Friday, December 15, 2017

After 40 years

Historical Photo:

 A wrench finally used.

Many years ago the government in its infinite wisdom decided to order the metric measuring system be used by all US citizens.  This impacted everyone, carpenters and especially mechanics. Not only would all wrenches, nuts and bolts be metric, but also your grocery meat and cans would be in kg (Kilograms or kegs for short).
I thought at the time this is crazy. I knew the ¾, 9/16, and ½ inch sizes and all the rest. I did not want to learn 8,9,10,12,14MM etc. BUT being used to following orders, and figured it was coming, I bought some Craftsman Metric wenches. They came in a sturdy plastic container. Inside was a small pack of very small wrenches 4mm to 10mm box end, cute little wrenches for working on clocks, I thought.
Now I am not like Rick, he has tools from his ancestors in the Stone Age out in his barn. ;-)
But I still have those wrenches. I have used the larger metric set a few times, but the small clear plastic container had never been opened. It has been switched from one toolbox to another for at least 38 years.
On the road a lady stopped us in a rest area. To tell us we had a tail light out. I thanked her. Knowing I had a spare bulb I would change it, simple task.
Changing a tail light is a simple task. Not this time. I dropped the bulb in the lens area. Definitely too small for fingers so I had to take the light assembly out. I saw immediately it would take a very small wrench 8mm wrench, maybe two inches long in the space available. Since it is a Honda, I knew it would be metric. I HAVE ONE I smiled to myself. So after 38 years of following me around that little tool was a time saver, I had it. LOL
I am not normally a long range planner, I used to think, if I haven’t used it in three years, I don’t need to carry it. But this time, by accident, I had the tool.
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I declare I believe this is a 1954 ford customized.


Paula said...

This is one time you lucked out. Usually when you get rid of something you have kept a long time that is when you will need it.

betty said...

I remember all the "fuss" about converting to metrics years ago. It took effect on some things, but not on other things. Glad you had the tool at the right time for what you needed it for!


Chatty Crone said...

That is funny - you saved it 38 years and finally used it. Amazing!

Mevely317 said...

Karma ... I love it!

I recall when the metric system was the big 'threat. Even my mother signed up for a few night classes in Los Alamos to keep ahead of the curve. Methinks some things are better left alone.


the right tool for the right job. perfect.

Dar said...

Sweet you had the right tool for the saved for a reason even if it was many yrs. later. Good job. I love the Old Farmers Words of Wisdom you've been posting. Keeps me grounded. lol
love n' hugs from up north. We have heatwaves going on, a very nice day in the 20's.