Wednesday, July 31, 2019


A favorite car
 Do you  remember 'THE THING?

Unnecessary, I am so surprised my spell check said that is not a word. (I just reeducated my spell-check.)  It must be a word or my mama would not have used it. She was the educated one of my parents, she ‘Graduated seventh grade’ as she would put it.
For a country girl in North Georgia, that was ‘very educated; in 1918.
Both my parents were always conscience of their lack of education. They both did strive to increase their level of math and English. They were both successful in that respect. All their children were encouraged to get a good ‘formal’ education. Shirley was the only one of their children that graduated High School, they were always so proud of her.
I was very proud of both of them, as a boy should be. I always looked up to my dad and compared him to college grads with less ability and success than he. In the back of my mind was the feeling, ‘if he made it on a 3rd grade education, I will do well with 10 years, LOL at a boys logic.
Anyway that all came up at the breakfast table.  I was below par yesterday, so Sherry asked, “Are you feeling better today?”
My answer came out without thinking, “I feel so ‘unnecessary,” A statement heard thru out my life from mama at the times she was not up to PAR, which was very seldom.
Yep, today, I feel ‘so unnecessary!’  ;-)  or :-O
I was wondering if you remember ‘odd’ words or statements of health growing up. ‘fair to middling’ (a cotton term) was also familiar in this area.
Thanks for stopping by the Shipslog. We will be back on course in the morrow!
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Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Good bye to Carrol

Cars of the Past
1956 Ford Crown Victoria
Now today:
Sherry checks Obits in two newspapers most days. She reads many, looking for family or friends who are kin. This day she did not have to read the obit, she got a call. “We lost another class mate today, Carrol passed today.

I haven’t known Carrol that long, I met him thru Sherry’s class reunions. Sherry and her friends have known each other many, many years. He reminded Sherry many times that when her dad went to work at the Imperial Mill that his family moved into the house her family vacated when her dad left the Climax. He and JoAnn were regulars in the Hardee’s bunch until a few months ago. Carrol took charge many times to arrange get-togethers. Mill hill families were pretty tight, and Carrol tried to keep it that way.
 Carrol on the left standing at 60th anniversary

He published a book on Belmont last year. The proceeds go to the Belmont Historical Society.
Carrol played the guitar and loved to entertain. He told me once, “Jack I just cannot get the timing right as I play, but I still love to play this guitar.”

Besides his organizing ability he was a draftsman, artist, cartoonist and writer.

His wife JoAnn is a sweetheart, a big fan of my writing and a proof reader. She has proofed some of my books and never asked for anything in return. JoAnn, Evelyn and Sherry shared the proofing. We always give a small stipend but nothing like proofing actually costs.

JoAnn will miss Carrol most, of course, but many friends and family will share in the grief.  Fair winds and following seas to a well-known name in the town of Belmont. Carrol Trull, you will be missed.

At times like this, maybe it is good NOT to know all my classmates of the past. I mourn less than Sherry & her class mates. But of course I am learning to know HER friends and classmates and I am involved, but not with the intensity of someone who has known someone 70-75 years.

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Monday, July 29, 2019

Feral vs House cats

A favorite car
1964 Corvair Spyder

Neighbor Michelle, feeds Stormy most days at least once. We talked the other day about getting Stormy fixed. I would love to do that. Maybe if we stick around long enough I can catch her ‘not pregnant’ and get it done.

I have a motion detector set up now that turns on a light when something crawls under the garage door. Stormy is familiar and ignores it, but it seems to keep the Racoons and other ferals out. I set up my trail camera every night, so far Stormy is the only one on film The videos here are 5 seconds, some good ones of Stormy in the garage.
Garage perch 5 seconds.

I have read that they clip the left ear to show a feral cat has been fixed. Someone had a good idea there. But what I have read here there are only specific times of the month they do Feral cats for $80-$100. That doesn’t seem like a great incentive to have people volunteer to get the feral fixed. 
 On Garage ledge (5 second video)
I would also like her ‘declawed’ but that would not be fair to the Feral. They need the claws to hunt when someone does not feed them, or are gone a few weeks at a time like we are. We do not want a house cat, but would not mind her in the house some of the time, however that brings up the claws, she loved to use those, that would not be good on the furniture. ;-(. She stepped two or three steps in the house a couple days ago then ran out. LOL
 ( and then she stuck out her tongue on the video.) 5 sec
She already has some teeth marks on the back of her neck, so I know our Stormy has been acting like THE Stormy Daniels, but she doesn’t get paid.

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