Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter was a lot of fun too!

Easter is actually the most important day of the Christian world. We believe that on this day (or a day like this) three days after being crucified, Jesus arose from the dead.
(THE TOMB, at the Church of the Holy Sepulcher in Jerusalem, Sherry has been there, I haven’t!)

The first picture and these two are from the Holy Land Experience in Orlando. The boys took sherry on her birthday.

We have some beautiful moving songs, cantatas and plays that depict this. A huge stone being rolled away and a bright light shining from within as Jesus steps forward. VERY spectacular presentations.
eggs 444
(I just read, Easter is when America goes to church)
As a kid I knew Easter, I should , being the son of a preacher. In my youth I do not remember celebrating all the happenings before the crucifixion and resurrection, JUST MAINLY the resurrection or Easter. 
BUT also as a kid I got to help or dye eggs. Boy was it fun. The most amazing thing to me was the ‘MAGIC’ pencil. I could write my name on an egg, but I could not see it.  Then mama slowly lowered it into a cup of dye and my name would appear, just like magic! What was the name of the  dye? PAAS, it was the same every year.
Imma telling you I loved boiled eggs.  It was a food packaged just right (if it peeled well).

No plastic eggs for me, the real boiled eggs. Some  folks knew how to boil eggs and not crack them. Dozens of colorful eggs. Oh yes and Easter baskets. The running to find the hidden eggs. I don’t remember ‘prize’ eggs , they were all a prize to me.  What Shirl and I didn’t eat, made some delicious ‘Deviled egg’ sandwiches.  Now is that a contradiction? Easter and Deviled eggs? Surprised smile
Most Easters the egg hunts were at the church. It was not unusual to find some eggs a week later that had been missed. When folks hid eggs when I was a kid, they HID them, they didn’t lay them out on the lawn. WE HAD TO HUNT for them.
Anyway, yeah I know too many eggs aren’t good for you, but I try to eat healthy now. In fact I might have out lived some folk who ate healthy all their lives. I think I out lived Euell Gibbons (64 yrs old)and he was a health nut, a nice guy.
Hope you are having a Great Easter.  If you are not a believer, I hope you had a great day also.
buckets full of babies
These peeps just hatched!

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We all believe in something, even if it is nothing.
dodge deora 1967 Dodge concept
Dodge Deora ‘67 (A concept car)

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Nothing lasts forever


I just took the last look at a coffee cup in the trash can.  My mind went back a trip we took with Sherry’s sister Lennie and her husband Elmer. It was their 50th wedding anniversary.  We went to the North East.

scan1996-97 074

(The tribute to the men of the sea at Gloucester, MA)

We ate lobster at a restaurant in Kennebunk, Maine. We drove by the Senior Bush’s home at Kennebunkport. 

scan1996-97 075

(The bush compound in the back ground)

We drove on up the coast, staying on the coast line where possible. We were having a great trip. We got to Bar Harbor, I volunteered to fix Vegetable soup while the other three went to sight see in Bar Harbor. I about had supper ready when the crew came back all excited. Let the soup set, we are going back down town and get tickets on the ferry that goes to Nova Scotia.

scan1996-97 076

(The Colony Hotel in Yarmouth)

Never a dull moment, and I am flexible. We did go down and got reservations on the Ferry for the next day, at the same time arranging for the coach to set in their parking lot until we got back. It was an over night trip, we were spending the night in Falmouth, Nova Scotia.  It was going to be on Elmer and Lennie’s 50th anniversary.

scan1996-97 077

(The Ferry Landing in the back ground)

Then back to the coach for my super soup and packing for an over nighter. None of us had been to Nova Scotia.

We had a great trip over and back, that was during our Souvenir coffee Cup time. So now one of the Nova Scotia cups has bit the dust. While there we learned of the great number of ships captains that has lived in Falmouth and introduced to the ‘Widow’s Walk’ on the roofs of the captains houses.  A relative flat fenced area on the roof, built so the wife could look our to sea awaiting the return of her husband's ship.

With so many ships lost at sea it became known as the Widow’s Walk, because the wives would walk for months after the ship was due in, fearing all the time she was now a widow.

