Sunday, May 30, 2021

Finally on the Appalachian trail

Started walking at at Hot springs honestly I got north and south confused I asked a hiker in town which was north and south and he pointed north and I thought he was wrong haha. Anyway Sherry and Jack Jr brought me up we had lunch and I said goodbye and headed up the trail. I have only hiked three miles in three hours which is a mile an hour haha.I have met a few day hikers and a couple section hikers. Hot springs was very busy today I was really surprised.of course even in the short walk the views were beautiful and I am tired haha I hope this posts good night ships log from the Appalachian trail
This is a small section of the trail.

Saturday, May 29, 2021

As ready as I will ever be, I guess

 Memorable Automobiles from The Past:

 British luxury auto

1935 Doreen Good's  LAGONDA LG45 4½-LITRE Monte Carlo raCER.

For today:

I have been advised this hike is not the smartest thing I ever did. Hey I agree with that. The smartest thing I did was propose to a girl named Sherry when I was a kid of 17. Not the smartest thing she ever did though was, to say ‘yes,’ to a kid who was a High School Drop out with no real possibilities of a future.

We made it. I am sort of a wreck of a human. During the day I am such a sweet dude.  BUT, but when I sleep, I jerk and move a lot at night. I seldom wake up with her in bed anymore. She has now, during the night, moved to our couch where she wakes up. I am hard to sleep with. She cannot get a good night’s sleep with me anymore.

We have twin beds in BR #2. I have suggested moving to there to sleep, but she shuts down that idea.

I am hoping that a solo hike will heal some of my jerking and jumping at nights. Crowds have begun to bother my mind. But my Sherry on the other hand lives for her group here on Monday Mornings at Hardee’s. She spent her early years with this group. School from the 1st grade to Graduation in 1956.

This time on the trail will be lonely of course, but I hope to do a lot of life searching. I HAD BETTER NOT COME BACK WITH AN IDEA THAT IS CRAZIER THAT I AM. LOL.   I know sailing around the world is OUT!  LOL

Our pastor did mention a few weeks ago that we all needed some ‘Solitary Time’, he will probably think I am taking this to the extreme. LOL

He follows my blog but I am sure he seldom, if ever, reads it. He is probably too busy.

My total weight is 200 Lbs (90.72Kg), dressed, loaded along with my hiking poles. I make up right at 160 LBS (72.57Kg). I actually cut back some things and still the supplies/pack is still 40 lbs. (18Kg).

I will get a chance to talk to a lot of thru hikers and maybe get some good ideas.  See you from the trail if I can figure how to do that on the cell.

Bye to the cats for a few days: 


Nite Shipslog.

Thursday, May 27, 2021

The puppies ( AKA Kitties) were introduced

Memorable Automobiles from The Past:


For today:

When I went down the stairs and was met by Tiger II yesterday morning, imagine my surprise she had three kitties out to show me.

 I called Sherry down and that silly Tiger II went right to Sherry, mamas like each other.

The little puppies kept moving around and we got a chance to meet them.

The Tiger II seemed to be proud to display two yellows and one baby tiger.

I now have my solar phone charger and a way to protect the Cochlear devices in the back country. I hope to be on the trail by late Sunday Afternoon.

 Nite Shipslog.

The 100 mile test run date has been rescheduled

Memorable Automobiles from The Past:
1970 Chrysler Dart
For today:

My plans are to attend church Sunday Morning and then Sherry will drive me to Hot Springs, NC to drop me off. That is about 150 miles, a 3 hour drive one way.  Jack Jr. will probably go with us if he is not working,

My pack is ready except for all the electronics. OH yeah, I was sort of disappointed with today’s mail. I ordered a solar charger. It arrived today, the sucker weighs just a little over a pound. That hurts. But on the brighter side, I now have the little humidity eating ‘silica packets.’

But I hope to use the phone to check what I will need on the long run, so I will figure it out.

I have been ‘exercising’ with the pack. The little trail I have around our acre is good practice. I did about a mile and a half for the past 2 days. The pack is heavy, but as my DI said on Parris Island “That rifle is mighty heavy, but after a while it will be light, very light!”  So I will get used to the pack or give up the whole idea.  I do hope it works out.


