Friday, April 23, 2021

Matches and Stuff

 Memorable Automobiles from The Past:

 1930 Ruston Model C

For today:

I worked on the yard some today. While in Florida our ‘Conrad’ friends bought us two plants.  One is a lime tree which I planted in Florida. When we left it was ‘LOADED’ with limes.  The other is an azalea. We brought it here to plant.  I would have done the lime but it wouldn’t last here.  Anyway the Azalea is a red one and I planted it in a spot in line with our other azaleas. Strange, the green on the new one does not match out NC ones. I wonder if they will shift colors once growing in NC???  It is a very strong bush, Imma label it the ‘Conrad Azelea’.

I also policed half the ‘nature trail’ picking up fallen limbs. I decided to start a fire and burn the dead limbs. I use and old ‘rural mail box’ to hold some paper and a ‘charcoal starter’ to be ready for a fire. So the starter is dead, no fluid. No sweat, we have some ‘book matches’ in the house. I grabbed a few of them and a pint jar. Why depend on the lighter, why not have matches, safe and dry in a jar.

I used them to start the fire. Then I remembered another use my mama had for matches. She had a few stick matches in the bathroom as a ‘deodorizer’ during a smelly time there.  I am just curious, was that match sulfur smell ever used at your home to dispel odors? 

WE grew up with them there. Not sure it would be a great idea with kids today.  LOL  Probably good we have the Irish Spring Spray cans. ;-)

Okay I am ending a short, but not too sweet post. I have been very busy…



betty said...

My mom never did use matches for that reason like your mom did, Jack, lol :) But whatever works, right? Seemed like you did have a busy day!


Victor S E Moubarak said...

I wish I had a lime or orange tree. Too cold over here for that. Apples and pears are good though.

God bless.

Mevely317 said...

What a sweet gesture, that lime tree and the azalea! No doubt(?) your Florida neighbors are going to be enjoying some key-lime pies; perhaps a margarita? 🍹

Ya, there's something satisfying about the aroma of a wooden match. Plus, I remember when a coworker 'taught' me the wisdom of carrying matches to the ladies room. Who'd have guessed!

Enjoy your busy day! Ours is a soggy, thunder-boomy one.

Dar said...

The smell of sulfur in the matches gave me a chuckle. Mom always said, "Open the window, please." I still do, even in the wintertime. We always have box matches in the house to start the woodstove fire, at the cabin too for the potbelly stove. I love the smell of a wood fire. Nice you're making a nature trail. We've also been clearing the yard of fallen branches as well as our nature trails. One trail needed the chainsaw to clear a fallen tree. I'm jealous of the lime tree and azalea. We can grow azalea but the deer like them.
loven'hugs from up north where it's quite chilly and overcast seems always on the weekends. hmmm

Woody said...

Loved picking fresh Limes in Florida ! an Oranges and Grapefruit ! We have Matches in Jars in the house, Basement, Garage, Garden Shed, an in the Vehicle, also candles in case of Power Failure !! Glad your trip North was uneventful, Wonder why the Tire went Flat yet held 110 lbs. of pressure ?? Oh well, glad yer settled, Down sizing is very Hard, we did it once but I think we have more now than we did before we down sized !! Oh Well, Sending down Love and cares !!!! Gary an Anna Mae

yaya said...

It's yard work galore around my abode and I would love a lemon tree but that wouldn't fly up here! I do have one azalea and it's red too. Hopefully the 6 inches of snow we got on Wednesday won't hurt it. It's all melted and we'll be in the 80's by Tuesday. I sure hope that's really the end of winter this spring!