It is a beautiful town and the birthplace of the Christmas song, “It’s beginning to Look  A Lot Like Christmas”.  Meredith Willson wrote the song while at the Grand Hotel, in Falmouth.

scan1996-97 079

Back to Bar Harbor and on to Ben and Jerry’s in Vermont. Amazing what one broken cup can do!

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Do you  ever feel unnecessary?  Sometimes I have that feeling. LOL



Did anyone besides us own a Corvair. We owned on sorta like this in GITMO. (That sucker leaked oil like a sieve, but it drove fantastic.

Dang old what’s his name!

Friday, March 29, 2013

This and that

(This weather makes e want to do that!)


This:  It is colder than I like it in North Carolina. My neighbor across the street, Bobby, brought his new toy over to show me. He has a little helicopter, you know, the remote control kind. I think I want one. But then I think I want a bunch of stuff, just ask my wife. Winking smile

My son is a ‘When I am through with the tool or material, just throw it in the storage building” kind of guy. I am  opposite. I like it orderly so I can find something. We share one storage building, so today I made room to walk into it. I say a few bad words, but  I finally get drill bits and tools put back in the correct drawers. I shoulda taken a picture, a before and after. Angry smile  Of course it isn’t after yet!Nerd smile  He says he can never find something after I straighten, and I can never find something until I do. hahahaha

Oh and Wayne, neighbor and fellow veteran from down the street stopped by to drop off a welcome home present, a dozen fresh brown eggs.  Smile, nice!

Heat went out in our rental house, called an old friend, George. He had it fixed in ten minutes. It was a bad capacitor. George is one good heating and Air man. I mentioned the new book, his wife MUST have one.  She is the only girl I know named Annette, like one of the original Mouseketeers.

Do you know an Annette?

I bought a new leaf blower today, it died after ten minutes, it goes back to Lowes.

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I thought everyone wanted stuff straightened, but I was wrong. Shirl thought everyone wanted things straightened, until she voluntarily straightened Dad’s desk. She was in trouble even thought she was the ‘favorite one’.



Sometimes even the Desert Ship, needs a ride.


I love this Skylark Buick!

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Final leg of the trip to NC

We had a good week in SC, a little cool but we did manage to walk a little. The day before the trip I got tangled up in pollen putting in the awnings, etc.
We normally have coffee before we hit the road, but I really wanted a cheese, ham and egg sandwich. Yep it was good, then I took the rest of the umbilical cords loose, that tie us down (water, elec & sewer). Sherry secured the loose stuff in the cabin, we hooked the van up to tow and pulled out of the woods for the Interstate. The trip on to Belmont is all interstate until we reach our exit. Then it isn’t but a couple miles to our resting place.
Leaving the park out in the woods.
SC to NC and family 001SC to NC and family 002
Then just on I-95 we hit a barrier of tail lights. See in front and in my mirror. Someone’s day is ruined. Sherry got a quick shot of the single car wreck off in the woods wheels toward us.
SC to NC and family 005SC to NC and family 009
We took I-95 to I-26 It is a pretty drive. we go from what SC calls the ‘Low country’ to their hilly section. I fuss with the folks who want the signs taken down, but they definitely help travelers looking for food or fuel.
SC to NC and family 011
This is a section of I-26 just before  Columbia, SC note the beautiful Cedars followed by the Bradford Pear in full bloom, beautiful. in the center medium.
SC to NC and family 012
Sherry had a lot of the family over. For carry in chicken from Bo-Jangles.
We reached our destination, our RV port.
(An old picture, but it looks the same)
Sherry had a lot of the family over. For carry in chicken from Bo-Jangles.  The star of course is her Great Grand daughter Stella.
SC to NC and family 021SC to NC and family 024SC to NC and family 029SC to NC and family 035
We had Shirl, Mark, Sherece, Stella, Luke, Lauren, Stephen and Jennifer over for Chicken.
We will be here, behind the house where our son is living. We pay the utilities so he doesn’t mind seeing us home.  He also gets some of mamas home-cooked meals while we are here.
This has become home, we like the RV port and car port for our van. So we are home, or as near as we get to a home.
Thanks for coming this way.
Nite Shipslog

It is always good to see Family and friends. We have been away 5-6 months, it is nice to be back for a few weeks.
This was built the year my lover was born.
I would love to have this and the Rumble seat.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Is it Allergies?

