Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Good stuff

Sherry had a couple bananas going  too ripe. She is making some banana balls.

I like bananas Yellow with maybe a little brown. I learned a trick once from a magician, but I have never tried it. An unpeeled banana is required. The magician does a few moves then places it on a table or desk and says, "I can slice the banana without cutting or peeling it. I can do it while it is still in the peeling." The magician lays the banana down and does some Karate chops beside it and says well there it is. The unbelieving crowd wants to see. Of course one must raise the excitement like, come on you do believe me don't you? Then after being pushed, he allows one of the group to peel the banana over the table.

It is magic the banana comes out in about 8 neat slices.

Okay, this of course has to be set up. Using a long needle or a strong tooth pick you carefully pierce the banana in a seam and carefully slice the banana with the needle or pick. YOu repeat this as many times as needed. If the banana has a few brown spots it helps. There will be 7 or 8 small brown marks where the pick is inserted. But when finished the banana is whole and sliced.  Neat trick for grandkids. I haven't done this for the great grands yet.
If you want to see it on you tube, here it is. Evidently this is an old well known 'secret', I found a couple ways to do this.


I love fruit. I like apples green or ripe from one inch  in diameter to full grown. I do not like over ripe apples. I make apple sauce out of those. I use the peelings in my applesauce to give it more fiber. I do about puree the sauce to make it smoother.

If we have peaches they NEVER go bad. I do prefer all my fruit pretty firm.

I met a lady from the mountains whose dad had always bought the bananas at the store that were nearly black, because they were the cheapest.  She loved them OVER ripe.

Okay Sherry has finished the p-nut butter, honey, oatmeal, banana and a little cinnamon. They look good. They cool over night, but I did try one. Good!

(They were already in the ice box for a few minutes and cloudy, I dare not remove the plastic Wrap )

Now this is not a recipe stop, just something that brought up the slicing the banana trick.

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Monday, February 27, 2017

Just a sweet Blogger friend

I enjoy reading the blogs here in Bloggersville. Like any family (which we sorta are) you wish you could help when health fails or doctors are needed. Our friend Paula is a beautiful person, she is older than me, but doesn’t look it.  We met her and John once just below San Antonia where John raises cattle and she pets them.
She talks to the turtles, ducks and rabbits out at the ranch. She is troubled by ailments but you would never know it. This week she is taking more treatments, and as always worrying about John or someone else.

Anyway, if you pray, remember her. If you don’t, think some good thoughts, and send them in her direction. As you blog you find you have things in common with folk. I mentioned once one of my extra-curricular jobs in the USAF was duty at the OLD ‘number please’ telephone switchboard on base. The one where the light lit up and you plugged the back wire into it and said, ‘Number Please?” When you got the number you took the front wire (of the pair) and plugged it into the number being called and then rang it with the switch associated with the call.

Paula said their town switchboard was in a ladies home and as a teen ager she got paid to be an operator and do the number please thing. She said she would have did it without pay, it was fun. I had to agree, it was a fun side-job. Yep, you could push the toggle switch forward and listen in, just like the old party lines. But it did not click so the talking parties did not know. LOL. Of course at times you had to check if they were still talking. :-O
I was thinking of the lady who loves country roads tonight. It is fun talking to someone who remembers the same antiques you do!

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 Telephone trucks, then and now

Sunday, February 26, 2017

Some thoughts and NASCAR

I am sitting here trying to conjure up something of interest, and ‘It ain’t getting thru to me’. We have had a good day. It has been many years since I watched a NASCAR race, and today I watched part of the Daytona 500.  I went outside to see if I could hear the cars, but I couldn’t. It is about 25 miles to the track from our home in Deltona.

At one time I bought a Roach Coach from Sherry’s brother.  I had two Breakfast/lunch stops NASCAR  related. One was Holmon-Moody who built race engines and the other was the Digard Gatorade Team. When the Gatorade Team won I gave out Free Tea. 

It was called "Jack's Wagon"

I sold the truck to Son Mark, He picked up a stop at Race Hill farms. Then sold the business to Son Jack. Jack was here during the race so we recalled some stuff we both remembered. Ricky Rudd, Darrel Waltrip and Bobby Allison drove for Gatorade. 

Bobby Allison drove the most during my time as a Roach Coach Driver. He seemed to be a nice guy. The whole team was good, it was a fun stop. Allison won the 1983 Winston Cup.

I left that career (LOL) and started building. My life has been sort flexible. HA!.

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 Today's Daytona 500 winner was Kurt Busch

Saturday, February 25, 2017

The Baby Boy

I don't know about the rest of the country or the world, but where I came from, the baby of the family was the baby as long as mama lived.

We moved to seven different towns in my early life and I was introduced to hundreds of people by my mama as, "And this is Jackie, my baby boy, OR This is our youngest, Jackie, the baby of the family."

That bothered me until I was married, then bothered me less when I was grown. But even in my 50's & 60's I was still her baby.

 There is something special about mothers and their children. Probably something we men will never fully understand.

When I was 11-12 it really bothered me and I never forgave my younger brother for dying just after he was born, he could have been called THE BABY.  lol

Of course I must admit when we were alone and she would hug me and call me her baby, I didn't mind that.  I was really her pet.

Funny thing, I am 78 now, and I don't mind being the baby of the family! Sister Shirl and I are the only ones left of the family. We have buried Momma and daddy, a sweet sister, two brothers (that were my heroes), and two infant siblings. 

Sister Shirl has suffered grief losing a wonderful husband, Sherry has lost six members of her family.

Many of the Shipslog's readers have lost more. Our boys are a joy to be around at this point in life. Tonight we entertained and were entertained by our oldest son, Jack Jr.  Sherry and I have decided it is time to talk of our future with the boys and what we would like to see done to prepare for the inevitable.  I want to know both boys feelings concerning our assets.

It is that time. One might remain mama's baby a long time, but there comes that time in every life, even the baby's, that life ends.  I would like to leave everything we can IN ORDER.

Hey, not that I expect my end soon, but WE DO NOT KNOW THE FUTURE!

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We don't know who will get the motor home!