Friday, November 30, 2018

Studies, government and others

Automobiles of Art
     The dune buggy, did you  ever own one? not me.
Govt Study: Cellphone Radiation Causes Cancer in Rats
I remember Sherry once worried about holding the cell phone to her ear for long periods of time.  As I see my fellow Americans all holding the cells to their ears, as they walk, run, drive or sit in a restaurant, I know she is not quite that bad.

I have no idea how much that affect is on humans. But it seems in the past few years it would be easy to find some study that backs about any point of view you may have.

It is like that about us smokers (me a former smoker), “Hey I just read a study that a cigarette serves as a relaxer, and cuts down stress.  You know Stress kills more than cigarettes?”  or
“I have an uncle who is 95 and smokes two packs a day.”
“Yeah it could be bad for you, but so is being obese. My friends who quit are now very obese, which is worse?”
I could go on but you get the idea, we all justify our attitudes, life and habits. Right or wrong we try to do our best.  However, it doesn’t seem to suit everyone.  

Sherry and I talk about our son’s and grand’s lives (at least once a week (wink)). WE ALWAYS KNOW what is BEST, IF they would just do it (but don’t express it to them). HA!  I have noticed during my nearly 80 years on this planet that ‘if I am worrying about someone else’s life I can ignore problems of mine that I cannot solve!’  I think that is pretty normal for us humans.

WOW, today in my own life, I am smiling more. Trying to hold my girl tight more. Some problems are being solved, like our biggest concern, our wheel estate. Things are on track. We talked to the ‘fixer’ lately and an end is in sight. Sometime next week is the projected ‘end’ to the motorhome drama. She will have a new entry carpet, new Living room subfloor, new flooring in the living room, new refrigerator, new windshields and hopefully fully operative windshield wipers.
Although we now have two empty houses, fully furnished, the Motorhome is still our HOME and we miss it. 
Some place in upper Michigan....
Someplace in Florida... Same bed, same coach, same home only the Toad has changed.

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Thursday, November 29, 2018

The law of averages or beating the odds

Automobile’s of Art:

'48 DeSota coupe. The owner of this car suggested I ask Sherry Harris for a date, back in 1956, I did. We double dated in this car and she kissed me on the first date. I was SMITTEN! We were married in 1957.
BREAKING NEWS......... Sherry just read this and said, "You should have said, She let me kiss her!"  Of course she is correct!

The here and now:
 As a new General Contractor many years ago, the older builders warned me that the law of averages proves,  'if you build for family there will be trouble.' I was told, “Never build or work for family, if you do charge the same or more than you would an unknown customer.”

I ignored that rule and built for many of my kin, in-laws and siblings. We never had a major problem or falling out. I gave them the best possible price, I understood what the senior contractors were saying, but I knew my family.

There are many rules in life we are smart to adhere to. I have lived my life using the laws of average most times. Because averages usually pay off. If you are taking an exam with multiple choice answers, and have no idea what the correct answer is, pick ‘C’.  Because that position is used more for the correct answer than any other.

The law of averages says it is safer to fly than drive, but you cannot tell my girl that.

In life when you beat the law of averages you are fortunate. Sherry and I are beating the law of averages, in reference to the general population and our family histories. Sherry’s mom passed at 61, my dad at 69. 

I take no medications and Sherry takes one small pill for blood pressure. The family declares the only reason she has to take that one is being married to me. We are both at the 80 year old mark (+ and - a few months).

Today I met my girl at the entrance to the little kitchen here, she looked up at me and puckered. After a good kiss I asked, “How did you know I wanted a kiss?”

“You ALWAYS want a kiss,” she said laughing and gave me another one. Well that is pretty much true (LAW OF AVERAGES AGAIN) .  I do get less kisses in the house than the motor home though.

Nite Shipslog
 This is Sherry and Jack Jr. That car is a Rambler Ambassador.

Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Losing a few, but still winning a little at a time.

Cars of beauty and art:
The years of the upside down bathtubs.

'47 Packard

 1949 Nash 

For tonight:
No one likes to fail at anything.  Lately I have failed at setting time on my Fitbit. That isn’t bad enough but the last one I bought it took me a week to set the time and the next day I lost it somewhere???

I’m stubborn also, so I ordered another one. I finally got the time set on it. I did not know this one had to stay close to the telephone or it disconnected. Is that normal? Once disconnected it reset back to its birth settings, and now I cannot remember how I set the time.  Both times I got them set was luck, trying so many different ways.  It is packaged for a return as I type! I need tape, it is in the motor home. LOL

And we have our power with Duke Energy. I received a notice e-mail to contact them by Dec. 15 or I could no longer manage my accounts, remain paperless and have the bill deducted from our bank account. Tonight I tried for the 3rd time top follow their instructions and must have failed because I never got past them recognizing a new password that they had just approved.

I cannot go to their office because no one has local offices anymore. I cannot converse on the phone, so I will do it the old fashioned way, I will write them a letter.  IF I CAN FIND AN ADDRESS. True.  If I send the letter to the place where the bill goes, it goes unanswered, because the processors are only bill processors.  I just don’t fit anymore.

Anyway there is a BRIGHT spot. We visited our Motor home in the hospital. She has brand new windshields. Hallelujah! Not completely finished but they are in place lacking one part that is on order.  Of course while the windshield was out, they removed the old refrig and moved the new one inside. Mr. Fixit man says just after that part they will install the Refrig, do the floors and wipers.  Thank goodness that after the Windshields, it is just ‘grunt’ work, it was the windshields I was worried about. At least I can smile about something.

Sorry, I just wanted to vent tonight. Life is still good.
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