Sunday, May 20, 2012

Smokies, part 2

We interrupt this blog with an important announcement:


(Magnetic sign From SIL Janet!)

Now last half of the Smokies…..

Most hikers stop at Newfound gap and hitch-hike into Gatlinburg for food, bath and rest. But we had packed enough food for 11-12 days, so we walked on after answering many questions by curious youngsters. And drinking the soda we bummed, of course. LOL

hiking various 018

Back tracking a little, before you get to Clingmans dome, you must climb Rocky Top. The name made famous by John Denver. Now I only knew one line of the song, but I sang it three times, on three different peaks.  When we reached Rocky Top we were in the clouds, so there was no way to see what is the haunt of all hikers, A FALSE PEAK. You know you are at the top, but a few minutes later you start up again and your heart drops, you know you were on a false peak. so we hit two false peaks before I stood on THE Rocky top and sang to the top of my voice, “GOOD OLD ROCKY TOP, ROCKY TOP TENNESSEE!”

We met a lot of folks on The Trail, more in the Smokies than anywhere. Very popular for hikers. We met four doctors who were trying to set a record from Newfound and Fontana Dam. They were hiking day and night, no packs.

Back to Newfound.  As we left the Gap, I realized the trail was the exact one I had walked up in 1947-1948 as a kid.  Sherry was hoping the Bear was not making a comeback too.

hiking various 015

Sometimes she was above me.hiking various 017

Views you can only get by walking a few miles.

hiking various 016

These were day hikers in the distance.

We met some hikers who were home schooling the kids and using the time to learn the flora of the Smokies. Interesting folk. At one shelter I was cooking supper (Ramein noodles) and a mouse fell just inches from where the pot was. Came close to having meat with the noodles. (Sherry did not appreciate the joke).

hiking various 021

When you pass hikers going the opposite direction the main question asked is: Where is the next water source? VERY IMPORTANT. We only camped on top of a mt. once, then we realized there is normally no water on top. The next Question asked is, ‘how far to the next road?’

Going North as we were, everyone said “it is Cove Road and you have to go down to Mountain Mama’s and eat one of her famous Cheese burgers, the best in the world.” And they were (at the time). Mt. mama’s is closed now, the hikers will miss that.  It took us 10 or 11 days to hike the 70 miles.

Thanks for coming this way,

Nite Shipslog


According to what I just read:

The percentage of
Africa that is wilderness: 28%

(now get this...)

The percentage of
North America that is wilderness: 38%

(do we really need to preserve any more land for the government?)



Honest, I like this 1931 Chevy


BUT since 1953 this has been the dream car for me. The 1953 MG Hill climber!


Lucy said...

Cool sign. I like that. I thought Sherry was still in a cast. If not glad it is gone. I have to repeat this cause i hear it all day. "Be careful, Sherry". I just read your previous entry so I guess you still have the cast. I wondered if Jack took it off for you.

Helen said...

If ya'll had that MG Hill climber You would be scaling those mountains in it.LOL.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I loved seeing all the pictures! Those views are breathtaking, but not for me. Heights and I don't get a long. I like the rolling hills where we camp but found out that I cannot even hike up and down the one our camper is on as my knee doesn't like it at all. We have a golf cart for the hill. I can walk ok once we are down the hill and on flat land. Most of the campground is flat and in a valley with a lake, but I do like where we are in the trees on the hill. Today was in the 80's and the shade was appreciated. I'm back home again now for awhile and will miss it. Hope you all are having a wonderful Sunday there at your place!

Chatty Crone said...

I loved that sign and would love one myself - lol.

Now the scenery was beautiful. When did you to that climb? You two are in great shape.

I imagine there is not water on the top - lol.

I just still try to figure out your life style - lol.

It;s a good one.

Love, sandie

shirl72 said...

It is scary just looking at the
places you have climbed. Hard to believe you and Sherry are doing
the climbing. I will keep both feet on the ground.


betty said...

Interesting with those doctors hiking night and day and no packs! Wonder if they made the record they were trying to go for. I always do enjoy reading your tails of your hiking the AT because I can live through your and Sherry's adventures and not do it myself (not a fan of hiking :)

But stunning views!! What an adventure you guys decided to embark on!!


Anonymous said...

Continue to be impressed by the adventures of your lifes. A safe step ahead and a good new week for you all.

Jean said...

I was just wondering are you and Sherry on a hiking trip? If you are be careful and watch out for the hungry bears. My son and I have been nailing up a private fence and I'm TIRED! Lol. We've only got five from post to post (11 planks between) so for. Sorry to have to do it on a Sunday, but it's the only day he has off to help me. Take care, Jean.

Louis la Vache said...

Like you, «Louis» will take the MG!


When you are hiking a water source is indeed, important. You two have seen some GORGEOUS views. The adventure of a lifetime. LOVE Sherry's sign. How are you managing with the NEW rules, Jack? LOL take care.