Thursday, March 30, 2023

The dream trips

 Cars and animals on the Alcan:


(Preamble: I am okay, just climbing out of some tough circumstances involving people close to us.)

Some thoughts for today: (Some pics from the net)

Sherry & I have traveled a lot, most of our trips have been reasonable.  We are conservative and basically ‘travel cheap’ compared to flying and staying in 5 star hotels.

Sherry’s dream trip was to Hawaii. And yes we did have to fly and she is not a fan of flying. We had a great time. 

Sherry left me home and took a trip to the Holy Land, that was also a dream of hers.

My dream trip was to drive to Alaska. That meant the Alcan Highway. My sister (Kat) and Brother in law (Dick) at the time were RV’ers. They wanted to go also.

Below is the sign forest at Watson Lake, If you make the trip, takd a unique sign, We used a NC car tag for ours. There are millions left hanging.
Below is a shot entering Alaska on the Top of the World Highway.
We did not get a pic of our coachcrossing the Yukon River but this is Dick & Kats, we were on the next load.

A bad shot of Salmon fishermen. We caught and cooked Salmon, it was delicious.
We spent many days in the back country This is Dick and KAt at one stop. 

You cannot imagine the beauty of the Canadian Rockies and Lakes. I think we left the ALCAN at Whitehorse in the Yukon and headed for Dawson City, then crossing the Yukon River and on to the ‘Top of the World Highway.’

The Alaska Highway, also known as the Alaskan Highway or the Alcan Highway, is the 2,224 Km/1382 mile road that connects Dawson Creek, BC in Canada to Delta Junction, Alaska.. The length of the Top of the World Highway itself is 175 miles/281 Km and connects Dawson City, Yukon back to the Alaska Highway near Tok Alaska.

I did pan for gold in Dawson Creek and did get some flakes.

I just wanted to point out a highlight of our lives. It was a fantastic trip, We left in May and returned in August. A long rewarding drive.


Nite Shipslog

PS: Sorry to give the impression of Gloom and doom the last few posts. I can remember brighter days and know some will be seen later...

Wednesday, March 29, 2023

Families, the problems are trying for all

 Cars and animals:

 This looks like Frank, the first horse that I ever road that threw me off. Garland Page said, "Get back on him Jackie or he will never let you ride him again."  I did and became friends with Frank until he died.  Jim who claimed Frank still lives in Valdese, NC.



Some thoughts for today:

Sorta trying to eke out an intelligent post. I read and look for inspiration. I read

I cannot comment there, but do get a kick out of here entries. Today it was about writing and I feel completely LOST.  Too much pressure in life at times for the old. I do read and enjoy the blogs I read.

I happened to talk to a man at the hardware store the other day, he is 5 years clean spent most of his life in prison. 5yrs ago he completed a 15 yr sentence, but thanks to his mother and dad he has been clean.

I had a nephew who spent most of his life in prison, died straight and living right in his early 40s. Had a BIL who spent most his life homeless (his choice) but died in a loving home of one of his sons.

WE take the good with the bad and try to go on, but it is tough, it makes it hard to think…..

Thanks for stopping by, I may not be writing or commenting but I will try to read.  Love you guys

Nite Shipslog

PS:Do you ever think of the parents of people like killers, robbers and addicts? Think of the parents of that shooter in Tennessee!  Do they blame themselves?  Some things are tough to live with.

Monday, March 27, 2023

Old age, families, PROBLEMS

 Cars and animals:


 Nothing like a family ride in the car!

 Some thoughts for today:

Families are important in life.  I was raised in a wonderful loving family, but it was not without troubles.  Either health or strained relationships.  BUT MOST of the troubles were small and insignificant compared to the life and death ones that did come around. Sherry and I have both watched as our family members left us to reach the ‘Other Side.’

Presently we are experiencing some major and minor problems in our own family.  WE are definitely not immune to those problems.

Darnell’s are ‘BLESSED?’ with boys.  WE have 2, Jack Jr. raised 4 sons, Mark has two sons and our only GIRL. Sherece Marie is the ONLY Grand daughter. She was and is a beauty with a great personality and work ethic.  Of course she is the most beautiful and wonderful Granddaughter in the world, just ask us!!!! (You might even know the feeling!  LOL) But I mean it.  ;-).

(Sherece and her daughter Stella's first plane ride)

Amazing how BAD NEWS comes out of left field. Yesterday evening we received a call saying Sherece was in the hospital with what she thought was kidney stones, turned out she has a more serious problem a mass instead of stones.  When Drs’ say ‘a MASS,’ I think of grapefruit size, but of course that is seldom reality, but no matter the size, it is scary and dangerous to the individual and family.

(Sherece and Stella at the beach)

If you do pray, mention our sweetheart Sherece, back in North Carolina.

We are bedeviled by a problem here also that we hope is settled in the next few days, and if needed we will head back to NC for whatever help we can be.


Nite Shipslog

PS:  I am smiling at myself. Years ago as a much younger man I made an ignorant mistake or assumption. In speaking to a wonderful old man who was retired, “WHAT problems could you have, you are in good health, retired and fancy free?”