(On the road to NC this morning, posting early)

In my entire life I do not remember having any reactions during the pollen season of Spring. And besides, we haven’t even had much spring, and here I am sneezing myself silly, eyes watering and nose running.  I ask my self “Self, do you have a cold?”


I answer my self, “Heck no I don’t get colds anymore!  So it must be allergies!”

I thought allergies were for you classy and rich folk, I didn’t know common folk were allowed to have them.  My mama wouldn’t even know the word, or at least I never heard it growing up.

Maybe it is an ‘OLD AGE’ thingy.   What ever it is, I ain’t alikin it!

I noticed it first in South Carolina, everything out in the woods was covered with the green pollen, or that is what I think it is.  What ever it is I am going to protest against it, can I do that?

Do animals react to the allergies? I don’t see these silly squirrels or alligators sneezing.  Not even the dogs folks are walking around are sneezing.

I can’t help it, I make a terribly loud noise when I sneeze. It’s that little tickle up my nose, yep here comes a sneeze!  STEP BACK! Now I am gonna stop. (I hope).

I’ll be careful, I don’t want to spread this, so I will have this post checked for virus before posting it.

Wait, allergies are not spreadable are they?

Okay this is my SILLY POST the gripe nothing can be done about, but thanks for listening I must stop and SNEEEEZE!

Oh, did you know that your breath escapes at up to 200mph when you sneeze? (That could blow away a lot of stuff!)Surprised smile


I just checked, your eyeballs cannot pop out if you sneeze with your eyes open. Don’t worry about that any more. Winking smile

Nite Shipslog


Maybe I’ll take an aspirin, if I was in the Navy, that is what I would get at sick bay. LOL



Long before Allergies were born!

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

The Bench Mark!

Every political season (back when I could hear) I had to laugh at myself. I could hear a candidate make a political pitch and I would say to myself, the man is right.  At the next program break, his opponent would come on and make a speech, and I would find myself saying, hey he is right too!  I laughed at myself for being so gullible.
I try to be honest about my feelings when asked.  Sometimes I even voice them, if the subject is really important to me (too loudly on occasion). Many times other folk have honest opinions also, and they may be opposite mine.
In life sometimes there is a person who is a Bench Mark.
(Bench Mark.. A point of reference; a mark made by a surveyor on a permanent object that shows an established position and elevation and is used as a reference point.)  You cannot change a bench mark, once made it is the standard.
It is also someone others are measured by. We unconsciously  refer to George Washington and Abe Lincoln as the bench mark of honesty.
I have known three men and several women who I could say were bench marks for me. I consider myself fortunate to have known these people. Two of which were my parents. They have been gone for years, but their lives still guide my decisions in life. I wonder, were these my role models because they were older?  I don’t think that is it.  When a role model differs from you on a subject, they will express their opinion without giving the impression you are na├»ve  for not agreeing with them.
It is a trait one cannot fake, we all know when someone is belittling us, no matter how they word it. I was fortunate to have a friend, a peer who was a Bench Mark. I miss his open honesty. His ability to make me feel good about myself.
I remember once I was able to return the compliment. It was at a low point in his life, he had lost his wife and between us, he was doubting his faith. He expressed to me something he would NEVER express to another individual. He looked at me with tears in his eyes and said, “You probably think I am terrible for saying that.”
But I could smile and truly say, “NO, buddy, I think you are just human.”  Then two old men hugged, I miss him so much.
I hope you have enjoyed at least one Bench Mark in your life.
Thanks for coming by the log.
Nite Shipslog
Voicing differences, without belittling, is a commodity in short supply.
1949Ford1950 studbaker starlite1950_Ford_Crestliner_2dr1951Packard4DoorSedan-mx1
This is the period I started noticing cars. The new year models were always a mystery. They came into town covered in canvas, it was a secret until the day of unveiling!

Monday, March 25, 2013

There is always a be a better way

Being deaf has draw backs. I read my news. The net is where I get the news, In the past year ‘news’ has gone video rather than printed words.

