Thursday, May 31, 2012

Most stories on the internet news, I do not read or see!

Being in the mountains emphasizes our problem of using the internet, as travelers. I continually click on a story and the dreaded little circle comes up slowly going round and round. 99% of the time I just slide the cursor up to the little red X and click.

Even in the best of reception areas, we are slow, but up here we are like mama used to say, “Slow as cream rising on Butter milk”.


Speaking of that, Churning was a fun time for kids (work for mama) but to see the magic Yellow butter come out of the milk was always a mystery to me. Like my parents, I learned to love butter milk also. The first churn I remember was a big brown pottery-type churn with a wooden lid, thru which the stick hooked to the dasher was attached. Mama moved it up and down(pic above). Later she went to a glass jar (a gallon or two) with a crank and dashers that went round and round.

something like this

(This was neat cause you could see the butter forming)

Around our house Cornbread and milk (sweet or buttermilk) was a staple. There were times I loved to  eat some of mama’s corn bread opened and filled with home-made butter. Now I am not sure where the term ‘Sweetmilk’ came from, but that is what we always called white milk.

765738-this-is-a-picture-of-an-old-milk-truck-the-kind-used-when-they-brought-the-milk-and-ice-cream-to-youmilk delivery

When we lived in town, the milk man delivered our milk in quart jars, with top of the milk (in the neck of the jar) being heavy Cream. My buddy Sonny loved to drink cream until he passed, I never liked drinking just ‘cream’.

new to me

(This must be new, I have never seen cream on top in a plastic jug!)

I have a funny trait, I still shake my milk, like we used to before we drank it (to mix the cream and milk.

Hope your day is good, and you enjoy your cornbread and milk.

Thanks for coming this way.

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In Shakespeare's time, mattresses were secured on bed frames by ropes.
When you pulled on the ropes, the mattress tightened, making the bed firmer to sleep on. Hence the
phrase...'Goodnight , sleep tight'

(My first ship LST 1167, the racks were like that. AND one touch of the Bos’n’s sharp knife to that taunt rope would send you to the deck, if you didn’t roll out when he said. It was the guilty sailor’s responsibility to restring it!)

by farendale

An old milk truck with the Milk cans on the back.

Lotta of stories in this truck, I remember many stories about the milk man! LOL

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

There are people I absolutely despise!

I have never MET anyone personally that I absolutely despised, however, on the inter net I have met a few.

I had a good friend and brother in law, Jim. He was married to my little sister Shirl. Sherry and I received a devastating phone call, Jim told us, “I have esophageal cancer. It sounds like a death sentence, but I will fight it.”


I told Jim then, “If anyone can beat it, you can.” (Jim was the picture of health, I just knew he would make it.)

I immediately started searching and researching ‘esophageal’ cancer. VERY SMALL survival rate, low single digit, survival rate. In searching I found a ‘Sure Cure’. A person out of Canada had the cure for this terrible menace. Along with personal and customer testimonies of miraculous recoveries.  Even had the GALL to offer a money back guarantee. They even had testimonies of folks who took this cure at the last minute and are living today!

The net also gave many responses:

FAKE! SELLING FALSE HOPE! The cure was filled with families who were so upset, at the fool who sold ‘FALSE HOPE!

I remember an interview with John Wayne, he said confidently, “I will beat this!” Remember Steve McQueen? He fell for some offer from Mexico, a sure cure.

I DO NOT BELIEVE the stories that say: “Doctors do not want to cure cancer”, OF COURSE THEY DO! Doctors are human, They wouldn’t mind world wide fame, remember Salk? Certainly!  The cure for Polio. He has a place in history FOREVER.

NOW, for a fact, I have friends who are CANCER SURVIVORS. They were fortunate to have doctors who gave them the proper treatment. They were fortunate to have a type of cancer that Medical Science has a good record of supplying the cure. There are testimonies of miraculous Healings of cancer. THERE ARE SURVIVORS, THANK GOD!

But shame on the guy who promises a cure when there is none. A SILLY money back guarantee. The shyster knows, if you have the $50, $100 or $500, and you have been given no hope, that you might say, “What the heck is $500, what have I got to lose? and send it in.”  He, knowing all the time he has just conned another dying man.

Now, something's are not as bad. Not life saving, OR THREATENING, BUT, Vanity! WOW do folks prey on Vanity. look at this, do you believe it?


For only $8, you can look 30 years younger! Bull CRAP!

I’d try the Prep H cure First!!!

Thanks for coming this way!

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PS: Signs of note…..

In a Podiatrist's office:

"Time wounds all heels."



the 1957 Chevy, one of the most recognized classics.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

National ‘Do Not Call’ registry.

