Sunday, July 21, 2019

here are games and then there are GAMES

A favorite car
        '54 Nash Metropolitan

Now today:

My girl loves games. She plays a word game with son number one. She liked cross word puzzles, some  number game then it was Sudoku! 

We both play solitaire (including Free cell and Spider) on the computers as pass time. (old folks games methinks) I have no idea of the millions of other games kids play on the phones, tablets and computes. TOO confusing for me.

I do know there is a big market for more and more games. Grandson Josh is into software big time. He is Microsoft Qualified I am sure he has Mr. Gates phone number. That aside, his love in life would be ‘writing/producing games’.

Some games require special equipment. There are even reality games you must use a screen like goggles. Son Jack, who inherited a love for games from his mama, says it actually gives you a sense of being where ever the screen takes you, even for a sky dive, which is scary to me. I have always wanted to sky dive that might be my best bet! ;-)

Oh, I forgot we do actually play scrabble at times, but most every night we do play ‘Mexican Train.’ Marian and Dallas taught us that game. So we do use our hands for more than a mouse and keyboard. LOL

I know Darla and that bunch of folk up in the North woods play table games especially in the winter but also in the summer.
Do you spend any time with computer or table games?

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PS: I just read at the advent of Sudoku that pencil sales increased 800%


betty said...

I have to learn Sudoku. I hear it is fun. I too like word games. In fact my next post is about them LOL. I do play Words with Friends and Word Tornado online. Someone taught me dominoes a while back; not sure I still remember how to play. Games like you and Sherry play are great ones to keep the mind sharp. I think that's half the battle of not losing one's memory. My mom always enjoyed doing word searches and other similar games.

Just keep playing and having fun!


Mevely317 said...

Tom had a dear friend who used to collect those Nash Metropolitans. I don't think there were ever fewer than 5 or 6 in and around the driveway.
I still play solitaire on my tablet, but not so much the work scrambles and daily crosswords. Not sure why, but tapping out answers on my 'device' doesn't feel as good as a well-chewed #2 pencil. Ha! Suduko? I'm not a moron, but I feel that way the few times I've tried. I just don't 'get' it? Any tips?

Rick Watson said...

The only game I do is Word with Friends. I have played games in the past like Tetris.
My great nephew plays all kinds of games with his cousin.
When they are here, they play freeze tag, ref light green light and hiding go seek. No computer necessary.

yaya said...

No games for me which makes me feel a bit embarrassed, like I should be into something. Even as a child I wasn't that crazy about games or even playing cards. I will admit to playing a word search puzzle...does that count? Anyway, I think I'm too ADHD or something because I seem to have a short attention span. I'm using that as an excuse! Ha!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I love board games and have played many around the table with family and friends. Crossword puzzles are fun as well as scrabble. But I'm not good at all at video games or online games. My grandchildren have tried but not successfully to teach me the games they play although I did have fun playing baseball on one of them. I prefer the real games, played with real people. Not only do I get to spend time with them but it gives us opportunities to have some lively discussions too.