I am a reader, so my son suggested we get phones where I could text, (He said nothing about ‘sexting’, shucks, I was wanting to learn something new.)  I text maybe twice a month, but it is starting to make more sense. I type some but mostly I use ‘voice to text’, it doesn’t accept Southerneze well.

I am not a tweeter, what ever the heck that is. But on the news today I saw something that flabbergasted me.

At some software conference a lady heard what she considered an off color joke. She turned, smiled at the guy and took his picture with her phone. Then TWEETED it and the joke, saying it was offensive to her. This is what got me. The company is threatened with ‘cyberhacking and destruction’, if they don’t fire the man. So he is fired. The lady starts getting nasty threats and comments on her FB.  Eventually the lady is fired also for mishandling the problem.

ALL THIS FROM AN OVER HEARD CONVERSATION, wow, the power of this internet stuff. Here I sit enjoying blogging (a new word in my life) with friends I know and some I have never met. Adding a little fun and color to my life using the medium for fun and entertainment, when the same media can destroy lives.  I know these jobs in ‘cyberspace technology’ mean a lot to these guys. It is tragic that the same technology they are thrilled with, has basically hurt two families. OUCH.

You read of cases ever day where witnesses are attacked for telling the truth. This net can be a vicious place. However like many things it is used for good and evil.

It is amazing the possibilities I have encountered since being introduced to the internet. I have told the Shipslog, I was once a repairman on one of the earliest computers, the ANFST-2 by Boroughs Corp. I later was a repairman on IBM, then a programmer and instructor. BUT I was NOT PREPARED FOR THE Personal Computer, it blew my mind. having in my house a computer that could out perform a multimillion dollar IBM computer. Shucks, now my watch and phone out performs the old IBM. I predicted once when the transistor came out, TV’s will one day hang on a wall like a picture. Now I am actually a prophet.  AMAZING.

Technology is both good and bad, and this part is just fun.

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Nothing defines your life, but you.


1932 The Rockne Coupe1932_Ford_roadster_black_fvl1933   xxxxx ed brown1933 alvis


I have files of thousands of cars, but I find my self staring at the 30’s a lot. In the 50’s that ford in the upper right corner was THE vehicle to build the hot rod from. Alas I never did. I coulda bought one from Bud Corne, for $50. drats!

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Where are we?

(From ‘The Oaks’ at Point South, SC.)

I started this blog to keep the family informed as to where we were. Over the years I have started dropping the location. Now I am getting some complaints, “We don’t know where you are?”

“That is the point,”  I answer jokingly. So I am going to try to remember to note the location.  I don’t think the bill collectors read my blog, ‘DO YOU?’


The Oaks doesn’t tell you much, so we are a couple miles south of Yemassee, SC and 5 miles north of Coosawhatchie, SC.  Now you know exactly where we are, huh?

For better land marks, we are about 20 miles from Beaufort, SC & Parris Island.  We are 33 miles north of the GA/SC line and about the same from Savannah, GA.

Just before we get here and I see the name Coosawhatchie, I think of the Withlacoochee river in Florida. The names make me smile.

Ever hear of Screaming Woman Creek, Yelling Woman Creek or Hollering woman Creek? I think they are the same and are in Texas. I know in West Virginia there is a Strange Creek. Near Wachula there is a Worrying Creek.

concrete park 023concrete park 025concrete park 026

(Not an odd name but an neatly odd place. Hundreds of concrete figures made from concrete, broken bottles, and other stuff the artist picked up off the roads, near Park Fall, WI)

That is another entertaining thing about traveling, the names you encounter.  And being from the south, I can murder most names in an attempt to pronounce them..

Any strange or odd names near you?

Thanks for stopping by the log, it was nice of you.

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I hear the statement many times, “I don’t have the time.”  In reality, we all have the same amount of time, 24 hours a day. Admittedly, some manage it better.  (In school, business or church, if you need a volunteer find a busy person and you will get the volunteer work done.)


dynamaxion_1933 by Fuller

Strange names and strange cars. The Dynamaxion, in 1933 Mr Fuller invented this one. Three wheels with the single wheel at the rear steering it.