Friday, April 30, 2021

The head -- latrine -- toilet

Memorable Automobiles from The Past:

 1995 Jeep Wrangler

For today:

Having served in three different branches of military service I learned the language of each one.  The Marines language corresponds with the Navy, since the USMC falls under the USN structure. In the USN/USMC the toilet is called a head. It comes from the early ships where the toilets were in the bow or ‘head’ of the ship.  Do not get that confused with poop deck, which has nothing to do with toilets. The poop deck is the stern of a ship and comes from the term ‘la poupe’ which in French means stern.  It is an elevated deck, mostly on sailing ships.

Floors are decks and walls are bulkheads in the Navy.

The USAF I learned the term ‘latrine’ is the toilet; floors and walls are actually floors and walls. LOL

Now my history of military service was not a very wise one, In each branch I started off at the bottom of the rank structure. The military enlisted rank structure is E-1 thru E-9. I retired as a Chief in the USN which is a respected rank in the military. Chief is E-7. 

(Sherry with her chief, we don't have many pictures in uniform)

Military personnel sorta look at me as weird, since I spent over 8 years of my service as E-3 and below. LOL So friend I had a lot of experience cleaning heads and latrines. LOL I expected it, and knew I would eventually go up in rank if I would stay in one branch. So I stayed with the Navy once in.

Our separations were minimum. Around 2 years totaled. The love of my life, Sherry, carried the weight of the family while I was at sea and during some moves. Military wives and families do not get the credit they deserve over all. They handle alone, many moves, travel and shipping; they also have their lonely days and nights.


Thursday, April 29, 2021

The blank night

 Memorable Automobiles from The Past:

 This is about how I feel tonight!  LOL

For today:

I put in some time working on my little nature trail, and tonight I seemed to be drained.

I thought I would add just 3-4 shots of views from the Appalachian trail.

This is a Pack-off break, sometimes you take a break and leave the pack on
My Girl in Rocksylvania! PA is the state where boots go to die in.
I am sure this is a pack off break in the Smokys just past New Found Gap.
We found these neat chairs that weighed almost nothing and had a back. We wre envied by many hikers.
Pack on break beside a nice waterfall in Virginia.

I am headed for a book! Nite 


Wednesday, April 28, 2021

 Ghosts and old buildings

Memorable Hearses  Past:


For today:

When I was about3-4 years old I was supposed to spend the night with Uncle Oscar and Aunt Ruby. They lived about one block from us. I woke up in the middle of the night and decided to go home. I crossed one street to get home and on that corner was an old abandoned church.                            Of course no one locked their doors back then and I went on in. Going in I woke mama, I told her I had walked home by myself She asked me if I was scared walking back by myself?  I said ‘No, except when I passed the ‘hainted church’.’

Carothers Funeral Home built nice brick building in Belmont. They were very successful in business for about 40-50 years, then closed and never reopened in Belmont.

Leaving a very nice large brick building with a large parking lot. As a builder I speculated that someone would buy the building and break it up into apartments or someone would choose it for an assisted living unit. BUT it remained on the market for probably 6-8 years (maybe more).

I have heard folks say I would not live in that building. I have asked those folk if they believed in ghosts, NO……….. but so many dead bodies were there, my uncles and aunts were lay in-state there. TOO many memories in that place.

Now someone has bought it, completely remodeling it, even painted the beautiful brick.

I did not think folks would hold it against the building, but evidently they do.  This group who bought it are planning to rent office space, that might work, but then that might not either.

I am sure in every town there are locations that have been café’s, bike shops, etc. but every business has gone belly up. I heard a realtor say once those are ‘SNAKE BIT PROPERTIES’. I hope this old funeral home is NOT. Someone will lose a lot of money if it does not make a go of it.

Do you believe a building can be possessed or haunted?


Tuesday, April 27, 2021

Searching for Hiking information

Automobiles of the past:

The revolutionary 1985 Olds Tornado IOur first USA front wheel drive production car.

For tonight: 

My next door neighbor, Richard, is a retired Boy Scouts Official.  He came over to borrow a wheelbarrow to haul some fire wood to his fire pit. We talked. In the conversation I mentioned I hoped to try a Thru-Hike of the AT.  We talked a little more and he left to haul wood. I went on about my business of no business, or making covers for Grandson Josh’s house vents. In a couple hours Richard came back. “I’ve been thinking, I have a friend, named Richard also, in Statesville who has a shop that specializes in Hiking support equipment. Let’s drive up  to Statesville this week and talk to him.