I am going to start walking thru the neighborhood. I will walk in the morning when most folks are at work. If I am questioned I will to say, “My wife said I should practice being homeless.”


Nite Shipslog.

BTW, My Doctor said my idea of the silica gel was as good as anyway to protect the devices.

Wednesday, May 26, 2021

Problems with age Are they REAL,? (Yeah, and silly ones too!)

 Memorable Automobiles from The Past:

One aged well, the other didn't........


For today:

Of course there are real problems with aging. I know it, every time I see a senior with a walker or when I hear that an aged friend was rushed to the hospital, I know there are problems.

HOWEVER we seem to NEED problems, those of us who are blessed with good health will find a problem. Me? Dadgummit I can’t hear and all my hair turned grey then turned loose. SHUCKS,  I used to be one pretty dude too! LOL


Then we men seem to gain too much weight. We used to blame it on too much beer. Now we know it is just too much good food….. And then there are the little aches and pains. Not enough to fuss (or brag) about, but enough to bother a good life.

Most men have always had a problem of ‘not changing to work clothes for a small repair job i.e. moving the mower, cleaning gutters or just a little touchup painting (the worst). AND IN THE PROCESS RUIN, TEAR OR MESS UP a nice shirt or pair of pants.

Yeah Aging can be tough on us guys…. BUT…..

Due to Hollywood’s portrayal of women I look at problems older ladies have, I cringe but still ask:

1.       Do the wrinkles hurt?

2.       What about Age spots, ARE THEY UGLY?

3.       Those little blue spider veins that show up, WOW!

4.       There was a problem with finger nails; now the problem has dropped down to toenails.

5.       OH CRAP, A dirty spot on a blouse? What will people think?.

6.       And the worst of all that danged ‘crepe’ skin, and the wings that develop!!

Aging for men is tough, but not half as tough as women. Hollywood, SOCIETY, has ruined it for women. Some girls want to try to look 35 when they are in their 70s (maybe 90s)….

But what the heck? Life is good much better to still be above the ground.


Nite Shipslog.

PS: Odd, wrinkles on men adds character, on women, it makes them look OLD.

Tuesday, May 25, 2021

Lost and found

 This will be short. I thought I was off blogger. ll I could get was "Archived Blogger Buzz" and I have never used Blogger Buzz at all.  But I was flooded with years of BLOGGER BUZZ.

To be honest I was considering just throwing in the towel because all this new technology is getting far out of my reach.

Some of you know my back ground. I was in electronics when the computer was in its infancy. My grandson Josh who is a 'whiz' and even Officially Microsoft Approved in software use, trouble shooting and programming, smiles big when I constantly repeat that on my first job as a computer repairman, the computer took up 2400 sqft and had a drum storage of 24,000 bits.

I said that to say I was in repair for many years and schooled at IBM. Now I cannot even set my digital watch or keep Sherry's FITBIT working.

I have tried to bet BLOGGER BUZZ gone for a long time today. It is gone and I do not know what caused it to disappear.

Anyway I will be back tomorrow if I can. LOL

Nite Shipslog

Monday, May 24, 2021

Consumer Reports

Memorable Automobiles from The Past:

 1973 Alpha Romeo  High end Italian

For today:

Do you read consumer’s comments on products you are thinking of purchasing? I do it lots of times.  I find such a great difference in views and experiences with purchases.

I have a rule of thumb about the 1-5 stars given products.  I prefer to give credit to comments where there have been 100s of reports. A simple explanation of my approach is: If 325 people rated a product and there were 8 very low reports and 300 5 star ratings I tend to think the product is worth trying.

I am always amazed to read: “This is exactly as advertised, it operates perfectly!” While the next comment is, “I am so disappointed. It BROKE apart on the first use. I would never recommend this to anyone. It is junk!”

We all know that there are ‘lemons’ in everything from cars to shoes, so it is possible for both reports to be correct.

