Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Good stuff

Sherry had a couple bananas going  too ripe. She is making some banana balls.

I like bananas Yellow with maybe a little brown. I learned a trick once from a magician, but I have never tried it. An unpeeled banana is required. The magician does a few moves then places it on a table or desk and says, "I can slice the banana without cutting or peeling it. I can do it while it is still in the peeling." The magician lays the banana down and does some Karate chops beside it and says well there it is. The unbelieving crowd wants to see. Of course one must raise the excitement like, come on you do believe me don't you? Then after being pushed, he allows one of the group to peel the banana over the table.

It is magic the banana comes out in about 8 neat slices.

Okay, this of course has to be set up. Using a long needle or a strong tooth pick you carefully pierce the banana in a seam and carefully slice the banana with the needle or pick. YOu repeat this as many times as needed. If the banana has a few brown spots it helps. There will be 7 or 8 small brown marks where the pick is inserted. But when finished the banana is whole and sliced.  Neat trick for grandkids. I haven't done this for the great grands yet.
If you want to see it on you tube, here it is. Evidently this is an old well known 'secret', I found a couple ways to do this.


I love fruit. I like apples green or ripe from one inch  in diameter to full grown. I do not like over ripe apples. I make apple sauce out of those. I use the peelings in my applesauce to give it more fiber. I do about puree the sauce to make it smoother.

If we have peaches they NEVER go bad. I do prefer all my fruit pretty firm.

I met a lady from the mountains whose dad had always bought the bananas at the store that were nearly black, because they were the cheapest.  She loved them OVER ripe.

Okay Sherry has finished the p-nut butter, honey, oatmeal, banana and a little cinnamon. They look good. They cool over night, but I did try one. Good!

(They were already in the ice box for a few minutes and cloudy, I dare not remove the plastic Wrap )

Now this is not a recipe stop, just something that brought up the slicing the banana trick.

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The banana balls do look yummy. That banana slicing trick does sound intriguing and must be impressive to see in person.

Lisa said...

Wow! What a great treat with bananas! Healthy too!
I like my bananas spotted but not black. I do not like a banana to taste green. If they get black and too ripe, they go into banana bread.
I like apples to be crisp, hard and sweet. Peaches? They have to be soft and juicy and I eat the peeling and all.

Your grands will go bananas over that trick.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I love bananas and often have ripe ones. I'll need to fix some of those banana balls. Cute idea with the banana trick.

Dar said...

The banana trick is a great one...we use the needle and string method and the grandkids love opening the bananas to see they're already sliced. You're a wonderful grandpa with your bag of tricks.
I usually bake banana bread or cake with over ripe bananas, the blacker the better. Once they start to get too ripe, I throw them in the freezer, whole in the peel until I have enough for a recipe. I'm always looking for new ways to use them and now I have one. Thanks Sherry. Sounds good enough for breakfast. :)
love from up north. It's snowing again but should be back in the 40's by the weekend. YEAH once more.

shirl72 said...

I slice the banana and put it in the freezer when it is hard I take it out
and top it with peanut butter and it is delicious. Try it.

Rick Watson said...

Making banana balls would be a trick I'd like to see :)

Mevely317 said...

Me, too ... LOL! I'm not necessarily a fan of fruit, but these balls sound really (really) yummy.

2023 said...

I refuse to copy Sherry's recipe(well, ingredients you listed)because I would eat something like that to ruin, I do believe.
I had a mealy peach once & turned off to them for a long time; but our Jersey peaches are the best(maybe Georgia rivals..) I've never eaten peach pie, since I like the peaches so much without the pie part.....