In the last few days Sherry has been getting a few telephone survey requests from Politicians or political groups. She hangs up because it is a recording. Sooooo I decided to finally do something about that. I again contacted the national registry……..

ONLY to find that Political, charities and phone surveyors are exempt from the Do Not Call registry. Ah ha, I  did not know that. NOW I DO!

So I guess they continue to take up our minutes and time, not many, of course, because Sherry does not hold it long.

Speaking of telemarketing, they work on the same principal of mass mailers. Once you have purchased or given to a charity your address is valuable. This information comes from first hand information. It was told me by a friend who runs asweat room’ for telemarketing.


They buy addresses from charities. This list is called, guess what? “A SUCKER LIST”, yep instead of being listed as a charitable person, to the telemarketer, you are a SUCKER, albeit, a nice one. LOL

One year I felt charitable and wrote a check to the Salvation Army, because they are known as the most efficient charity in the USA. I have a bad habit of holding down the caps key one letter past the intended letter, so my name at times comes out DArnell. In my letter I done just that. I started getting letters to J. DArnell, asking for more donations. Before long I had other letters from other Charities, to J. DArnell. I learned I was on a Sucker list and it had been sold and re-sold.

I despised  being known as a Sucker. I started sending the letters back with no postage or using their metered envelopes, with all the paper work inside, and no return address.

Some quit but most persisted.

Now there are many good charities in the world today, but I want to give, when I feel like giving, to whom I feel deserves it most.

Most of our charitable giving goes to our local church, knowing that most likely it is not wasted. I might be wrong, but I am not supporting the TV guy with an airplane and a million dollar home. I really do not know him! NOR THE CHARITY where the CEO gets hundreds of thousands of dollars for salary!

That is my rant for today.

Thanks for coming by the log.

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Intelligent people have more zinc and copper in their hair..

( I think that is a lie, since I am bald! Some smart aleck asked me once what color I put down for ‘Hair’ on my driver’s license.) LOL


1933 Ford

Now honestly, it is hard to beat the beauty of this 1933 Ford convertible.  (From a car show in Eustis Florida!)

Monday, May 28, 2012

Mean Dog, mean Person!

Today there are studies about everything. Take what I read the other day.  If a person has an aggressive mean dog, they are more than likely a mean person, either openly or hidden.(surveyor’s opinion)
I ate the other owner
Anyone having a Lab, is probably a kind and loving person.  That is probably true.  (I am trying to decide who’s dog Brandy (RIP) was, Slim’s or Mel’s? Hahahahahaha!
The world’s best folk love Cocker Spaniels!
Now you take Joe, a real man will have a Beagle!!!!

You guys/gals with those little ‘toy’ dogs and poodles, are more likely to try new things. (that one I ‘rassle’ with. LOL)
If you have one called ‘Max’, you must be exciting and love caves. Max can have a partner named Mia or Princess. Either way their mama’s are sweet!
mommy grandma is here
I ain’t gonna do too much speculation, however, if you own a Millie or Jet, you must be a hard worker, good looking and fast (jet)!
You would name your dogs Daisy Mae & Patches, if you were a kind lady who loves her hubby, likes the ‘General Lee’ and you do not mind searching for things. (And know what recap tires are.)
I think I will start defining dog owners. I do wonder about folks who are lead around by TWO Pits. I have a little laugh inside about Pits. My Buddy Sonny and I, never cared much for Pits. I noticed his position changing later in life. Then he told me his girlfriend had the most mannerly Pits he had ever imagined. (Ah ha, girls sure can turn your head, no matter what their age.) LOL.
Do you know what a Corgi is? I didn’t, but after researching the owners, I find they are religious folk who own these "bullets of muscle” or Big dogs in a short body! The religious bit coming from the Corgi’s ability to herd sheep (really cattle, but they don’t fit my religious definition! LOL)
Now Barney? A person who wishes they had the time to just lay around and be cute, but cannot do that!
Dachshund, Another Big dog on short legs. Probably has the owner wrapped around their paw, but can produce a lot of GOOD memories! Who would name one Baron? I  think of my brother’s ship and on the other side, the fast and furious ‘Red Baron’, however, some are more laid back!
Rylie? I want to think of the ‘Life of Riley’ But then if she is a girl, I guess she lives the ‘Life of Rylie!’ The owner is laid back and rolls with the punches!
I am waiting for the study on Cat owners! Can anyone describe the nature of a CAT? I wonder about boys who name their cats ‘sh-t’ and ‘Sh—head”!!!
I bet loving wimmin folk name 'em 'Susie' and Miss Kitty!