Case in point. I have a ‘hand truck’ for moving heavy or awkward things. A tire blew out and I just ordered one, I am a big amazon fan.

I picked what I wanted and then read the reports. There were over 2000 purchases with a 4.5 out 5 rating.  Just for fun I read the top and the bottom of the reports. They were completely opposite the lower guy saying he gave the tire a 1 because there wasn’t a zero.

Since most folks rated it high, I have ordered it.  I seldom rate what I buy mainly because I once wrote an opinion and the system came back saying there wasn’t enough words in the answer. I just didn’t appreciate being told I had to say more. LOL

Do you rate products you purchase?

Nite Shipslog.

Sunday, May 23, 2021

Men and women, life’s problems


Memorable Automobiles from The Past:

 1986 Caddy

For today:

I was asked one time what my biggest problem was, at the time all was going well so I said, “I don’t have any!”

The retort I have never forgotten was:

Quote: “If you don’t have a problem, you are dead!”

I guess that is correct, but I have had so many ‘small’ problems that I considered them ‘nothing’ at the time. So there are big problems and little problems.

I remember hearing a ‘story’ once of a conversation:

Joe: I’m having some problems with my wife on deciding what make of car we should have, whether we need 4 door or a hard top.

Tommy: Me ‘n Joanie made a BIG decision when we were married. We agreed, She would handle the small decisions and I would handle the biggies.

Joe, Really, you have been married now about 15 years how has it worked out.

Tommy: No problems yet, we have held to that, and it has worked.  We do ask the other’s advice, but THE decision is still the original agreement.

Joe: What are some of the small decisions Joanie makes?

Tommy: She has decided the color of our cars, the make etc. She also picked the house and neighborhood. Oh yes, and the colleges the kids would attend. She picked my Chevy pickup too!

Joe: WHAT? You must be crazy. WHAT in Heaven’s name are big ones?

Tommy: Mine are tough dude, I decide on Wars, nuclear disarmament agreements, or if WEED should be legal. Oh yes and I named the dog!

ME? Here?....... I decide what you read on tonight’s Blog!  Tough day huh?

Nite Shipslog.

PS: And here you thought I was gonna talk about going bald and wrinkles!  ;-)

Saturday, May 22, 2021

One problem solved, I think.

 Memorable Automobiles from The Past:

 1970 Citroen

For today:

Ok, I was just informed that we have an event planned around Father’s day, so I will have to plan on leaving a week earlier.  I think today I solved one of my major problems. The problem is the maintenance of my implant devices. These devices must be placed in a little device I call a ‘cooker’ each night to ensure no moisture is accumulating in the device.

I have ordered some small 5g Moisture Absorber Silica Gel Desiccant Packets to pack them in at night. And also to pack them in most of the day as I do the solo hike. I do plan to hike ‘stone deaf’ most of the time to save carrying so many batteries.

These Cochlear implants are wonderful in that they allow me to hear, but there are times I actually enjoy complete silence.  With the devices at times the sounds are overwhelming in that some voices still come across as ducks or mechanical sounds.

So anyway, I do have an idea how to protect them. I will e-mail my doctor to see if there is anything better.


Nite Shipslog.

Friday, May 21, 2021

I hope I can carry my pack

 Memorable Automobiles from The Past:

 1985 AMC  EAGLE

For today:

I have been preparing my pack for a short 100 mile trek. I got it down to about 35 pounds.  I have 10 days of food in it except for ‘snack candy’ that I will have to add. I will be surprised if I stay below 40 lbs counting water.

I walked about 200 yards with it on today, It sure seems heavier than it did a few years ago. LOL

I doubt if I can hone it down much but I will still try. I will try the short hike in a few weeks. I haven’t looked at a calendar maybe I should now.

Looks like June 13 or 14 might be good. If Jack Jr is still here maybe he can ride with us up to Hot Springs and have me on the trail midafternoon. Then he could drive mom back to Belmont.


I haven’t talked to her yet. I will do that on our walk this evening.

Nite Shipslog.

