Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Ignorance, ok, but it is hard to explain stupidity

  Today’s one of a kind:


(I remember it was much warmer with two people in the tent!  LOL)

Synopsis, a lot of repeating:

I was dropped me off a mile from the trail head. It was just above freezing. I had walked this very trail 20+ years ago. I remembered it as a ridge walk, sorta level along the ridge, Sherry did too! BUT in fact it was rocky and uphill. LOL I had figured the walk at 20 minutes. It was nearly an hour. I knew then it was going to be tough.

In reality I only hiked 17 miles on the AT in 3 days.  I climbed about 5 or 6 small mountains, a total of about 3500 feet.

 I have never understood anyone ‘getting lost on the AT’; I did it three times. I had a pack pedometer it reads almost 60,000 steps, about 28 miles.

I figured I cost myself 7 or 8 miles in those lost miles. The one that HURT bad, was leaving Hawk mountain shelter, I missed the AT and climbed up Hawk Mt. That is straight up practically. After a while there was a sign “This is NOT the AT!”  HONEST.  I stood there and said out loud, ”Then why didn’t you post this back down there where I got on it.”  I about cried, but I just laughed out loud saying, “You are a dumb OLD man!”  LOL I turned and walked back down.

I mentioned this before. On one mountain I was trying to reach the next shelter. I was stopping every 25-40 feet to lean on a tree. I was beat, took off my pack and lay down in the frost. I actually went to sleep. I got up and walked the wrong direction 5 or 6 miles. I came to a cemetery.  Could there be two similar cemeteries on the trail? I checked the closest tombstone, then realized it was the one I had passed earlier.  So I pitched the tent, it was getting dark.

We had a friend who got frost bite on the trail in late fall, I also worried about that. I moved around and shook a lot in the sleeping bag. I shook harder than I was shivering just to try to stay warm LOL.

Any way I thought I could do it, even though the consensus of family and friends was, ‘It will be too cold you cannot do it.’

Truly it was at least 10 degrees lower than I expected. BUT I had to try.

Most of all I hated that my wife and son drove so far to deliver and retrieve me, they were great.

I did tell her if I EVER mentioned this again to just shoot me! LOL

Nite Shipslog

Monday, January 30, 2023

Off the mountains, tail between my legs!

The top view is from the summit of Springer mountain.

That is icicles in the background. For 3 days the temperature never got above freezing.

I could get no sleep at night my sleeping bag did not hold warmth.  My gloves did not one bit of good, were supposed to be sub freezing rated. OUCH

I hate to admit it, but I bit off more than I could chew. I will try to explain some of my mistakes and missteps next.

I just noticed my blog entry was in the title area but not all.  I am a mess!

Nite Shipslog

Post by cell, having a problem with that LOL

I'm definitely going to have a problem with this posting via cell phone. I created one post but it is gone this is my first stop and I am at a place called Hawk Mountain not but a few miles into the trail. I was told never quit on a bad day so I didn't quit today very tired. Climbing up this mountain I got tired threw the pack on the ground and lay down to rest, I went to sleep. When I woke up I walked the wrong direction so that added 4 to 8 mi onto this trip. I did not like that.            I'm afraid to start another line by indenting so I'm just going to space. Starting a fire is very hard this time of the year it's taking me an hour to start a fire at both camps. I'm going to include a couple pictures or try One is icicles on the trail The other is the view from the first mountain I started on 

It was fluring a little most of the rest of the day.

Nite Shipslog

Wednesday, January 25, 2023

Headed for the Appalachian Trail



Well this is my last entry from a keyboard to the Shipslog.  The next, when I have a signal and it all works I should be on the trail headed North.

I know I may not make it 30 miles, but I am going to give it one last try.  I have told Sherry I will give up this goal if I fail this time.  There is always a time to know (or learn) your limitations. But you do not know until you try them.

Wishing all of you the best in your goals in life.  I am dropping a lot in Sherry’s lap.  The handling of the final paperwork for the Coach, title, tag and insurance. It should be done in Florida but she isn’t there. We are hoping NC will cooperate.LOL

And then there is the filing of our income tax forms. I have done them myself until I started in business then I had a bookkeeper. But for the past 20+ years I have gone back to doing them myself.  She will get a local tax person to do them this time…

We head out for Amicolola Ralls State Pak in Georgia early in the AM.  I hope to start the trail by 11 AM on the 26th.  Temps are supposed to be 17-20 degrees the night of the 26th, gonna break me in right.

I will do my best to post that evening at the start. I have a grandson, Joshua, who runs 30+ miles in marathons, surely his grand pa can walk a few hindred miles.

This has been a hectic time, but it is what it is….