Thanks for reading this drivel.
Nite Shipslog
The cost of raising
a medium-size dog to the age of eleven:
$ 16,400

(Not when I was a kid!)
(funny I can’t feed my grand dogs chicken bones, but my dog lived off them, course dad was a preacher so we ate lots of chicken!LOL)
I wonder what kind of Dog the owner has? Johnny Cash Might have built this one! (Then you might have to be old to remember, “I built it one piece at a time, and it didn’t cost me a dime!”)

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Memorial Day

Originally Decoration day to honor the citizens who died in war, now a Federal Holiday to honor and remember the 1,309,000(+) men and women who have died in American conflicts.
Marine saluting1Meuse Argonne-american-cemetery-and-memorial
(Over 10,000 Americans buried in Argonne, France)
(Over 14,000 Americans buried & honored in Lorraine, France)
Salute the Wall
(The Wall! BIL Vernon..3 tours, Ted (nephew) tour and our own Jimmy of Jimmy's Journal there as 'The Doc'. Thankfully they returned) 

Many wars, too many soldiers died.  Some were political, some were unavoidable but all were tragic. My family, like many, is laced with military veterans. Of all I know, only one (from an extended family member) died in the war. My best friend and Brother in law, Sonny, lost a brother on a ship that went down in the Pacific.
Sherry’s brother, Wiley Aaron Harris Jr.,  was wounded on Iwo Jima, but returned alive. All that returned were scarred by WAR.
The most tragic thing in American History was our (UN)Civil War. Do you realize that the dead in that war, was more than any war in OUR history. That is/was very tragic! 625,000 AMERICANS died on OUR soil.  Now compare that with the 405,000 (US) who died in World War II.
So we honor our dead, and hope we are not ever so pig headed, that we will again have an Uncivil War. I am hoping for an end to all conflicts in the middle East and our men return home. God keep us from more wars.
Soldiers do what they are ordered to do. No one wants to die, but every citizen who dons the uniform swears they will give their life in defense of this country, sadly over a million have.
So, ‘SALUTE’ and ‘HONOR’ to those brave and courageous who wear the uniform, and ‘HUMBLE THANKFULNESS’ to those who gave all.
In love and honor…..

But, in a larger sense, we can not dedicate, we can not consecrate, we can not hallow this ground. The brave men, living and dead, who struggled here, have consecrated it, far above our poor power to add or detract. The world will little note, nor long remember what we say here, but it can never forget what they did here.
Thanks for remembering with me, God Bless America.
Nite Shipslog
My brother BF Darnell Jr. Served aboard the USS Baron DE166, in the Pacific and returned. My Hero.
Uss baron also

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Remembering ‘THE MAN’, Harry Truman

For many reasons Truman is considered one of the best presidents we have had. Much of which came from the fact he knew something about the real world. One of his better known sayings was something like, “I had a choice of being a piano player in a whore house or becoming a politician, there was not a whole lot of difference!”  Well it was something like that.


Harry and Bess great Missourians!

There are some things that happen in our lives completely by accident, that are heart warming. I was in the USAF in 1961-62 when President Kennedy extended all of us who were due to get discharged, it is called COG (Convenience of the Government!)


(You might remember when some reporter said something nasty about his daughter he was gonna go over there and whip his a$$, like any good dad!)

(You may not know it but Margaret wrote some good novels, I liked everyone I read)

At the end of my extension and the Cuban Crisis was over The USAF sent me to Richards-Gabaur AFB, near Kansas City for discharge. That process takes about a week. I only knew about three people in the KC area. I must have been visiting them. I just remember a uniformed man walking down the street carrying a lunch pail. Who ever I was visiting called his name and said, “Come over here I want to introduce to a guy getting out of the Air Force, he has already spent a hitch in the Marines.”


(Most are not old enough to remember that newspapers printed that Harry had lost the election!)

The guy was very amiable. he had started his Gov’t Career as a Marine. After introductions, I learned he was a guard at the Truman Library a few blocks away. I felt so privileged to be talking to a guy who was a retired Secret Service man. He had guarded Hoover, FDR and Truman. He retired when Truman left office. He said Harry called him in and asked if he still wanted to work for him.


(Harry was one of them!)

His response to me was, Of the presidents I served, Harry Truman was the only real man. He was the same in private and in the public.  No fancy foot work, he meant it when he said. “The buck stops here.”

We talked for about an hour. I liked Harry before that, but the stories he told, drew even more respect.


We will never again have a man like Harry Truman, a man who really knew what it was to work for a living. Of course I never met President Truman, but I sure felt impressed to talk to someone who had been his SS guard, and it was all by accident,  I never saw the man again.

My daddy did not like Truman, because he fired MacArthur, we disagreed on that. I felt Truman had no choice, he had to fire him, Douglas was getting too big for his britches(as they say down home), Truman was in charge.