At first I was a little reluctant, but then realized it has been 10-20 years since I bought my hiking equip, maybe this is a good chance to find the latest in “LIGHTWEIGHT” equipment. So today we made the trip.  I was pleasantly surprised at the suggestions and tips.

Richard Griggs’ Carolina Mountain Sports is a nice shop. Richard was very straight forward about equipment even recommending his competitors for a couple things. We were discussing the canister cookers we both knew that canisters are not great below freezing. He gave me a hint I had not heard, “Drop the canister into your sleeping bag on COLD nights and it will stay warm and work well in the morning,” laughing he continued, “But remember if you  give that canister in your sleeping bag a girl’s name you are in trouble.”

I received some good advice on packs and cookers.  I also had a good time with neighbor Richard on the trip. We had never talked at length, but we had a good time. It was nice of him to take me to Statesville (an hour’s drive) and introduce me to the owner.

She said "It's COLD, but feels good!" Taking a break in Vermont

It is too early to get real enthused but it is fun thinking about the coming event I truly HOPE does fall into place.



Monday, April 26, 2021

Just a quote

Memorable Automobiles from The Past:

 1957 Olds 98 Coupe

For today:

Anyone who wants to or tries to be a writer attempts to come up with a GREAT CATCH phrase. One that will be quoted and heard for a long time to come. Simple ones I remember:

1. Made in the shade with table grade.

2. Cool as a cucumber

3. Careful what you wish for…

4. Life is just a bowl of Cherries (one of my sister Shirl’s standards)

5. Everything is going to be alright!

6. Walk a mile in my shoes…  etc.

If there is one printed and quoted phrase by just another man, one who had experienced a terrible beating, one that was not deserved. It is a quote that I would love to hear over and over again, AND HAVE IT PUT INTO PRACTICE! A simple statement made by a NOT perfiect man himself, but to me holds a wealth of TRUTH.  It was a question. Made by a man who had experienced stress and hate. He definitely was not a perfect man, but who is or was except the ONE.

During the riots, on May 1, 1992, Rodney King made a television appearance pleading for an end to the riots:

I just want to say – you know – can we all get along? Can we, can we get along? Can we stop making it horrible for the older people and the kids?

Why can’t we all just get along with each other without hate? Can’t we allow others to have an opinion different from ours? That quote goes thru my mind all the time when I read the news on the internet. I have friends and family who are completely opposite of my in many areas and I still love them to pieces.

The golden rule is good for EVERYONE, not just Christians or the few, but everyone:


           I’m off my soapbox, all that started because I was wondering if there is a quote by family, you or a famous person that goes thru your mind often?


Sunday, April 25, 2021

Shock or AWE

Memorable Automobiles from The Past:

 Shocking car wreck!

A strange looking little Peel 3 wheel car.

For today:

A lot of us humans have strong opinions or oddities. I am not too sure it would shock my family if I told them I was going to try to swim the English Channel. BUT they would be shocked if I were to attend a concert or music festival.

Being back in NC we had a wonderful visit from the Grands and some Great grands. They had a good time, and we did too! I spoke with Grandson Matt about my plans for hiking the AT.

Now if my sweetheart Sherry would say, “I sure would like a beer, or I am not attending church anymore!,  I would be Shocked out of my Gourd!” (That saying was frequent from my sister Shirl).

Is there anything that would shock the socks off your family if you announced, “I think I will __________________!”

(Fill in the blank!)


Saturday, April 24, 2021

 Weather and dispositions

Memorable Automobiles from The Past:

 Hotchkiss Grégoire, French only 247 made this was a 1951 model

For today:

Weather does affect my disposition a little, but not a lot. I know folks who are DOWN in the dumps with weather that is not sunny, nice and warm. Sherry does get a little down with a LOT of rain and cold, but she stays pleasant.  I do fine if I can get somewhere to write, work, read or play.