Nite Shipslog

Sunday, January 22, 2023

North Carolina

Some thoughts for today:

In North Carolina, of course I found 3 months of fall leaves. It took a day and a half for me to move the leaves. And clear the property.

We decided to buy a 2005 RV with 3 slides.  Of course there is a small problem. They just paid the RV off and are awaiting a title.

We still do not have Sherry’s  W-2 form for taxes (working on getting it) and the title situation.  I think the title can be worked out, Sherry can buy it in her name after I leave.  I can’t see a problem with that. Jack Jr. will be here to assist her.

I am tied up most of the time getting my pack ready along with getting this lot ready so Sherry will not be bothered by getting the property looking ready for Spring.

We are gonna accept the coach and pay for it without a title. Jim is a friend and I have all confidence he will sign the title over, once he received it.  There are still people whose word is their bond, Jim is one of them.  Of course I will have an agreement typed out and signed in case something happens to Jim or myself  before the deal is closed.

Sorry I am not keeping up as a blogger right now. But I do a quick read. And head back to work….


Love you guys, I am holding on to the 26th as a starting date, for now…

Nite Shipslog

Sunday, January 15, 2023

Funny how things pile up….

Today’s one of a kind:

Is this a Shopping cart?

(The pictures are a progression of campers on the way to our next one...)

Some thoughts for today:

Above is the POP up I built for us. Previous to this it was fold outs and tents.

Here at the last minute we decide to buy another RV. Son Mark is buying our present coach.  He is hoping to use it on a lot in Eastern NC while he builds a house there.

(VW Camper for awhile)

We are looking at a coach up in NC.  We just might buy it.  What makes it complicated is the tag, title and Ins. Since it is an out-of-state purchase. We would be required to drive it back to Florida to take care of that, but there isn’t enough time. LOL  So we will have to work around that.

(Then a travel trailer for a few years)

Then there is  ‘Federal Taxes’ to file.  Thank goodness Florida does not have a state tax.  We are missing Sherry’s W-2 and hoping it shows up in the next couple days. I do not have to start the trail in January, but I sure do prefer it.

(Our first Motor home, to see if we liked the full time life, we did!)

But like everything in life, as long as we live the sun keep rising and days pass.  Things we are concerned (or worried) about work out.

(The beautiful Overland, we loved this first BIG one, that is Sonny & Colette out near the Badlands. Our traveling partners for years.)

So as of now, I still plan to start the trail on Jan 26th if Sherry’s W-2 shows up.  ;-)  Everything else can be handled….

**************  ***************  *************

This Coach, Our latest big one a Monaco Diplomat. We say good bye to it in the next day or two...:

Nite Shipslog


Our coach is a good one. BUT I told my sweetheart we worked hard for what we have. Hopefully we have 4-5 more years on the road, let's do it in more comfort. We looked at a coach here in Florida and it did not work out. Friends in NC decided to sell one a little newer than ours and has 3 slide outs, making life a little better on the road. We are going to look at it.

PS2: This will be my last post for a few days. I am packing up our computers.  See you guys soon, we should be in North CArolina. Y'all try to be good!  I will miss y'all..

PS3: (10 hrs later)  I just just posted this since the computer is still on line. I was ready to post this morning and Sherry said it is time to go to church, and I thought I had posted BUT ..........If this seems confusing, it is because it is....

Saturday, January 14, 2023

Interesting facts about the Appalachian Trail


 RV'ers whose families must have grown and needed more room:

So for today:

The AT hits 14 states on the east coast. Starting in Georgia and ending in Maine. Every year the distance changes a mile or so due to rerouting and damage. The last count was 2197 miles. Over 2000 hikers start to thru-hike (the entire trail within a 12 month period)

As it meanders North it goes thru one store  it is the only place where the AT passes through a man-made structure. It is Walasi-Yi Center, Sports supply some food. The rock building was built in 1937 by the Gov’t Conservation Corps.

(This shoe tree must have been started after we hiked thru, I do not remember it. But I do know lots of hikers quit here. It is just after Blood Mt and only 30 miles into the hike! I sure hope to see it. LOL)

The trail goes down the main street of a couple towns, Two I remember is Hot Springs, NC and Damascus, VA.

The trail is marked by a white blaze 2”x6”  When we see two blazes on the trail it tells the hiker there is a change of direction ahead, look for it.

(I do not remember  bears in the Zoo but remember enjoying it as we walked thru)

The trail goes through the ‘Trail Side Museum and Zoo’ in Bear Mt., NY, then across the Hudson River Hikers can sleep and relax at the Graymour Spiritual Life Center ran by the Franciscan Friars, open to all religions and all walks of life.

(We did not stop here, but hope to if I make it this far. This is Graymour)

The trail also goes right thru Dartmouth University.  I understand many hikers spend the night there.