Thanks for coming this way. 

Nite Shipslog

If flying is so Safe,
why do they call the airport the terminal?



President Harry Truman and his wife Bess packed 11 suitcases and loaded them in a 1953 Chrysler New Yorker like this and drove them selves, no secret service, no pension to Independence, MO.

1953 Chrysler New Yorker

What does the car look like now?

Harry's new Yourker

In a barn somewhere in Kansas. Not restored, as Harry would have preferred. If you know more, let me know.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Hey, I found out, I am the Boss!

I can decide what meals we have. (of course any smart BOSS asks advice, right?) With my angel having a broken wing (and not doing too well as the patient either, I might add!) I am RESPONSIBLE. I am not used to that around the house, that has always been Sherry’s area of expertise. She has always produced great meals, kept me in line, raised two boys and held down a job.

Now looking at that list, at least, surely I can cook and clean, she has already sent the boys away. Plus work is long gone, surely I can fill in that  ‘little gap’ of cooking, shopping, dusting, washing and cleaning, right?

Scanoldphoto3 006

Hey, I am a CHIEF, that means something in the USN, but it don’t cut much mustard here at home. The Captain may have a broke wing, but she is still the Skipper.

I have been playing the chef(take the i our of Chief!). I fix a great bowl of oatmeal.

oatmeal 001

(with cinnamon/apple/raisin's on top)

But I have also found recipes on the net, I have done Salmon in a great sauce on a rice pilaf. I made a great Chicken soup, this time I used some fresh tomatoes, celery, onion, garlic (MS Dash, I cannot cook without her help)  cornstarch, corn and of course Chicken.  The left overs will be served over rice later.


(This is the left over chicken veggie soup. I made rice using Chicken broth to use as a pilaf).

I had an onion, egg and cheese scramble one morning. One morning I chopped an apple, added margarine, cinnamon, brown sugar and micro waved it for 2 minutes then served it with milk and dry cereal.I sat here and put together a recipe of French Toast, I hope will be delicious.

(….Later…..) Here it is (She said it was the BEST!):


I would never complain serving this lady. If you have been reading this blog a long time, you may remember, once I actually had an epiphany. Although I appreciated my girl, I then realized I would have had nothing, probably been a bum, if she was not in my life. She gave me purpose. A reason to succeed. She put reins on a wild horse and gave me directions.

So it is an honor to try to ease her pain and make her life easier until she get’s that wing back so she can FLY!

(Besides I am getting tired of installing and adjusting that BRA! hahaha!!!)

Thanks for all your prayers and support. I have a couple great friends who do not accept the fact of a higher power. Of course that is their right as a human. I understand that. I asked that they send some positive thoughts this way anyway!!! They have, and I appreciate it.

I did not mean to go  this long. Thanks for reading.

Nite Shipslog


Why are they called
Apartments when they are all stuck together?


Sherry’s dream car is the 1948 Chevrolet Fleetline:


Thursday, May 24, 2012

Some encouragement


We have been up here in the mountains now a week. Been into town three times. On Tuesday our friends and RV’ing side kicks, Don & Evelyn came up for lunch. We went to Meedo’s, a great Italian place here in Lenoir.

We had noticed the ‘Nails’ are also here, but we haven’t seen them. The ‘Nails’  gave us some advice about a new camping club and we took their advice. It was good for us.  We met them in Florida last winter.  Sherry and Evelyn walked down to their RV while Don and I talked. The girls did not find them home.

We had a great meal, Sherry and I love the ‘Meatless Lasagna’ and the house salad with the Raspberry vinaigrette dressing. We had a great day and a good visit.

We have mostly stayed in, except to walk and empty the trash. A very relaxing time, hoping the bone is healing.  Sherry has some good and bad times, but she is coping. We talk of folk who have made our lives better:


(These are just a few, it is impossible to list everyone. We love the screen savers on our twin computers. On each side of the table, we constantly have our family and friends popping in for a visit.)

We watch the other RV’rs from our window, but are doing very little interacting.


(My girl won’t like this, but his was taken in Mercedes, TX, we had the entire RV park to ourselves)

Life is good, and we are talking a lot. It is good when your wife is your best friend. (Loving and beautiful to boot!) This is one of the worst things that have happened to ‘us’, so we are happy, knowing in the large scheme of things, THIS WILL HEAL!

Thanks for coming this way.

Nite Shipslog


Only in This Silly World
….do we leave cars worth thousands of dollars in the driveway and put
Our stuff in the garage.


1956 Marlin

For some reason this AMC  Marlin never stirred my blood, but if they were shooting for different they got it, it was better than the Pacer though!