Sunday, December 31, 2017

Publishing a book

Historical Photo:

You think the USA invades you privacy. The Pakistani Soldiers used circumcision to ID any Hindu during Bangladesh's war for independence in 1971. 

 Ok, tonight:

Since I brought up publishing I have received a few e-mails with questions. Instead of answering them in an e-mail I thought I would do it here.

First some explanations. I have bought very few books in a bookstore. I did buy my first REAL book “Executive Orders” at a discount store. I was nearing 60. Since then I have bought maybe 4 books at a book store, probably Books-a-Million.

Most of the books I have read since, over 1053, have been purchased over the internet or yardsales & used book stores. It is predicted that the brick and mortar stores are on the demise. I hate that, once my son’s second home was Books a Million. He seemed to live there.

Books at one time were printed by the hundreds, thousands if it was a known author. The books were shipped over the USA to book stores. If the books were not sold, the cover was torn off and returned to the publisher, where the store received credit for it. The book body was supposed to be sent to a land fill. Millions of books ARE/were destroyed.

BUT with today’s print machines paperbacks are printed on demand. My books are not in a book store. If you order one of my books the publisher will print one, it takes less than 5 minutes. In 6 minutes it is boxed and addressed and ready for UPS< FEDEX or USPS!

I am an oddity. I do not expect anything from my books. I want to be read. Truth is I earn less than 3 cents when a book is sold in the UK. Less if sold in Turkey or Germany. I do get a kick out of seeing a book sold overseas.

I believe all my e-books are 99 cents. That is as cheap as Kindle will let me go. This month my royalties were $7.50. I have also participated in Amazon and KIndle giveaways.

Sorry to take so long to get to the real part. But I will be back tomorrow to finish up. Thanks for your patience.

Simply stated It is very hard to reach a big name publisher. You must first hire an agent. The big publishers do not accept a manuscript off the street, without an agent or you are kin to someone like Clancey or Stephen King.

Writing to me is a hobby. I used to tell stories in chalk to entertain. But with the loss of hearing, writing is the next thing to it.

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After 60, if you don't wake up aching in every joint ...

you're probably dead. 

However if you wake up in some joints you may wish you were dead!

                                                  1956 Desoto
                                             1951 Desoto
From Pauline's Facebook. Sherry called it to my attention. I love old cars.
Below is the above 1953 Desoto  once restored and customized. Impressive.



Friday, December 29, 2017

Too good to be true, Usually is, TOO GOOD to be real!

 Historical Photo:

 Cool picture of the Eiffel Tower in 1928

 But this is today"
A few years ago my brother in law Jim called us with a terrible announcement. Jack, the Doctor just gave me a death sentence, I have Esophageal Cancer. I need prayer and any help. I am planning to beat this.
You could have pushed me over with a feather. Jim was a successful engineer. Healthy as a horse, no medications and blood work was that of a sixteen year old. The whole family expected Jim to bury us all. On top of his successes, he was a great guy. He helped take care of my mama until she died.
The % of survivors of esophageal cancer was in the teens %.  I loved Jim like a brother. He and Shirl had a great marriage. Jim’s love was collecting Studebakers. Actually Jim collected EVERYTHNG! Antique toys, Avon, cars, hubcaps and at times Junk.
After we hung up from the call I went to the net. His chances were slim. BUT I ran across something. An $89.00 money back cancer cure. WHAT? Yep from Canada. There was a sure fire, money back guarantee.  It had breath taking testimonies.  
I despise people who prey on someone with no hope. I wondered how many people said, what the heck it is just $80. Why not. Of course I found other sites saying this was a FRAUD.
But since then I have seen:
Take this and never forget a thing!  Sure and it doesn’t snow in Wisconsin.
Look 20 years younger in 20 minutes!.. Right on, no problem.
Lose 150 lbs of ugly fat in just two months. (that must mean shoot your hubby)
Regrow you hair in 20 days, We know it is hard to believe.
     (don’t be suckered into that, I didn’t get a sprig!)
Regain your youthful beauty in 20 days? (what if you wuz ugly?)
 Dr. Blaylock: The Root Cause of Aging (and How You Can Stop It!)
(Everybody knows, that you can stop aging by shooting yourself!) 

The list goes on and on. We lost Jim. His chances weren’t good from the beginning. We miss him. Shirl especially, she expected them to grow old together.
Con artists are just that. In person or in print, they gain your confidence, then get your money. They laugh all the way to the bank at your (our) gullibility.
A person dying may grasp at the smallest possibility, saying what have I got to lose. What is $89 when you are dying?
It is a sick,mean person, who preys on desperate folk.

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Money can't buy happiness ...
but somehow it's more comfortable to cry in a Cadillac than in a Yugo.

Another person carrying Fishing too far. LOL

Just an idea!

Historical Photo:

                   Queenie, the first elephant known to surf, circa 1950

An Idea:
I have been thinking, not a very smart thing for me to do. Since I finished the book called ‘Jack & Sherry’ sub title: A Love Story, now I am just waiting the proof to come in. (I hate this part of the book) I know it is good, with no errors, well maybe a couple but I have a hard time finding them. This one is so good (and since it will be mostly family) it will need no proofing.  On second thought some of the kids graduated college top of their class with awards and honors and all that stuff.  Maybe I better check it out better, some of ‘em may think Grandpa ain’t as smart as they thought. ;-)

A few people have said, “I have a book started about our family, but I could never get it published. I started it to let the family know where they came from.”

Just a few weeks ago an old man told me he had a manuscript written of his life, but had no idea how to get it in print.  I have offered to do that for him. He had been quoted over $2000 to make a book. I told him I needed to read the manuscript, but I knew it would be much less than that.

I am guessing, I could print a 6x9 paperback if the author supplied  a pdf or even a Word document of a manuscript, including photographs, for less than $175. That would include a printed proof sent to the author for corrections.  If the proof did not meet expectations there would be no charge. BUT If the customer liked the proof and wanted to make corrections I would make the corrections once I received the proof back from them. The customer would then get another proof. There may or may not be a charge for the second corrections, but it would be minor.  Payment would only be made if the proof was accepted. It may require two proofs. The payment would include 8 copies of the book. This is assuming a page count of less than 150. All photos even if submitted in color would be b/w. Color would add $ to the cost, I am not sure of the additional costs. I have never used color before.  

OF COURSE there would be no editing nor proofing (you wouldn’t want me to proof your book anyway@!) Whatever the customer  sent is what will print. it will have a simple cover with a photo selected by the author.

That was just a thought of mine. That cost would be just for time involved. And payment only if satisfied with the final product. I have never liked 'payment in advance'. Does that sound logical or reasonable? Now be honest!  ;-)

As I said, I shouldn’t think.  Hahahahahah  

Of course the book would be for sale on Amazon. I could also make it an e-book as a small extra charge (don’t you love an Extra charge line).

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Do you realize that, in about 40 years ...
we'll have thousands of old ladies running around with tattoos?
(And rap music will be the Golden Oldies!)

 Taking fishing to the  extreme ;-)