Anyway, I will be shouting if I get thru NY. In Bear Mountain the trail goes by a GREAT Bakery. MMM a dozen doughnuts disappear fast…

Now, don’t you want to come with me?  ;-)


Nite Shipslog

PS: I ran across these pictures I took in Vermont also concerning cows and pastures. The trail went around this pasture:

Thursday, January 12, 2023

Me and the Cops

 Today’s one of a kind:

 Not sure this '58 Chevy is legal in all states.LOL


I found some pictures from the AT Nothing to do with today's post. But of course, on my mind. WE loooked down on some pretty scenes.

Vermont country side below, Above is the first tree we saw, cut by beavers.

Some thoughts for today:

 I have worked with attorneys I liked, tolerated and disliked.  All my experience in that area was in business. My favorite attorney was Vickie W, she is one of the best. Her ‘closings’ were never boring.  They were so interesting I once asked if I could bring my granddaughter so she could see a lady attorney at work. I did, Sherece enjoyed the experience.

In religious circles you find not everyone who chooses to be known as a Christian, acts like one. You may have known some saints and scoundrels, we have.

Policemen?  I grew up respecting the ‘men in the blue uniform.’ My first personal contact was Sgt Claude Setzer. He was a member of Dad’s church in Belmont. He was a gentleman and easy to like.

Real quick story:

Scotty H. a good friend. Stopped me one day in a store and said, “Jack you know Claude, right?”


“I used to drink too much and on Saturday nights he would follow me home from the beer joint. Once I was in the yard he would honk, and drive on.  I asked him one day why didn’t you give me a ticket?  Claude just smiled and said, I knew you would drive careful if I was following, and you did. I just wanted you safe.”

State's Officer Burris was a little different, he seemed to enjoy giving tickets. He gave me my first ticket, it was for loud mufflers. After chasing me down (not much of a chase when you are driving a 48 Chevy and he a 56 Police special V8.). standing by the car and said, “Let’s hear ‘em?”

He finally settled for a $35 ticket. He wasn’t my favorite person, but he was right.

Once in the USMC Sherry and I and another couple were going home for the weekend (1956). I encountered my worst time with an officer. He charged me with speeding and I was not. The judge in a one horse town fined me $45, threatened to throw me in jail and make me miss ship’s movement, a courts martial offense.  Between us 4 we raised the money.  But in that incident the judge and the officer were both smiling, and even did some laughing at our expense.

·         All professions have nuts and odd balls, but from my experiences there are many more GOOD folks than bad.  I have a feeling that Woody (Old Woody's Boomer Page )  is one of the Good Guys! Always respect the men in Blue.  There is a rule in life and in scripture, “Do Unto Others As You Would Have Them do Unto YOU!

Nite Shipslog

Tracking on the Trail

 Just a note, Okay maybe some notes ;-)   :

Thanks for the suggestions you guys have sent my way for tracking on the AT.  I have searched and looked at many so far.  Selected one and it got too complecated for an old guy to follow the instructions.  SEriously, to my grandchildren this might not be complicated but to my aging head, it is.

Sons, Jack Jr and Mark are coming over  to bring our mail and for an afternoon meal of Mama's cooking. Maybe I can make some sense out of the one that was in the mail to our address over there.  I ordered one that seemed simpler and had a long lasting battery.  I will know this afternoon, I hope. LOL

Yes, we passed severl remote grave yards. Some still maintained, some with growth that about hides the head stones.

We have been thinking of just using the cell phones. I could text her my location once a day.  Cell signals are not consistant on the trail, but usually from a mountain top I will get a signal.

Trackers are local and nation wide. Some use Sattilite, some cell and some bluetooth. The expensive ones use a combination of signals.  We just want a simple one so Sherry will know aprox where I am.  Still have a few days to decide. If the one I ordered doesn't work.

There are times you just have to soak your feet!

Most long distance trackers use cell signals so most of the time they couldn't track. LOL

Part of a Boy Scout Troop on a day hike. Notice the white blaze on the tree bove the center guy. That is a worldwide sign of the AT

I also learned that I must pay to hike thru the Smokey Mountains, that 100 miles will cost me $40. Not a big problem but I was surprised.  Sherry and I walked thru the Smokeys in 10 days and all we did was list our names on a book posted on the trail.  Oh well there had to be changes, we were young then, in our sixties. LOL

I am off for my short walk with a pack here in the Park, I am sure many campers think I am a wandering homeless dude. LOL  I am walking a mile in 20 minutes. That is on Florida flat ground. I walk on the side of the roads in the grass where possible, pavement is harder on the knees, the grass protects the knees. Sherry and I averaged about 8 miles a day,  I am hoping I can walk at least 10-12, or I will be hiking 9 months. LOL 

We love falls and rushing water:

Thanks for reading this trivia...

