Tuesday, July 9, 2019

One of our favorite Eastern states PA

Early interesting Cars:
 Local sight for transportation
 Yawger family in the 1930sAdirondacks with their new car (Taken from Yawger Blog) 

We had a good trip to Pennsylvania. We had fog, some rain and a good bit of road work to maneuver. 


We drove across the Shenandoah’s to Staunton, birthplace of Woodrow Wilson. Then drove north in the Shenandoah Valley.  Sherry commented, "This is the most beautiful drive, even in rain and on an interstate." I agreed. We crossed the Appalachian Trail in VA and PA. Sherry never fails to say as she looks over at that range of mountains, “I can’t believe we walked the entire range of the Shenandoah’s!”

There are many familiar names on this drive. Thomas Jefferson at Monticello, Charles Town, named after Washington’s brother methinks. 

Then also we passed by Walton’s Mountain and the town of Schuyler, the home of John Boy. Over our traveling time We have stopped and toured these places. The School where John Boy attended was fun, now a museum.

Oh, and locally in Lancaster, stands the home of President Buchanan. Friends Dan & Joan, who live here, took us on a tour of the home once. Famously known for being a bachelor. His first lady (or White house host) was his niece Harriet Lane.

We also remembered Monticello. Neat place, much smaller than I thought. It costs $8 to tour. If you give them a $10 bill they give you a $2 bill in return. $20 for two and you get back 2, $2 bills. The only place I ever received a $2 in change, but you know why, right?

Finishing the Valley the road continues thru about 20 miles of West Virginia and only a few miles of Maryland before reaching Pennsylvania.
 Above soy and corn entering PA, below contrast wheat and soy

And of course EVERYONE knows of the Battle of Gettysburg. We drove through it and the town. 

 Gettysburg town, battle ground pics didn't come out well.

Oh, and about Buchanan. He was quoted as saying to Abe as they rode in the carriage to the Inauguration Ceremony. “Abe, if you are as happy entering this office as I am leaving it, You sir, are one happy man!”

It was a longer than normal days trip for us, but we are settled in.

note to Susan K: I am 'too old' to figure to reply to a reply (LOL) but it is 77 this morning, nice. The only mistake, our windshield gets the morning SUN, making it a little HOT! LOL

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betty said...

Very pretty area that you drove to! I figured out why the $2 bills for change at Monicello! Clever advertising I do believe. Gettysburg was fascinating when we were there last year. I just wish the weather had been nicer; the high heat and humidity did us in as far as what we usually explore when we are visiting a new area. Enjoy your time in Pennsylvania!


Susan Kane said...

What an adventure! You have seen so much and are blessed to review it all. Walking that Trail must have been amazing.

I would like to see Gettysburg someday.

In IL they are roasting. The Chatham Annual Sweet Corn and Cow Chipping is just around the corner. My brother Don is the honorable expert on cow patties. That makes total sense, if you knew my brother.

Glenda said...

Again, the photo tour is amazing. Staunton was my "home on the road" for several months when I traveled for Edward Jones. Not only scenic and peaceful, the folks I met there were some of the kindest, most loving I've ever met. Enjoy your trip, you two deserve a break :)

Chatty Crone said...

Why $2 bills?

Oh how I love the history you visited there. I have never been able to see that part of the country.

This is a silly side fact - but I love The Walton's - I try to watch it when I can!

Mevely317 said...

Love the tale of the $2 bills! My late uncle always gifted his nieces and nephews with a $2 bill inside our birthday cards.
Mostly, I liked that quote from Buchanan to Abe. I wonder how many of today's politicians would be brave enough to admit that.

Woody said...

We did the tour of Thomas Jefferson home at Monticello, Interesting, I did walk about 10 feet of the "Trail", Am getting back on my feet after a bump n the road but am pleased with our progress on a "New Home" ! Glad you made the trip North of the Mason Dixon !! Didn't see any pictures of that Pretty Lady of yours wheeling the Big Rig down the road ! Take Care and love from the North, Gary an Anna Mae !

yaya said...

Love the travel log! We have plenty of those "cars" in your first pic in my neck of the woods! I've never been to Gettysburg but it's on the "list" for a future trip. Love all the photos. Ever make up to Ohio, don't hesitate to stop in! Not as much history but nice scenery anyway! Take care!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Good to hear that you have made it to your destination spot. I also enjoyed seeing all those pictures of your ride. They are all truly beautiful places to see. I'm only guessing, but does Jefferson's picture appear on the $2 bill? I'll have to look that one up. Here it is to be in the upper 80's today with a chance of storms that may cool it down a bit. We'll see...

Lisa said...

OK now, Pennsylvania looks like a beautiful place.
I like how they used you and Sherrys picture for the “hikers crossing” sign. Haha.

From over here