I was thinking today if I were to describe my nature or disposition in terms of weather, I would have to say sunny with thunderstorms.  I get upset at myself when things go wrong that I had control over.  I have known a few people whose nature was strictly sunny. My mama, Brother Junior and older sister Kat, were like that.  They never lost his temper around me, LOL and that is saying something. Dad, Odis and Shirl expressed irritation at times.

I did some shopping today in the rain and was shocked that so many other people were out there slogging around.  I whistle a lot when I am out in the rain.  I have two feral cats that are still around here. Tiger one and Tiger two. They get underfoot and I must watch it on the stairs. They are loving the basement in the rain. When we are here I fix them a way to get in and out of the basement. They go out to do their business and come right back in. I dry them off sometimes.

Are you a sunny day person no matter the weather?  I really try to be, but I get a little upset when something bad or irritating happens that I could have prevented. Like leaving a bag of concrete exposed to rain, when I should have had it inside. 

I call myself STUPID (out loud) a lot when I forget something that commonsense would have prevented.

I even forgot to make coffee last night, first time in over a year methinks.

Anyway, smile (or try to) Things will work out. (I try to remember that. LOL) Thanks for stopping by our house here in North Carolina.


Friday, April 23, 2021

Matches and Stuff

 Memorable Automobiles from The Past:

 1930 Ruston Model C

For today:

I worked on the yard some today. While in Florida our ‘Conrad’ friends bought us two plants.  One is a lime tree which I planted in Florida. When we left it was ‘LOADED’ with limes.  The other is an azalea. We brought it here to plant.  I would have done the lime but it wouldn’t last here.  Anyway the Azalea is a red one and I planted it in a spot in line with our other azaleas. Strange, the green on the new one does not match out NC ones. I wonder if they will shift colors once growing in NC???  It is a very strong bush, Imma label it the ‘Conrad Azelea’.

I also policed half the ‘nature trail’ picking up fallen limbs. I decided to start a fire and burn the dead limbs. I use and old ‘rural mail box’ to hold some paper and a ‘charcoal starter’ to be ready for a fire. So the starter is dead, no fluid. No sweat, we have some ‘book matches’ in the house. I grabbed a few of them and a pint jar. Why depend on the lighter, why not have matches, safe and dry in a jar.

I used them to start the fire. Then I remembered another use my mama had for matches. She had a few stick matches in the bathroom as a ‘deodorizer’ during a smelly time there.  I am just curious, was that match sulfur smell ever used at your home to dispel odors? 

WE grew up with them there. Not sure it would be a great idea with kids today.  LOL  Probably good we have the Irish Spring Spray cans. ;-)

Okay I am ending a short, but not too sweet post. I have been very busy…


Thursday, April 22, 2021

A good drive from Florida

 Memorable Automobiles from The Past:


Not sure what it is, but know it is a Chrysler and late 50s.

For today:

First thing this morning was a FLAT TIRE! It was completely FLAT. Now a leak, whether water or air does not fix itself. Since I do have a compressor on the coach, I pumped the tire to 110 lbs pressure. Believe it or not (and I am having trouble believing it) it held 110 all the 500 + miles. If it is still 110 in the AM Imma declare a miracle!!! LOL

I am the first to say, I love being on the road. I am an ‘antsy’ person.  So far I have found no cure of it. I really think I wish I could. I am getting too old to be running here and there. Just today I told Sherry I had hoped to visit San Antonio one more time. I have no idea what draws me there.

I Miss Paula, I loved her back roads travels. I am one of those ignorant people who think those who live together are married.. I mentioned once there were a lot of folks living together who were not married, even in my own family.  I smiled real big when she commented that she and John were living to together and I could bet there was no ‘hanky panky’ going on in their house and win. LOL

We and our sons were fortunate to meet Paula and John south of San Antonio. She was such a joy. I wanted to see her again and ask what had happened.  I knew she was no longer living in Pleasanton and trouble was brewing on John’s side of the arrangement.  Mysteries.

BUT like many things in life in our later years, there will be no ‘closings’, and as an internet friend only, I must live with that.

I didn’t mean to bring a downer here. (but I did)

We have only two homes left in NC. Home ownership has BIG responsibilities, as most of you know. We been downsizing but still have too much for our age.