Nite Shipslog.

PS: I noticed I can't say 'Nite Shipslog' of course, so I guess I will sign off  as 'night ships log' the way the phone hears it. ;-).

14 days to go

Wednesday, January 11, 2023

Yep, There are cows and horses on the AT

   ONE of A KIND

 This is a old Russian Snow Blower, Anna Mae (Woody's Lady) and some of you need this!

So for today:

I smiled at Victor’s comment about cows on the Trail. Yes hikers on the AT encounter a few cows and horses on the trail. Strange to some but on several Mountains and farm areas where ladders are built over the fences in and out of pastures are common. And then in Pennsylvania there are pastures and corn fields. We have been a little leery in a couple pastures but we were mostly ignored by the cows and horses.

You also have to walk some logs to get across creeks. Below I also had the bug net on for the no see=ums.  LOL

Once in Virginia two mountain goats got between Sherry & I, we were about 50 feet apart and could talk. “What should I do?” She asked.

“Just keep walking and be glad you don’t have on red!” She tried to laugh. Both Goats walked along about a quarter mile then jumped flatfooted off the trail and up the mountain. They didn’t say a word!

Also, once I told Sherry, “Look over there!” About a hundred yards above some small trees was a Giraffe’s head, YES it was. She looked in her AT Guide and found out we were walking by the area where the Washington DC, National ZOO puts their animals to recover or recoop from accidents or illness.  We both laughed. Just a few minutes later we walked by their fence and could look in.

 In that same area we walked by the remote area where the FBI trained their Service dogs and could look down on it.

 The trail has some very steep and rough areas, but mostly it is just a nice isolated path to walk and enjoy nature. 

But it leads thru and by views like this:

We laugh about the one picture where Sherry was climbing down a very rough spot after throwing her pack over a cliff so she wouldn’t have to carry it down.

If all goes well it is 15 days until this dream or nightmare starts. LOL  I just hope I can at least walk a few hundred miles. BUT we will see. I am not completely ignorant of the possibilities at my age. ;-)  Most of family and friends have their doubts. :-O  But I can laugh at them. Some of my dreams became a nightmare in just a few days, Remembering 3-5 days after joining the USMC and on Parris Island.  LOL I woke up many mornings wishing it was just a bad dream! 

;O,  That feeling past and I actually liked the Corps. ;-)

 Nite Shipslog


Tuesday, January 10, 2023

one more 🥃💉

It seems that I have no choice of where the picture is going to be when I blog with my cell phone. I am sure it's more flexible but right now I can't figure it out. This is our front yard for today. The cows come to visit us over the fence from our front yard.    
Sherry and I were walking the perimeter of the park I did not carry a pack this time. I was just going to practice making a blog entry. I'm going to see if I can save this until tomorrow. Sending good thoughts from the trail   night ships log                      

Okay for right now you can see I did learn how to put pictures in. Maybe I can remember it. Wishing you all the best and thanks for reading!!
I'm laughing at myself now because I can't figure out how to post this haha. 🙈

Sunday, January 8, 2023


 One of a kind:

This RV gets your attention!

Some thoughts for today:

I have come to a place in life where noises and crowds confuse me. Today I sat in church and listened to a lot of good advice. It is seldom I hear enough to actually know the deep thoughts of some speakers.  However today, was different. The speaker was demonstrative, that is, he did move some, used his hands and arms as he spoke. He used a level of his voice so that I understood MUCH of what he said. It really feels good.

I am amazed at the speakers today who have NO IDEA how many people actually understand what is said.  There are a lot of reasons for this.  Some are TOO LOUD, some do not know how to use a microphone.  

I am no expert, looking back at my own life when I taught, when I presented programs; I see where I could have done much better; I should have taken some SPEECH LESSONS.  Voice lessons would also have helped.

My hearing situation has contributed much to my decision to attempt the hike I plan.  I remember how pleasant it was to ‘walk in the woods;’ seeing and hearing nothing but God’s created nature. He set it into motion and it continues.  Of Course Sherry and I talked a lot as we back-packed 1800+ miles of the AT (Appalachian Trail), but most of the time she was behind me or ahead of me up to 100 yards.  We were both in our own world.

She sees the pictures I took and says many times, “You take a lot of pictures of my behind!” 


On this trip I won’t see her behind, but I will remember it! ;-)

Above she is going under a dead fall across the trail.

Below she handled the rocks very well (So yes I will see some beautiful views, and I will miss some pretty ones too!

Family situations have slid my starting date from Jan 17th to Jan 23rd. The latest date is now the 26th of January. I hope there is no more delay. Already there are 25-35 people registered to start before me. Two will start on the same day. I may see them or I may not, there is no set time to begin in the day.  However, I do hope to start in the morning of the first day.

Nite Shipslog