destroyer Escort. He was highly decorated, fought many big battles and still came home. Lots of boy’s brothers did not come back.

Junior was always my hero, he became a very successful business man.  His sons served this country, one in Vietnam, they both are my heroes.

I was proud that Junior chose me to build his last home, one of the nicest homes I ever built.

I get reminders from many funeral homes reminding me of friends and loved ones who past over the years.  In an example, Just a few days ago I got a notice: “It has been 5 years since Paul David Page passed away. Would you like to honor him with flowers?” But the text about Junior has left a strange feeling.  No name or business was attached to the text.

Anyway, Yes one of my heroes must have passed away on Pearl Harbor day. His ship also pulled into Pearl many times while he was in the Pacific. Looks like that would have stuck in my mind.

Just thinking out loud.

 Nite Shipslog

PS: BTW if that had been Junior who sent the text he would have said something like, "Dear Jackie, I am here with the rest of the family, we are fine, SEE YOU NEXT WEEK!"  He would keep me on my toes... When I was little and we got our first inside commode he threatened to flush me down it. LOL

Tuesday, December 6, 2022

Update and This and that

 One of a kind:

 I do not have this much imagination.....

(Susie at SheJunks, see PS)

Today’s Wisdom(?)  LOL :  

(ref last blog entry) I just heard from friends about a recent costume party:

Above in costume is Willie Nelson and The Wicked Witch alias friends Buddy & Di. Dianne is fairly quiet and only casts spells, BUT I betcha Willie even sang for all. Thanks for the input!

(The guy on the right was too tired to go!)

The ‘Red Hat’ that I and someone has been moving around here in a county park has disappeared. I guess that little past time is gone.

I am coughing less, thank goodness.

I found another ‘dying’ Cotton Mouth Moccasin on that trail on my last walk. It sure causes me to wonder??? Believe me none of these sightings have been dangerous, it is just so odd.

BTW I am now carrying about 23-25 lbs in the back pack. That is th weight I hope to have  for the thru-hike. I am going to make my long pack-on walks (4-5 miles) on Mon, Wed and Fri. I have also slowed down some.

Feeding that Synovial Membrane that lubs the bone joints in the body takes: olive oil, dark leafy veggies, onions, garlic, Omega-3 fatty acids (Salmon for me), green tea and nuts.  I am doing what I can to boost mine.


Jack Jr. was here in the motor home when I was putting ‘Dean Martin’ on a recent blog. He came in today singing it and said, “Dad you planted that in my mind and it won’t leave.”

Truthfully I have been singing it myself. A few songs come to mind when I think of our dating and smooching days. Sherry mentioned one today by Tony Bennett, “I know I’d Go From Rags to Riches!”

(Just a little different version)

I know YOU ALL can remember those days when you held that someone special and time just floated by.  What song do you REALLY remember? I KNOW there must be ONE!!

Nite Shipslog

PS: Susie,  we were thrilled to see the alert. Love the entry and wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. YOu are not the only one needing a techy nerd. I could not comment of 'She Junks.'  Will keep trying to fix this mess I am in. LOL 


: Costume party

 Today’s one of a kind:

 WOW check this Boeing  727 Motor home out!!! Bet this is  SUPER!

Just a question for today:

I cannot remember ever being invited to a costume party. I have thought (there I go again) I would be perplexed to decide on the costume.

Now if you were invited, and all expenses were covered, WHO or what would you like to attend as?

Imma thinking again,  I would like to be a Pirate or Popeye. I think I would like to do Popeye….

What about you?

If you do not comment regularly, go ahead, tell us!



Sunday, December 4, 2022

I am….. The Privileged!

 One of a kind:

 The Artful Dome motor home

Today’s Wisdom(?)  LOL :

I am not sure who said it to me; could have been my big sister. Someone once spoke loudly to me, “Keep that up and I will yank a knot in your tail!”

It was obvious they meant: if I kept on there would be trouble. We humans KNOW there are people of privilege in this world, whether we like it or not.  BUT actually most of those people DO NOT DEMAND special attention, even though they get it.

The news this week: The Police Chief of Tampa is in trouble because, as a passenger, she flashed her badge to keep her hubby from getting a ticket.  It worked of course, but she is sure eating crow for it.

In another incident, the ‘niece’ of an influential politician used ‘his name’ to threaten police and others as she resisted arrest by biting, scratching and kicking. She was making rude, nasty remarks to other passengers on an Airplane. The NAME did not work and she has a list of charges and a heavy bond.

Most businesses do give preferred treatment to their best customers and the same goes for ‘high profile’ officials. In my work I have come in contact with some people who were much better positioned than I, and they were always very nice, never demanding any special treatment.

I am no better than anyone else, and really no one else is BETTER than I. However position DOES tend to cause us to ‘give way’ to others.

