Saturday, February 18, 2017

Negative PEOPLE and Negative news!

 Negative news, Years ago when I watched the news, it seemed the whole world was coming apart. There were times it was reported so bad I was so sure the sun would not rise the next day. EVERYTHING is not negative, the USA is not headed for Hell in a hand basket. One man: Obama, Trump or Putin will not send this world into chaos.

 I am sick and tired of everyone wanting to change the world to match THEIR opinions.  Everyone should think like me, then of course all the world would be right. WE would all love each other and join hands in prayer. If only everyone would just open their eyes and see things RIGHT, the way I do.    Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

Listen to me! CHANGE or I will blow your house down. (Remember the story, I will huff and puff and blow your house down?)
Every News agency  unashamedly follows the same
 MOTTO: If it bleeds it leads.

Do you remember when ‘Watts’ burned?  I was on a cruise in the Mediterranean.  The folks in Italy and Greece thought the USA was burning and there was a civil war. Sailors were asked which side they would be on when the ship went back home.  Which side would get the ship? Our news feed on the ship was the same. Day after day of burning buildings crowds yelling, etc.

The internet or cell phones were not even a dream then. We had to wait on the mail to see if our families were involved.  Yeah follow the news and you will be one negative and bitter person.

On that note, I mentioned my distrust for long term weather guessers.  I did not intend to give the impression they cannot get it right. They do good in short time forecasting.

So look up.  If you really think things are headed to hell very fast, remember in the mid 50’s it was said Rock and Roll will be the ruin of the youth.  We will have no one to lead this country, no military to defend it. Etc.  But we did okay.
(Yeah I know, BUT this time it is different!  Yeah right!)

And for me, NOW these Rappers, Kardassing girls, and yes even Trump, ain’t gonna get me down. The sun will shine tomorrow (somewhere). I will get my  kisses and hugs and live out my days.  You know what? If I didn’t like what was going on, I COULDN’T CHANGE A DANGED THING outside my little realm. So I plan to enjoy my life, pay little attention to the news and plan to smile a lot.

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Ps: I have never figured how anyone enjoyed trying to make someone miserable just because  did not agree with them.


Lisa said...

Well said Jack. That felt good didnt it.
The news and things going on around here drive me nuts. It hard not to let others steal your joy.
I try to remember , "the world is not going to get better for you , but you can make yourself better for the world."
And can you imagine how happy the world would be if everyone was baking cookies at the same time? .

Sleep on that


Life moves forward regardless of who is in charge and what's going on around us. We will survive.

Mevely317 said...

I need to carry your closing sentence around with me!
Surrounded by negativity on ALL sides, it's difficult not to lash back. But really, what good does that do.

A former journalist major, I can't even stand watching the news anymore. Were it not for Tom, I think I could live the rest of my days happily in a cone of silence!

betty said...

That's what Ma would do; smile and be grateful. We should all do the same! I think it would be good if we would just stop watching the news. What they report most days are their opinions about things and not so much the facts like the "old time" reporters did.


Rick Watson said...

The road is long Jack :)

Your blog doesn't love me anymore. It used to send me a note each time you post, but it doesn't do that anymore. I tried to re-sign up and it told me I was already getting the notes. but I'm not :(

Dar said...

Your opinions are well spoken for most of us, at least for me. I agree totally that why would someone want to make us feel miserable just because we don't agree with their short-sighted opinions. God will take care of us and even them if they ask forgiveness.
love n' hugs from up north.....another gorgeous spring-like day. Mama says hello to you and your Sherry. She's doing wonderful