Thursday, May 20, 2021

 Memorable Automobiles from The Past:

 1955 brought along the cool paint jobs, Like this Olds 88

For today:

I took the Glass from this door I removed. I couldn’t see throwing it away.  I like to use what I can so, I thought a window in my latest storage area would be a great idea. Just a couple hours job to stick it into the wall.

(Below is the damaged door I removed, the glass panel was still good)

Ah ha,  like all my estimates since reaching the age of OLD people, it took much longer.  But I did get it in and cleaned up the area some. LOL


So now I have some light beaming thru into a hither to dungy area.


Plus I am tired. LOL

I should be making plans for my short backpacking trip. It is less than a month away. I am thinking about mid June.


Wednesday, May 19, 2021


 I got my driver's license in the mid 50's, so those cars STUCK in my brain, loved this one also:

For today:

FIRE: Fre a word that brings fear and comfort. The various meanings in the English language words gets confusing. In the military the "FIRE at will," is an order to shoot/fire a weapon when the troop feels it is necessary.

FIRE, FIRE yelled in a building definitely  brings fear in many hearts.

Also a person hearing a boss say, "You are FIRED," is also not a welcome sentence.

And then there is the camp fire. A comfortable site. One of warmth. It calls for contemplation, a time to pull memories forward, some call it 'wool gathering'.  And then there are Smoores to be made and also an Ideal way to prepare a 'wiener' for eating.

Today I had a fire in the fire pit. Just watching the fire brought back a 'strong memory' from camping south of Lake Okeechobee in Florida.

I looked South from our camp sight and saw flames climbing at least 50-60 feet in the air. I saw some folks just casually walking and others smiling and looking at the fire off in a distance. 

I asked one of the passers-by, "Is that a wild fire?"

Laughing, "Your first time down mere this time of the year I guess."

"Yes it is."

They continued, "They re burning the cane fields getting ready to harvest the sugar cane.  It is done every year."

There is a berm completely surrounding Lake Okeechobee. We climbed up on the berm and watches some cane fields burn. We observed some kids at the end of one cane field. They had clubs, I learned they kids 'harvested' the rabbits as they ran from the fire. I understand they look forward to that time to get a lot of meat for their freezers.

It was interesting.

I do love a good campfire, or one down im our fire ring.

Nite Shipslog

Tuesday, May 18, 2021


 One of my Favorite cars from the 1950s:

We did buy a 1955 Chevy once for $50 but it did not look like these!

For Today:  Sometimes it is the small things that make you feel good. Friend Melvin came by to apologize for the weekend problems.  He had some time. I asked if he knew anyone to pressure wash the back deck. "Yeah, Me!"



"DO IT!"

We laughed he drove to get his washer and returned. The job was completed in less than a hour.  It would have taken me at least twice that long, it is a big deck.

He got through, "What do I owe you?"

"Nothing, this one is on me."

He has a family to support and needs to earn his way and does. It would have cost me  to rent a machine, then time to do the job and it would not have been as good as he did. Of course I paid him well.

The nice thing is the deck is 25 years old, was absolutely black, Sherry keeps saying, "I love to look out the door at that deck now."


Looking off the deck to our picnic area, I painted the birdbath on the right a fresh blue! LOL (I am working!)
I like this house and the woods, but I see the coach from the deck too, it calls out, When do we leave????

I really do miss living in the coach. We were mobile for over 20 years, it was a pleasure living in 325 sqft with a pretty lady!

But I guess this is home now, my sights are on my short hike in June. I hope to do about 100 miles back packing. That test will probably kill or encourage the long hike. (I bought my groceries for that short hike, Ramein noodles and cheese crackers. LOL)

Nite Shipslog

Monday, May 17, 2021

Greed, fear or ignorance

 today's auto is a 1957 Ferrari :

Thoughts for today:

North Carolina has over all mild weather. But you can count on it, that if a storm warning flies in the weather report, the stores will be out of bread and milk QUICK.  (I read where someone said, "Folks must have a milk Sandwich!"). I mean this is not like Dar,  Gary and some more of your areas where you just MIGHT GET SNOWED IN for days.  I have never understood the mindset!