Smiling he said, “You would be surprised!” 



Friday, March 24, 2023

We washed and dried a small load of clothes today!!

 Some things seem unreal.  The water pump came in yesterday evening and we picked it up. We started first thing this morning. This is very hard to believe, but it took about two hours to get the Splendide  into the kitchen, 5 minutes to remove and install the little pump. Then two hours to reinstall the machine. 

I must admit that the reinstall did not take that long, part of the time was making a 30 inch screw driver.  Yep, you know the drain on a washer. It leaves the bottom of your washing machine, then the water is pumped up to a curved pipe that hangs into a larger drain pipe that is about even with the top of the machine. The screw driver was to secure that pipe. It had to be done from the front since it was under a cabinet top.  I reached behind the machine holding the screw driver in the screw and Sherry turned the driver to drive the screw, we make a good team.

Oh yeah and I had to drive to the hardware store for a new clamp for the Dryer vent. So all in all I guess it took about an hour to reinstall.  We found the receipt for the last time this was done. They installed a used part not a new pump.  The Bill was over $400. I bought a new pump for $135. So we saved at least $300, considering they used an old part. ;-).

This work is tough on an OLD MAN ! ;-),  I really do not mind the work, I have to be doing something.  But I can tell that some things get a little harder to do.

I do appreciate all the comments and concerns from family and readers. As you probably know, Sherry worries that I try to do to much.  I would guess that many of you reading, do too much, just don't like to admit it.

Nite Shipslog


 I did this on this job, I had to go buy a clamp for the dryer that I got rid of 3 weeks ago (I will never need that)

However, I saved a piece of junk from our breakdown in Death Valley last year.

It was broken steel fuel line from our Diesel Engine..  It was perfect, to form  a hook, to help pull the Washer out of it's tight spot.

Wednesday, March 22, 2023

The on and off button, where did it go?

Cars and animals:

Okay come on Tom, mama said I could drive!

 Some thoughts for today:

The biggest complaint my girl has is, “Why don’t things just have an on and off button anymore?”

Of course I agree with her.  Example, bought a new TV lately? I think the last one we bought and set up took at least 30-45 minutes just to get it started.

Well now we have a newer combination microwave/ convection oven:


 and a ‘Splendide’ washer/dryer combo.  

Yes we have owned and operated both types of units before with little or no problem. Now we scratch our heads just to pop popcorn.  I will try not to talk about the Splendide, with 2,335.2 various programs to wash 8 lbs of clothes.

However her little ice maker has three buttons: Power and two size buttons, small and large. Sherry is hooked on ice, she has a glass most of the time with ice to ‘crunch.’ This is the ice maker:

It makes nine of these pieces in about 8 minutes:

I took this pic after the second dump, it will fill this basket in about an hour. This is one 'piece' (not cube of course). it is sorta like a small cup:

So far it has kept her in ice and ‘mama is happy with that!’  The refrigerator in this coach is small compared to our last ones. An ice maker takes up about ¼ of the freezer space, so we prefer his to putting an ice maker in the present refrig.

I am in the process or repairing the Spendide washer. The little washer/dryer is a very good machine (normally).  It will wash the clothes, spin them, and dry them all in one operation, if you like. However, The load is something like one pair jeans and underwear, very small loads.

The unit is compact and like everything in an RV is jammed in its small nook and is no fun to pull, get thru narrow doors to work on. I found a pump and it is on order. I will not pull this Splendide out of its hole until I get the pump or know it is to be delivered that day.

Enough for me. Sherry and Evelyn are at Bible Study, I am beat.  Seems to be my situation lately,

Thanks for stopping by…

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Saturday, March 18, 2023

 Yep, we are parked near Wildwood, Fl.  We have an end of a row site:

Normally I have our country's flag flying, but I forgot part of the flag poles.

The view from our kitchen area forward. I am  sitting in the passenger seat where you see the Monitor as I type.

This is my view. The row of RVs on this street can be seen. My screen saver is our pictures, Evelyn and Don's picture just happened to be on the monitor when I made this shot. They are here in the same RV park at this time.

A quick shot of the driver's seat.  Sherry hasn't driven this coach yet, but she will soon.

Below is the vanity the shower is to the left, I could not get the shower, my girl is taking a shower and I don't want to make all the men who read this jealous ;-).  The door with blinds is the bedroom entry.

I once built a home for a lady who wanted glass doors into her bath rooms.  Never thought we would share something like that. LOL

Now this is behind those blinds, our bedroom first the queen size bed;

Closets and dressing table.

Next is looking out of the BR, the TV (upper center of pic) and the one in th front I haven't figured how to operate yet. LOL

Okay,  below is the kitchen area I missed the stove at the left.

Next is the living room couch, it makes a double bed.  It has a 'cover over', to save the fabric.  It reminds me of the days of 40s and 50s when people (my dad included) would have those cold plastic covers put on car seats to save the fabric to look good when it was traded later.  I remember the  next to the last car dad bought, he said, "I want  to enjoy the soft warm seats rather than save them for someone else!"
To the left you can see part of the dining room booth.