BUT to my statement above, When I encounter someone who obviously ‘EXPECTS (or demands) PRIVILEGE” I want to yank a knot in their tail.  LOL

A reflection of yesterday’s blog entry, at that time (when someone expects privilege) my mind goes into overdrive and it is BEST if I not say what is on my mind.  (BIG SMILE)

------------    ----------------     -------------

Thank you all for being here, I appreciate it…

Nite Shipslog


Changes in our life style

 One of a Kind:


The Amphibious RV, It actually floats, but does look top heavy to me. LOL If the water got rough I would head for shore.

For today:

Once we retired we expanded our travels. We found a good manager and turned the houses over to him.  Along with the rent and our retirement we traveled. The States & Canada were simple with State, Fed and Canadian Provential parks.

We are regular church goers so we look up churches that kinda parallel our beliefs.  Years ago it was fairly simple we checked the local Phonebook (remember them?)

Earlier we traveled on a whim. For a few years actually drove hundreds of miles for volunteer work for small churches.  Then we did what we could for elderly folks in a few churches. I enjoyed the handi-work and it kept me busy on the road. BUT we have slowed down traveling as much.

I have a mental block for some aspects of religion, churches and ministers in particular.  When we give I sorta like to know to what/whom I am giving, therefore I steer clear of TV ministries. I feel confident at our local church back home so we send our main support there.

This is where the COVID has hurt a lot. There are times we turn to TV ministry. We have attended a church building much less this trip south, due to illness. WE can get our home town services WHEN THE SIGNAL WORKS BOTH WAYS!!

Personally I steer clear of the well-known TV ministries who depend on donations send in. Some seem to be teaching a ‘Give to Get’ ministry. If you send me $10, God will give you $100, etc.

 I believe if we give because we love our Lord HE will supply all your needs.  But the giving is from deep love, never expecting more than our needs.

Every church we have visited we have never felt pressure to give, but when I have watched the larger known preachers and evangelists, I have a different feeling.

I do not remember a wealthy apostle or evangelist in the scripture. I don’t think it is necessary, but you must admire those of God’s leaders who take a vow of poverty.

Nite Shipslog

PS: I  know two known TV ministers, my confidence in them is not high.  But men like Rick Warren are special and an exception:

Rick Warren, when questioned, answered, “I still live in the same house I've lived in for 22 years. I still drive the same Ford truck that I've driven for 12 years.”


After his writing success,  Warren also paid back 25 years of salary to the church. Each member of the Saddleback congregation is encouraged to give 10 per cent of his or her income to the church.Aug 14, 2011


Saturday, December 3, 2022

Speaking your mind, really?

 One of a Kind:

Another one of a kind RV!

For today:

Lying abed for two days with time to think, can be dangerous. I started noticing what my mind was doing when I wasn’t actively using it. That may sound strange, but left idle, my mind goes around the world.

Makes me wonder if I can control my mind.  When I think, I remember the few folks who say, “I speak my mind!”  They do speak out of time and many times hurting the feelings of the hearer.

Now thinking back there are many times I wanted to ‘SPEAK what was on my mind,’ but knew it would do irreversible damage to a relationship.

Being ‘frank’ is different than ‘speaking one’s mind.’ Frankness should also be guarded, but most times it is appreciated.

I can only speak for myself, my thoughts on many subjects are contrary to the standard line of thinking. Not that they are wrong nor my personal beliefs, it is just thoughts. I find it hard to control my mind’s path. Many times it roams all over the world in seconds, much faster than it could be put in words.

Yesterday just lying there I remember mama talking about certain foods can cure ills. The thought of steak & eggs came to mind, in less than a second I was sitting at a table on Corfu, a Greek Island. I was 17 or 18.

(Jenson, Sebode, & Darnell)

One of my mates said, “Let’s splurge and have steak and eggs.  I had never even heard of having ‘steak & eggs’. Ham and eggs of course. I agreed and we placed the order.  The owner called two boys over and spoke to them they both ran in different directions. We were enjoying our drinks when they returned, one carrying eggs the other meat.

WE enjoyed the meal, I learned Steak and eggs are great, although we have enjoyed it very seldom over the years.

I used that to illustrate how fast our mind travels, faster than the speed of light. Okay maybe the same, it would take light about 2 hundredths of a second for light to go 5000 miles. I think my mind was in Corfu in about that time, LOL


Maybe even faster since I had to go not only about 5000 miles but back 60+ years in time ;-).

That is a magic of this mind God gave us, we can actually time-travel in our minds. My mind just heard this… (I will take a few minutes to find it)

We used to smooch to this 'hundreds of years ago' (LOL) but the memories still stay!!! 

Sherry just heard me playing this and said, "Hey, that was before & after we got married!" (See how fast the mind can travel back 65 yrs to NC from Florida?)

Nite Shipslog