And YES,  toilet paper still has me boggled.

We just came out of a gas shortage here on the East coast. We were told it was temporary, but people went berserk, some even trying to pump gasoline into garbage bags!!!!

Flashe on the news was a picture of a big expensive Hummer completely burned out because he was hauling 4, 10 gallon containers inside the vehicle.

Now for some reason there is a 'lumber shortage'. .......

I'm puzzled, is it Greed, fear or ignorance?????

Sunday, May 16, 2021

Busy busy

Work trucks of the past: 

1950 Chevys 1/4 ton p/u.......  Had one, liked it.

Today's stuff:

I took a page from Myra lately. Saturday I had scheduled a carpenter to be here to change out a door and repair a window seal.

He was going to be here at 10 AM. I started getting ready for him to remove the door, to move the job along. By 1030 no show and I decided to go ahead and remove the door to same time, and also to inspect the base for wood rot. We built this house about 25 years ago.  The outside trim and base of the double door had rotted.

11AM no one showed. I called his number. No ans. I text'ed him.  I got a return, his main job called him on an emergency and would have to reschedule. OUCH.

Since I was this far, the door was removed already and I saw not only was the trim rotted but our flooring in that area would have to be replaced.

 So I went shopping for material and got the 6 foot hole closed by night.  Today after church I finished the job except for some painting and hanging blinds.

(I removed the full 6 ft. unit. I cut the door loose and replaced it with the half window door. The other door matched the window. I rebuilt the framing and replaced all the trim along with replacing the flooring just inside.)

I did understand his regular job took precedence but he must have a reason for not calling early. He is a friend, so I will find out later the circumstances. 

This type of job in construction is referred to as a side job, where  guys pick up some extra cash on their time off.  Most trades men have done it.  Most bosses do not mind as long as it doesn't interfere with production.

Any way, I can do the work, but I keep being told to HIRE someone, I did try. LOL

Nite Shipslog

Saturday, May 15, 2021

Mystery post showed up....

 I have had odd things happen but this was the strangest. I posted an entry and it told me 'Unable to post',  I tried redoing some or it and tried to up date and got the message. "CANNOT UPDATE"  Then another that said UPDATE FAILED. Now I find it has reappeared and is posted before My Fill in entry Fuzzy Hussy. 

It was not on Sherry's computer until just now.

I will be back tomorrow.  Comments off.

Nite Shipslog

PS I cannot explain the  red flags about danger here on Shipslog.....

Friday, May 14, 2021

The Fuzzy Hussy, Stormy Daniel’s daughter.

Memorable Cat car:


For today:


This is Stormy Daniel’s daughter, I call her Tiger Two. That is Tiger 1 or TOM walking into the picture they are jealous.

 Or the Fuzzy Hussy, Yep the little poot has followed in Stormy’s footsteps and brought us a litter. She hid them behind an old safe and cabinet in our storage area.


After I found the litter, she moved them. I looked around and thought I heard purring. Since my hearing is not directional, I asked Sherry to listen and tell me where it was coming from. That little rascal had moved the ‘puppies’ to this ‘whapsidded’ empty box 4 ft off the floor.

She had 5 kitties (I tell her they are puppies.)  She laughed and said you told mama that too, and you see I am a cat! Well she now has only 3, 2 yellow and 1 striped.


I have had trouble with coons. So I am closing the garage door all the way. Mama can go out the hard way to do her business or mess around. The hard way is up this ladder and thru the window. It goes into the new storage area I built under the back deck.

This is the ladder in the storage area she can come down.

 Then she must make her way to this small square cat hole behind the block and make her way thru the lattice work to outside.

 She has no problem going in and out. I am sure the coons could too, if they knew the way. I hope they don’t follow her or Tom.


PS:  This is Tom trying to get in my camera!

PS 2: I am very concerned. This post was an after thought. I put a post on for today about ranstonware (intent) mispell  It disappeared twice. that is wild. I mean GONE!  I was using Chrome and a warning popped up.