Wednesday, May 16, 2012

On the road again

Restless feet gather no bill collectors!!! LOL. If all goes well at the Dr. this morning we will take off for Lenoir, NC and the Green Mountain Park. It is a great place to get next to nature and relax. Taking Sherry back in the hills to recoup!

This evening we will have Chili/beans compliments of Vickie who dropped them by. Not sure of the cell signal in that area so I will post now.  Most of the time it is fair, but the weather has been undecided to say the least.

We had a terrible thunder storm last night, but the sun is out and things are beautiful. I noticed our tomato plants are going crazy (growth wise).  Funny thing, we bought two plants from a man at a yard sale in Tavares, FL. Supposed to be Big Boys. One is a cherry tomato, and some creature has decided they want them. Sherry and I shared the one cherry tomato we got off that vine.

Growing up, mama called those ‘tom-e-toes’, the cherry tomato that is. I still do, but folks look at me funny!!!!  Shirl always grows the best ‘tom’e’toes’, but she calls them cherry tomatoes. LOL

The washer and dryer work good in the storage shed with just enough room to get to them.  The dining room suit seems to have come thru the storage pretty well. Will need a lot of cleaning and TLC, but will make it.


Thanks for coming this way. We are anxious to look thru our picture window at the world as we head for the mts.


Sherry will not be chaffering this trip!!!

Take care and thanks for coming this way. See you from the mts if we have a signal.

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PS: Another church bulletin blooper:

The eighth-graders will be presenting Shakespeare's Hamlet in the Church basement Friday at 7 PM . The congregation is invited to attend this tragedy.

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The first time I ever remember seeing the mountains was in this 1941 Chevy. Dad drove us to Lake Lure and Chimney rock, NC. That was not far from Shelby, NC where we lived at the time.


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I hope by now you are on your way and the Doc said A-OK. That park in the mountains sounds like a wonderful place for some good R and R . I just arrived here in the hills at my camper in the woods. I get to stay a few days for now but then will be home till after the birth of my newest grandchild. DD has 9 more days...unless that little one decides otherwise.

Woody said...

We will plant our Tomaters this week, it has finally warmed up enough, I have seeds sprouted and ready to pot the morning Glory in.
you 2 take care and enjoy the road!!
love & peace from Northern New York
Gary & Anna Mae

shirl72 said...

Hope you enjoy the mountains it is always so peaceful. Remember we lived on the edge of the mountains and it was always cool.

I will take care of the town while
you are away any advice.


DD said...

I hope you have a very good time and a safe trip.

Anonymous said...

Please have you all a safe road ahead and a wonderful time.

Paula said...

Be careful and take your time. Sounds like a peaceful place for Sherry to heal.

betty said...

Sherry will be the navigator this trip as you take the wheel! It does sound like a nice place for Sherry to have a time of rest and healing! Be safe out there!


Anonymous said...

"On the Road Again"!

My folks call the tom-e-toes, too. We also grew a very tiny tomato (dime size) that we called cherry tomato. I never see those available commercially. To this day, Daddy will correct me if I try to call a tom-e-toe a cherry tomato.

Have a safe trip!

jack69 said...

If I eve see you, I'magonna KISS you, Love the tom-e-toes!

Sheila Y said...

Enjoy your vacation! Hope Sherry is healing well. Safe travels, Sheila


Hope the doctor gives Sherry the all clear. ENJOY the mountains. GODSPEED. PS) One of the places I love on this earth is Lake Lure. driving up and down those roads is so FUN.

Chatty Crone said...

Being late and reading backwards as usual - you must be there already. No driving for Sherry!
I think I asked you once - the addition you put on - is that for you when you park there or for your son's house? Have to get my facts straight. lol sandie