A shot of the lounge chair, Sherry's ice maker is on the counter.  That sucker makes ice and does it 6 cubes every 10 minutes. NICE!

Do I like the Winnebago better than our Diplomat?  Not sure yet. This is 36 feet long and Dip is 38.5 feet. I do miss that little extra space. I am not liking the spaces I have for this computer and I will get a lap top, soon I hope.  Sherry is trying to get used to a tablet, she is having a little problem adjusting, but seems to be able to adapt by also using her phone for internet purposes.
I know you are bored by now so I am off here.  Maybe I will get back in step with blogger soon.

Nite Shipslog


Friday, March 17, 2023

Some things went right and others...... well you know....

 We are actually in Florida, near Wildwood.  

Past 2-3 weeks were hectic to say the least.  I did a lot of plumbing, repairing windows, painting completely redone a bathroom and corrected the underpinning on a mobile home.

While that was going on at our place in Belmont the Refrigerator started warming up, you know, got up to 47 degrees inside and  soured the milk.  I cleaned the coils on it, that helped a little, we thought of replacing it, but it did lower to 39-40 not enough but passable. 

Then the opposite happened, the water heater decided to go south, sprung a big leak. With the help of grandson Luke,  moved a replacement in and lo and behold the  electronic gas valve gave-out and I had to replace it. The replacement had been given to me by son Mark , not new but bigger and in good shape. So the $$$ valve was not warranted.

I have one or two SAD tales for later.  LOL

Sorry I been gone....  I am about half back, but beat...

I will try to get some pictures of our latest coach, it did good we are learning where the light switches are... LOL

Nite Shipslog

Saturday, March 11, 2023

I am really still alive, I think... LOL

 Just a note to keep the Shipslog alive. We have been VERY busy, I finally practically finished remodeling an old Mobile Home.  It has new major plumbing and a practically new bath room.  

In the midst of this fun, our hot water heater in our NC home has decided to leak and I think is announcing, REPLACE ME! However I ony have 3 days to do it and one is Sunday.  Monday is a required trip to the DMV for a temp tag to head for Florida.  The good news is we do have insurance & title on the new to us RV. 

BUT enough crying:

I thought this was funny when your cell phone meets Gandma!
(above) This is how I feel lots of times....

I always enjoyed Golda Meir's  comedy

So Monday is DMV & HW heater
Tuesday is moving stuff to the MH and finding how to de winterize a Motor home, I have never winterized one before.

Tuesday we move into the Motor home and Wednesday we head for Florida. Well at least that is the plans.....

I just thought of a quote from Minne Pearl:
"So you  want to make God smile?  Tell HIM your plans!

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Sunday, March 5, 2023

Sunday, remembering FUN

 Cousin Dewey out in Las Vegas sent me these this morning.  

First the anniversary of the Famous Doolittle Raid of WWII.  These men too a task of flying on a one way mission.  They all knew the mission was so long they would never return in those planes. They had only enough fuel for a one-way trip.  It was a Costly success but  changed the course of World War II.  Take time to remember family members who served this country during that Great WAr. 

Yes I can remember things that were fun too during that time.

Hey Y'all, every group needs a lead singer!

And Did YOU ever swing HIGH! (This photo made me feel it)

And Did you like to JUMP?

We hope you have a great sunday, remember those who sacrificed for our country, but also remember they brought the freedom to have fun also.

From North Carolina,

Night Shipslog

Saturday, March 4, 2023

Title for RV arrived!

 Cars and animals:

 Most of you know Woody up in NY. I am 'almost sure' this is him when he was a young policeman. Maybe he can remember what the donkey did wrong to get arrested!!

 Some thoughts for today:

Most of you know we have been waiting for a title to arrive. We were getting antsy I guess, but it is still within the time frame they promised. SOOOO The Title is here.  Now to figure how to get a temp tag to drive it to Florida in a little over a week..  That is the good news…

I pride myself in being able to FIX stuff. I am working on an old Mobile home, it has been trashed by the last occupants.  I did a quick fix on the toilet plumbing and it only lasted 3 days.  So back to the drawing board with that one.  FOR the permanent fix..

It has come to me slowly that I an OLD.  Sherry said we must stop saying we are GETTING, because we ARE OLD.

Anyway that is me for today. I am still tied up  most of the day with volunteer work…  I B tired.. Now we know it is less than two weeks and we hit the road, so I must get things done here.  I may be absent a few.  Thanks for stopping by the Shipslog.

Nite Shipslog

Friday, March 3, 2023

Something to see

 I read Myra's comment, She is too pooped  this evening...  Me too. I found these I saved from 2012.

I thought you would enjoy these, they are something to see :

Below Pixel People Perfection (Imagine placing people in a desert like this for a picture!)
Street Artist Sainer of Poland
The Hamilton Pool Preserve
The Irish Sky Garden

Imma hit the sack...

Nite Shipslog

PS: Thanks for clicking on the Shipslog...