I keep telling my sweetheart I think we have 4-5 more years to move around. That will have us approaching 90. I KNOW my reactions are still good, but I also KNOW my memory is not great.  Memory is secondary to reactions when driving is concerned.

Now that I again have hit a downer. Imma going to quit.

Positive. I hope to assist the family in home repairs and create a nice nature trail for the greatgrands. I also am planning to do some planning for the BIG HIKE; I THINK I can make.

I did well on this 500+ mile trip and had no problems. Imma try to be good and stay positive.

We are unpacked and computers set up in the house. When we were full time in the RV we didn't have to do all this moving STUFF, including tooth paste, etc.....




Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Bridges, love 'em or hate 'em

 Memorable Automobiles from The Past:


Grandson Josh sent me this awhile back '31 Ford Convertible
For today:

WE will be on the road after this is published.  Thursday we will be headed to our home base in Belmont, NC. Belmont is Sherry’s home town, she was born on the Climax Mill village and grew up on the Imperial Mill Village. Coming into Belmont on US74 you cross the Catawba River Bridge. At one time it was considered a large bridge, it is now a ‘tight’ 4 lanes and OLD. Looking both ways you see two more bridges, one is I-85 and the other is a RR Trestle. I don’t know why it isn’t a RR Bridge.  But it has memories for men 60-100 years of age.  During that period swimming in the river was the highlight of the summer. Diving and jumping off the RR Trestle was the height of masculinity. The river bridge on 74 has another infamous reason. Many who wanted a beer and lived in Belmont walked the little 2’ area, marked with a white line on one side of the long bridge to get a beer at the 6 or 8 bars on the Eastern shore. Needless to say returning after a few, was dangerous. (Now we are ‘uptown,’ even have our own breweries!)

Bridges seem to conjure up many feelings. Some romantic, some of dread and many the feeling of FEAR. Our good friend Judy who lived in a town called Milbridge, hated bridges, especially if they rose to enough height for ships to go under, as along the coast lines. BUT she fought that fear every year to come to Florida. When we lived in Biloxi, Miss there was a bridge going over Back Bay that threw a fear into Sherry. We lived just at the end of it and had to cross it for work, church and groceries. Her greatest fear was being on it when the draw bridge opened for a ship or shrimp boat. Having to sit on the bridge and wait (forever) to get off of it.


I don’t think she has that fear anymore. WE cross some big bridges on I-95, the biggest will be on the 95 bypass.  It is a beautiful bridge, it looks like the twin of the Skyway Bridge near Tampa. WE have had the pleasure of going over it and under the Skyway. It is a beauty.

Skyway Bridge across Tampa Bay

We have driven the Golden Gate and many other bridges. Bridges are just more enjoyable in our Class A motor home. Because of the height we see so much more of the bays and rivers.

What about this bridge in China???

Do you have an opinion on bridges?  Love or hate them?


Tuesday, April 20, 2021

What they said…

 Memorable Automobiles from The Past:

 1963 Thunderbird

 For today:

I enjoyed a short video that Nana Diana put on her blog of what her grand (Sweet Cheeks, methinks) said. It was concerning the crucifixion and Easter. I remember very well the Art Linkletter program, “Kids say the Darndest things.” And once you have had children and grandchildren it becomes so apparent.

Once Grandson Ben came to our house, he was visiting from Utah and had met a new friend. The friend has a REAL Southern accent. Ben came in talking ‘sorta’ like Jeremy. Sherry said, “What is with your speech Ben?”

“Oh Grandma Ah’m jest tryyyin to fi-ut iun! (meaning: ‘I’m just trying to fit in!’)”  He was serious.  We cracked up.

We have one granddaughter. I am sure you will understand this, “She was the best, the sweetest and prettiest granddaughter ANYONE ever had.” (OF COURSE!!!! But you see, when I say it, it is TRUE!  LOL)

Once after eating a bowl of ice cream she said, “I eat it all gone!”  We still say that many times when we clean our plate or bowl.

You know I could go on and on about things we remember, I am sure you can.  There is something about the openness when kids speak. I think I have heard it referred to as ‘they have no filters built in yet,’ that is probably a good explanation.

Anyway that was on my mind. To be honest like most families I could give a thousand examples, but Sherry is getting older and I can’t remember any!) Do you have any that jump out to you!

Y’all take care.

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